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8 Oct

Having the right tools make the perfect made up face.

So when I saw  a brush promo in (Groupon), I felt giddy and excited. It is a good thing that I still have some credit left from my recent purchase in the said url. I can’t decide between the 5-piece and 6-piece brush sets so I got both. 🙂

I received it after almost 3weeks after purchase. It was September 17 when I received these. (You can see in the date stamp the said date.)

5-piece brush set

I got 4 brushes and a ‘brush pouch’ which makes the 5-piece brush tool. The label is quite deceiving I think. The pouch should be free and there should be 5 brushes. This goes the same for that of the 6-piece brush set. The ‘sixth’ piece should be a brush instead of the pouch. Well, that’s just for me.

The 5-piece brush set contains: mineral powder brush, concealing brush, eye shading  brush, baby kabuki brush, and a hemp bag. The brushes are made of synthetic taklon brushes which are very soft, yet dense. Very amazing!

The mineral powder brush is my most used brush among all the brushes in the 2 sets I have. I don’t use it to set powder, instead I use it as a blush brush because I think powder brushes should really be big and dense. It is very easy to use and applying blush is really easier now.

The concealing brush is really new to me since I am not a big fan of concealers. I want to learn how to use and apply concealers though. I use this to apply foundation especially to the difficult parts like the sides of the nose.

The eye shading brush is a very useful brush I use for blending in eye shadows. I don’t use it to apply them though because it is a bit hard for me to control the amount of product to use. I use an eye shadow sponge in applying it in my lids then use this brush to blend and set.

The baby kabuki brush is love! It’s handy, cute and does a pretty good job in setting the makeup with the use of a final powder. This is one of my most fave brushes since I can bring it anywhere and can even fit in my pocket!

This set is quite handy since it is a bit smaller than that of the 6-piece brush set.

The 6-piece brush set includes: blush brush, angled eyeliner brush, concealer brush, eye shadow brush, lash & brow groomer and handy cosmetic bag. This set has a good size for handles. They are a bit longer than the 5-piece brush set. I like using this at home since it is quite bulky if I bring it out. The 5-piece brush set is what I bring when I’m going out. I like that it can fit in any size of the hands and may prevent mishandling.

The blush brush is a medium sized brush for applying the blush on the cheeks. I don’t use it for this purpose though. I prefer using it as a powder brush because I like using a fan brush or angled blush brush for my cheeks. ’d use it also as a powder brush, cause I prefer smaller ones for the blush.

One of my favorites is the angled eyeliner brush.  This is a very versatile brush which I use in lining my eyes and my waterline. I even use it for filling in my brows!

The eye shadow brush is flat with a rounded tip — the classic eye shadow brush. I haven’t used this yet because I am not really that into eyeshadows…but I will try to learn how to apply eyeshadows soon. 🙂

The lash & brow groomer . It is very precise, handy and solid. A must have in every girls — errr, ladies’ kikay kits!

The concealer brush is the brush I least use. I think the foundations I’ve been using work well as they conceal hyperpigmentations. But I tried using it as I apply my foundation, and it worked quite well. It is like a mini foundie brush and I like it.

Ecotools brushes are made with a bamboo handle and very soft synthetic taklon bristles, that don’t shed at all. I have used mine for more than a month now and have washed it many times too. As I have observed, there hasn’t been any shedding…not even a bristle falling out from the brush! Truly amazing!

In conclusion I’d say that this set of Ecotools is a must buy especially if you’re just a beginner like me. The best thing about these brushes is that they are cruelty free and eco-friendly!