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REVIEW: KRAVE’s Complexion Perfection in Hazelnut

27 Mar

I am into mineral makeup but haven’t really tried any in loose powder form. I think that it is a waste of money since loose mineral powder foundation gives only the sheerest coverage.

Krave’s Complexion Perfection in Hazelnut was an exception.


This 3g of mineral powder foundation sells for 255php. Since this belongs to the poreless series of Krave Minerale, this is on sale for 10% discount. Not bad eh? Most are confused since it is posted in Krave’s page that this is 15g and the other is 30g. The 15g and 30g they are talking about is the jar itself and the amount of product that can fit in the jar.

Product Description:

COMPLEXION PERFECTION loose mineral foundation
Oil Balancing foundation
Broad spectrum SPF

3 grams net weight P255
6 grams net weight P495

NON- COMEDOGENIC (won’t clog pores)
NON-ACNEGENIC (won’t cause acne break outs)

Protect and beautify your complexion with one of our superb micro-formulated mineral foundation formulas with the benefit of chemical-free sun protection while giving you a flawless, air-brushed appearance. This product is so pure that applying less is more. 

All ingredients are carefully chosen for purity. Full-coverage sunscreen to protect and nourish delicate skin while offering the coverage and matte finish for a beautiful poreless perfect complexion without experiencing any skin irritation.

Shake the jar and dab your brush in a swirling motion, tap it to remove excess powder & apply to your face in circular motion until desired coverage is achieved.


I honestly have no expectations with this since I am not a big fan of loose powder foundations. But ever since I have tried it the very first time, I am a convert!

tried it for the first time at home! great coverage!

tried it for the first time at home! great coverage!

I actually have the product since September 2012 as you can see in the picture above. For almost seven months of usage, the tub is still half full. It is great since a little goes a long way!


The packaging is not so catchy since it is just housed in a plastic glass jar with a sifter and a twist cover. The label can also be improved since I think it is just a printed sticker. This comes with a powder puff but I refused to use it simply because brushes are more effective for me.

I got the shade in Hazelnut (fair/semi-fair skin with yellow undertone). There are 4 shades that is perfect for Filipina skin tone. You can actually check it out here.


It gives my skin an amazingly matte and velvety finish!  This is the only powder I’ve tried that gives this effect. It has a uildable coverage that ranges from medium to full. It is also great in setting foundation (liquid or cream) and still gives the same velvety effect.  I actually am not a fan of concealers and I am thankful that this powder is quite effective in concealing minor acne marks and hyperpigmentations even if worn alone. What I love most is that it has great coverage that lasts for hours long –— a first from a loose mineral powder!

When topped with oil eliminator and skin hydrator, it keeps me looking fresh and oil-free all day (or at least 8hours straight)! Retouching is a thing of the past with complexion perfection and oil eliminator!

I am very much amazed with this powder from Krave. I trust it so much that I use it with every event that I go to – birthdays, weddings, parties, meet and greet, photoshoot!

Here are some photos where I used this baby:

Krave's 1st anniversary, same day as my uncle's wedding, 9pm

Krave’s 1st anniversary, same day as my uncle’s wedding, 9pm

matron of honor at my uncle's wedding

matron of honor at my uncle’s wedding

family dinner at KKK

family dinner at KKK

family photoshoot at Great Image

family photoshoot at Great Image

What I love about this:

(+) It is a product of Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals that means it is:

  • USDA certified organic
  • cruelty free
  • PETA approved
  • free from talc, paraben and fragrance

(+) Products are formulated and manufactured in USA

(+) It has 4 Filipina friendly shades to choose from.

(+) It hides imperfections, conceals blemishes and evens out skin tone

(+) It looks so natural, and gives a “no makeup, makeup look”.

(+) It has buildable coverage from medium to full.

(+) It has great coverage even when worn alone.

(+) It is a great setting powder for cream and liquid foundations [mineral or not].

(+) It gives a velvety matte finish.

(+) It keeps oil at bay.

(+) Great even for those with sensitive skin! [I had no breakouts with this.]

(+) It is long wearing especially when used with a primer and oil eliminator and skin hydrator.

(+) It has natural sun protection. [I still apply sunblock to be safe]

What I wish:

(-)The packaging can still be improved.

(-) It may be a bit pricey for some but I think it is priced fair for me.

Overall: I am a convert in trusting loose mineral powder foundations because of this. I trust this more than any other loose mineral powder I have and I highly recommend this product!

