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TUTORIAL: How I Shape My Eyebrows

25 Mar
The first time my brows were defined was during my college graduation pictorial. I had no choice but to have it done. And ever since I was just maintaining it.
NOTE: Do not try this if this is your first time to shape your brows. For first timers, have it done professionally and just do what I do – maintain the shape of your brows. 
Here is a simple tutorial on how I maintain the shape of my brows:
Products we need to use:
  • mirror
  • eyebrow brush (I am using my Ecotools eyebrow brush)
  • eyebrow blade (available in Watsons and other department stores)
  • eyebrows scissors (cuticle scissors will do, make sure you sanitize them first)
  • tweezers (for plucking the stray hairs left behind)


*** NOTE: These steps are only based on how I do it on myself. 

1. Using the ‘comb’ side of the eyebrow brush, comb down your brows.  You can see the hair that is longer than your brows natural arch. The longer eyebrow hair needs to be cut short. Hold the eyebrow brush down to make it too obvious.

2. Sanitize the eyebrow scissors first and cut the longer eyebrow hair. Keep your eyes wide open as you do this. My left eye was open when I was doing this.
3. Brush away the cut stray hairs.
4. Comb down again and cut the longer eyebrow hair. Do this until the eyebrow hairs just fit the natural arch. Brush again the stray hairs to clean up.
5. As you clean up, what’s left will just be the tiny scattered eyebrow hairs.
6. We are now going to use the eyebrow blade to shave them away.
7. Shave the stray hairs just below the eyebrow’s natural arch. Using tweezers, just pluck away what you can’t shave.
8. When the stray hairs are shaved away and cleaned up, the longer hair (that is left) from the natural arch will be seen. Cut them again.
9. Brush away and clean up your brows. Do the same (steps 1 – 9) on your other brows.
10. Now your eyebrows are shaped! They are ready for filling in.
TA – DAAAHHH!!! Filled in brows!
Hope this post is helpful!
Want a tutorial on how to fill in your brows? Click me.