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This Past Year’s Gift [First Year Anniversary]

8 May

Woah. It has been a year already and I haven’t even reached my goal to have 100 posts for my blog’s anniversary. Sorry if I am not having any anniversary giveaway… yet.

I am writing now because I am just grateful. Grateful for the things I experienced, products I used, events I attended, people I met, food I tasted, etc. I am also very thankful for the support of my husband for sponsoring most of the products here –teehee!

What made me start

I remember days when I would just stare blankly at the ceiling or anywhere for that matter because I am breastfeeding my baby. I read magazines and books while she breastfeeds and when my body or arms start to strain I have to put my reading material down. February 2011 changed my life. It was then I discovered blog posts. I was just researching products I wanted to try and I ended up with local blogs like: my lucid intervals, rare vanity, the beauty junkee, shen’s addiction, project vanity, bless my bag,  lush angelmakeupbysaytiocoartillero and an international blog frmheadtotoe.

I was hooked on reading their blog posts. I read more than 10posts per blogger a day. So I thought, hey, why not start a blog of my own? I tried blogspot but I was so confused with it so I shifted to I was thinking of a blog name and ended up with writingismyhappyplace because, well, writing is my happy place.

Why blog? 

Blogging keeps me from losing my sanity. This is my only outlet since I don’t have anyone to talk to most of the time. It was born out of my love for writing and love for girly things out there.

Blogging is also my ‘kikay stuff scrapbook‘. I take pictures of products and they serve as mementos of the things I have used and have loved. I can just go online and read about them again whenever I want to.

Blogging is a privilege for me. It is a medium for me to share the things I encountered. I am writing posts based on how I see things or how I experienced it. I don’t lie just to please some company or anything. I write with all honesty all the time.

Blogging also gives me the opportunity to gain new experiences, meet new people, and try out more products and review them.

Blogging also serves as my journal where I write my thoughts and adventures in motherhood and in life.

Blogging can also help others find reviews on the products they want to try but want to research on it first.

Blogging lets me meet great people — bloggers, entrepreneurs behind successful companies, etc.

When do I blog?

I try to blog daily but with a 2-year-old daughter with me 24/7, I just cannot. I have stuff to do, chores to finish, food to cook… And above all, it is my daughter who is really on top of my priority. There are times when I can have 2 blog posts a day and zero posts the rest of the week. I have blog posts on my drafts folder that I just cannot finish. I want my posts to be catchy and with  aesthetics. I try my best to write all information needed by anyone so I really take time writing. I try to update my blog per week, though.

What’s in store for writingismyhappyplace for the coming years?

I plan to continue this blog for years to come. I want to attend more events and try out different products from various companies and product labels. Though I am far from the bloggers I mentioned above, I will continue aspiring to achieve what they have achieved. The bloggers I mentioned are really my inspirations in this blog. They are the successful ones who have been passionate about their craft for 4 years or more…

I want to write and write. I will find time in updating this blog more often.

PS. Special thanks to Snoe Beauty Inc. and Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals because even if I am a newbie in blogging, they still invited me to attend their Blogger’s events. I am very honored and thankful.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for your support too!

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Cheers to more years for this blog!