Now I am looking forward to Krave’s HD triplex!!!

TUTORIAL: How I Shape My Eyebrows

25 Mar
The first time my brows were defined was during my college graduation pictorial. I had no choice but to have it done. And ever since I was just maintaining it.
NOTE: Do not try this if this is your first time to shape your brows. For first timers, have it done professionally and just do what I do – maintain the shape of your brows. 
Here is a simple tutorial on how I maintain the shape of my brows:
Products we need to use:
  • mirror
  • eyebrow brush (I am using my Ecotools eyebrow brush)
  • eyebrow blade (available in Watsons and other department stores)
  • eyebrows scissors (cuticle scissors will do, make sure you sanitize them first)
  • tweezers (for plucking the stray hairs left behind)


*** NOTE: These steps are only based on how I do it on myself. 

1. Using the ‘comb’ side of the eyebrow brush, comb down your brows.  You can see the hair that is longer than your brows natural arch. The longer eyebrow hair needs to be cut short. Hold the eyebrow brush down to make it too obvious.

2. Sanitize the eyebrow scissors first and cut the longer eyebrow hair. Keep your eyes wide open as you do this. My left eye was open when I was doing this.
3. Brush away the cut stray hairs.
4. Comb down again and cut the longer eyebrow hair. Do this until the eyebrow hairs just fit the natural arch. Brush again the stray hairs to clean up.
5. As you clean up, what’s left will just be the tiny scattered eyebrow hairs.
6. We are now going to use the eyebrow blade to shave them away.
7. Shave the stray hairs just below the eyebrow’s natural arch. Using tweezers, just pluck away what you can’t shave.
8. When the stray hairs are shaved away and cleaned up, the longer hair (that is left) from the natural arch will be seen. Cut them again.
9. Brush away and clean up your brows. Do the same (steps 1 – 9) on your other brows.
10. Now your eyebrows are shaped! They are ready for filling in.
TA – DAAAHHH!!! Filled in brows!
Hope this post is helpful!
Want a tutorial on how to fill in your brows? Click me.

REVIEW: Human Nature 100% Natural Bamboo Body Scrub

21 Mar

It’s bikini season once again! Are you ready to show some skin?

If you want to achieve soft, smooth, clean and radiant skin, exfoliate!

Why exfoliate? Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells (which settles on the epidermis, the top most layer of the skin), revealing your skin’s radiance. Exfoliating your skin from top to toe will get you glowing and ready for summer!

BUT…make sure what you use to exfoliate is safe, effective and gentle on the skin. Try Human Nature’s 100% Natural Bamboo Body Scrub in Vanilla Paradise!

I’ve had this product ever since it first hit the shelves. I attend Human Nature Manila’s magalogue turnover most of the time and I think I got this September 8 of last year. Check out my haul post last September.

I know this review is late already, but I think it just gave me enough time to test the product.

??????????????????????????????? I haven’t tried their old body scrub but the HN Manila Team says this is better than the previous one.

Product Description

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and step into paradise in the comfort of your own home. Our 100% Natural Bamboo Body Scrub will give you the complete bath pampering experience so that you and your skin can get that much deserved TLC. It has bamboo scrubs and black rice to gently yet effectively exfoliate deep-seated dirt leaving your skin radiant, polished, and so much softer. Experience paradise in a bottle.

Look your best on the beach by getting a beautiful sun-kissed look. 100% Natural Bamboo Body Scrub helps prep your skin by exfoliating dead skin cells that get in the way of an even toned tan as you soak up the sun. Smooth away deep-seated dirt with the help of bamboo scrubs and black rice for radiant, polished and soft skin. Not only does it give you the ultimate pampering experience but it also leaves you looking beautifully bronzed this summer!


 As always, Human Nature provides the complete product label: ingradients, expiry date, address of the company, etc.


It’s great that this comes in a squeeze tube for hygienic purposes. This body scrub comes in 2 sizes: 50g for 129.75php and 200g for 349.75php.


This all natural body scrub boasts of black rice and bamboo scrubs that effectively exfoliates dead skin cells and deep-seated dirt without being harsh on the skin. It has a rich, thick and foamy consistency that spreads easily on the skin. I can really feel the granules work and clean what soaps/body washes tend to leave behind. It is advisable to exfoliate the skin once or twice a week but when you have this, I think you would want to use this more often!


I also love the scent of vanilla infused in this tube! It has this subtle vanilla scent that is not overpowering nor overwhelming. The scent lingers on the bathroom and on my skin! It is simply aromatic!

