FS eyeshadow in Ash Bronze | Great Eyebrow Product!

22 Oct

Yes you’ve read it right — Great eyebrow product…

FS cosmetics has been around for so long yet this is my first product from this brand. I wanted to get their eyebrow powder kit but the SA told me that the shade I matched with in their eyebrow powder is almost like this Ash Bronze Eyeshadow. So there, I got this instead because it serves two purposes – as an eyeshadow and an eyebrow powder!

FS Eyeshadow in Ash Bronze

I am using this more of an eyebrow powder so if you want to see how it is, click Continue Reading.

For only 195, you get 4g of product. The shade is ash bronze but it looks taupe to me. Since it is matte and there are no shimmers at all, this can be used as an eyebrow powder too. I haven’t used it as an eyeshadow yet though.

FS Eyeshadow in Ash Bronze

I love that is so compact almost like a 2×2 id picture! The black packaging is sturdy and has good quality. It can also be removed from its case and be transferred on a 4×4 palette from FS Cosmetics.

With just a little dab on it and a little swatch, it shows that it is very pigmented. I love the color so much which matches my dark hair. It has thick powdery texture that lasts the whole day if you don’t touch your face. It transfers a little when you wipe your face. It works well when used with a wet brush and lasts longer too. There is a little product fall out but I can live with that. It may be used as an eyeliner, eyeshadow and eyebrow powder!

FS Eyeshadow in Ash Bronze

Here is a picture of me using it as an eyebrow powder.

FS Eyeshadow in Ash Bronze

This is a nice product for beginners like me since it has many uses. Though this does not come with any mirror or brush applicator, it is fair for its price. I am planning to get more eyeshadows from FS cosmetics since it is long lasting. Maybe I’ll get their eyebrow powder too to test the difference with this.

FS eyeshadow in Ash Bronze

FS Eyeshadow in Ash Bronze




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