What I love most is that it leaves my skin lightly scented with baby soft, smooth feel, and a healthy, radiant glow. It doesn’t sting, itch,or  irritate any part of my body. (I usually get boils after I use salt scrubs so I stayed away from them!) Ever since I replaced my old salt scrub with this, boils didn’t appear at all!

I use this once a week or whenever I am stressed and want to pamper myself. On lazy days, I find it enough so I don’t slather on creams. But most often, after exfoliating, I use thick moisturizers or body butters to lock in moisture on my skin. Our skin absorbs better after exfoliation so I make sure to apply moisturizers.

Reasons why I love this:

(+) Pro- Philippines, Pro-poor, Pro-environment

(+) the labels have complete information on the product: ingredients, expiration date, etc.

(+) available online, in some stores/kiosks, thru dealers (like me! you can order this from me!) and in Human Nature branches

(+) affordable for 50g/129.75php and 200g/349.75php

(+) vanilla scent is so yummy

(+) doesn’t sting, itch, irritate and dry out my skin

(+) doesn’t leave any residue after rinsing

(+) makes skin feeling soft and smooth

(+) leaves skin with a healthy, radiant glow

(+) works best with lotions/moisturizers

What I wish: 

They will come up with a strawberry scent and green tea scent! 🙂

Have you tried this one yet?

Unboxing March BDJ Box

18 Mar

This is the best BDJ box yet! I think they are doing a revamp on the samples because the first boxes were a mixture of different brands and samples. Last month was “Shiseido Box” and this month is “L’oreal Box”.

Here is a teaser of the unboxing:

bdj march box

I super love the sleek cover of the box. It was black and the intricate font and eiffel tower was gold.


The back part of this cover has the famous tag line of L’oreal.


Here is a decent picture of what’s inside the March BDJ Box:


It was so overwhelming to find 5 full size products and 2 samples of products here!

(full size)

  • L’oreal Fall Repair Hair Shampoo 180 ml – 110php

Experience the latest hair care innovation from Paris! Fall Repair is enriched with arginine, an essential amino acid vital for hair growth , gives triple action: nourishes hair from the root, restructures hair fiber, makes hair grow stronger.

I am not really into seeing shampoo and conditioner being a sample in subscription boxes but I guess I will still give this a try.


  • L’oreal Fall Repair Hair Conditioner 180ml – 119php

With intensive research on hair fall, Fall Repair 3X is partnered with a conditioner that complements the shampoo to address top 3 causes of hair fall: hair malnutrition, root fragility and fiber damage. Use this together with the shampoo as core part of your haircare routine.

I use conditioner daily and shampoo every other day. This might come in handy since I am more into conditioners.


  • L’oreal UV PERFECT Longlasting UV Protector 30ml – 545php

This UV Perfect 12H Longlasting sunscreen is tailor made for Asian women whose skin is always exposed to UV rays and other atmospheric pollution. Shield your skin with a longlasting UV protector that has antioxidants to help fight against brown spots, skin darkening and aging.

This is my favorite product from the box. I am so excited to try this out! Perfect for summer!


  • L’oreal Shine Caresse 6ml – 595php

Having its exceptionally high concentration of moisture lock in, Shine Caresses leaves your lips with a soft moist-look effect. Accentuating comfortable, non-sticky qualities, its feather shaped foam applicator helps you control and even out the color on your lips.

This falls between a lipgloss and a lipstick. It is pigmented with a hint of gloss. I love the shade Juliette because I am into red lippies now!


  • Color Riche Les Nail Art – 395php

Take the 3-super easy steps of L’oreal’s first ever Couture Nail Art sticker collection and get fabulous nails in a snap!

I like seeing nail art in pictures but haven’t really tried out for myself. Thanks to this, I will finally be able to try one out.


(sample sizes)

  • Youth Code Pre-Essence

Dare to take the test! One drop, feel moisturized and incredibly softer skin. One week, look younger with a smoother, suppler, and beautifully radiant skin.

I love serums! I will be trying this one out when I finish up the serum I am using now.



The latest BB cream with Color Equalizer Technology that includes innovative pigments to help fight skin discolorations (yellowish, brownish, reddish skin) instantly corrects skin imperfections! Use this as part of skincare routine to diffuse freshness and brighten skin complexion.

This one I kept in my kikay kit already. It is too small yet very useful, especially when I am in a hurry and have no time to fix myself up. I just slather this on and I am good to go.


And of course, the stickers that has the same tagline:


Who wouldn’t love BDJ BOX, right?! I am so hooked!!!

If you haven’t subscribed yet, you got to hurry because their boxes are sold out fast!

REVIEW: Shawill Showcase Blusher in Natural Beige

14 Mar

This Shawill blush has been with me since late 2011 and its just now that I am going to review it. I wasn’t able to include the box because I cannot find it in my stash. I rarely throw anything, even the boxes, but this one might have been misplaced in the closet.


What made me notice this is its very cute and girly packaging. The packaging is a combination of pink and white with the logo Shawill printed on the cover. The bottom part is pink and the cover is a translucent white with a flower embossed on it. This compact is very handy too yet a bit bulky on the top.


It comes with a puff that I loved then because it was easy to use. (Now I prefer using brushes in applying blush).  There is a divider inside the case which serves as the house of the puff for hygienic purposes. Under the divider lies a mirror which is great if you are going to bring this for travels.

the mirror under the powder puff house

the mirror under the powder puff house

What’s more amazing is that this blusher is only worth 99php. I remember swatching the 7 shades and I can’t decide which to buy. I finally settled on shade 07 Natural Beige because I don’t have this shade yet. Actually for the price, you actually get more!


The flower embossed on the cover is the same with the flower embossed on the blush itself.


Natural Beige matches my skin tone well. It is very pigmented, that a little amount is enough to give a flushed cheek. It is not chalky at all! It lasts long and doesn’t melt even if there is no primer used. It is easy to apply with a brush or the puff that comes with it. Though this is not a mineral makeup, I find myself grabbing it because it is so handy and useful. If I am in a hurry the first blush that comes to my mind is this and so I grab it and tote it in my bag.


Most blushes in the market are powdery and glittery. This one is different. It is a matte blush which is a neutral-peachy-pink-bronzer shade that works well for daytime use at work or in school (if makeup is allowed!). It is as its name: Natural Beige. It looks so natural!

There is just this powdery makeup smell (the trademark scent that usual makeups have) but it is negligible and the scent doesn’t last at all.

What I like:

(+) cute, eye-catching packaging

(+) sturdy enough to survive falls and drops

(+) easy to open and close cover

(+) comes with a mir­ror under the “house” of the puff

(+) it comes with a pow­der puff which is useful

(+) there is a sep­a­rate com­part­ment for the puff

(+) there are 7 shades to choose from


matte blush with a bit of ‘frost’

(+) very pigmented and lasts long

(+) looks so natural

(+) easy to apply

(+) may last for years since a little goes a long way (depends on the usage)

(+) longer expiration date than mineral makeups

(+) affordable for 99php/4g of blush

What I wish:
(-) its ingredients would be on the organic side
(-) it has SPF
(-) it has no scent
(-) it will be not as bulky as it is
(-) it comes with a better puff/ brush

Will I recommend it? Yes, for girls and ladies who are looking for quality makeup products without the high price tag!

Will I repurchase? Maybe, but I will try the other shades.

REVIEW: Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm

13 Mar
Thanks to Glamourbox February box, I got my first ever Carmex Lip product. The full size sample I got is the Carmex Moisturizing Lip balm that is in a squeeze tube type. Actually there are two Carmex freebies – the jar type and the squeeze tube type.
Here is the picture of the product information at the back of the carton packaging:
Carmex products are easy to see because of their trademark colors: red and yellow. As you can see in the picture, the squeeze tube is yellow and the twist cap is red. I was excited to try this out so I gave my other lip balms a rest just to road test this one out. I just can’t get enough of this and I find myself using it more often than I thought I would.
For 109.75php, you get 10g of the product. Niiiccceee!
I like the simplicity of the product which suits users of any age and gender. The red cap is easy to use, twist to open and twist to close. It keeps the product clean and makes it very hygienic to use. You can swipe the tube directly on the lips when you’re on the go, just be careful not to squeeze too much so you will just use enough. You can also use your clean fingers to get a little amount from the tube then apply on your lips. I prefer using my fingers though so I can apply thoroughly.
I use it whenever  I feel my lips are starting to chap. I use it before going to bed and as soon as  I wake up the following morning.
I use it before heading out to do errands. I use it wherever I am actually. It gives off a cooling, tingling mentholated feel that subsides after 10minutes, give or take.
It does its job well — helps to moisturize lips and relieves dryness. I also love that it is not sticky at all. There was no heaviness or waxy feel on my lips. If you are keen on the ingredients, you have to be aware that there is petrolatum and salicylic acid in the ingredient. I would still give this a go but I still prefer organic products.
What I like:
(+) colors that standout and shout, “PICK ME!”
(+) the packaging would suit any gender who would want to use a lip balm
(+) easy to open twist cap
(+) complete information labeled at the back
(+) squeeze tubes are better than jars/tubs for hygienic purposes
(+) the round opening makes it easier to apply directly on the lips
(+) upon application, you will feel the cooling, tingling sensation because of the menthol
(+) not sticky, not waxy and not drying on the lips
(+) prevents dryness or chapped lips
(+) makes my lips soft and healthy looking
(+) heals chapped lips due to extreme temperatures
(+) may last for three months because a little goes a long way (depends on the usage)
(+) affordable for 109php/10g
What I wish:
(-) its ingredients would be on the organic side (no pertrolatum and salicylic acid)
(-) it has SPF
(-) it comes in bigger sizes for home use
OVERALL: I love this lip balm! It relieves dryness, moisturizes lips and keeps it healthy-looking.
Will I repurchase? Maybe. I am more of an organic gal and prefers to use organic products.

Will I recommend this? Yes! This is good for anyone of any age who needs a lip balm to moisturize lips and relieve dryness and chapping. 

REVIEW: Jazzy Cream Foundation

8 Mar

Meet my HG foundation: Jazzy Cream Foundation.

I’ve been reading good reviews about this so when I saw it on sale at Ms. Gem’s blog, I asked about it. It was about 80% full for half the price. It came with the box too so I felt it was well used and taken cared of!


The ingredients are listed at the back of the box. Uh-oh there is paraben and dimethicone… but I have no plans of using this daily so it’s alright with me.
The cream foundation is housed in a twist to open black plastic tub. It is not as sturdy as it looks though. The only problem with tubs are there is a risk of double dipping. Double dipping is not entirely hygienic and the cream foundation may get more bacteria than it can have.
This 20g of cream foundation from James Cooper Jazzy Collection retails at 550php in leading dpeartment stores. It is reasonable enough for me with the coverage it gives. But since I got it at Ms. Gem’s blog sale, I think I only paid 250php. I wasn’t sure at first if I am going to get this since it is hard for me to look for a foundation that matches my skin really well. This shade is in CF04.  I think this has a pink undertone but it works great for my yellow to neutral skin undertone.
When you open the container, you will see drops of oil on top of the foundation. The ingredients can be seen on the box. Don’t think that this has oxidized or expired. This is normal for cream foundations which has oil in its ingredients.
What makes this my HG foundation is that it has everything I need: gives full coverage, makes skin flawless without caking and lasts throughout the day.
It gives full coverage with just one layer. I don’t use concealer just because and this really covers the hyperpigmentations I have. I love how it makes my skin look flawless. I like that I only need a little amount for my whole face because a little goes a long way. It can also double up as a concealer because it covers the blemishes and lightens the skin my under eyes. The foundation lasts the whole day, especially if used with primer and set with loose powder foundation.
I use this only on special occasions because it feels heavy on my oily-sensitive skin. I use this on events where picture taking is a must. Here are some pictures where I used this baby.
I remember using this foundation on January 12 where 2 events were held: wedding and Krave’s event.
maids of honor at our uncle's wedding

maids of honor at our uncle’s wedding

at the Krave's 1st anniversary party with hubby

at the Krave’s 1st anniversary party with hubby

entry for Great Image's contest

entry for Great Image’s contest

Before I forget, here is a product swatch:

What I love:
– it is my HG foundation
– it has no pungent smell
– gives full coverage that you don’t need a concealer
– doubles up as a concealer and may be applied only on problem areas
– lasts throughout the day (especially if used with a primer and a setting powder)
– it does not cake even if used alone
– it does not oxidize or turns darker/ lighter on skin
– it is very creamy and a little goes a long way
– a small tub lasts me a long time
– may be applied with a sponge or a brush
– easily available at department stores
– 20grams for 550php is good for me
What I wish for:
– it has SPF
– it comes in a squeezed tube/ pump bottle (for a cream foundation?! WHY NOT?! )
– they include a mirror and a sponge if they keep it in a tub
– they don’t include parabens
Will I repurchase: YES! 

Bake & Joy Philippines’ Discount Card

6 Mar

On our third visit in Bake & Joy, we made sure to bring the old receipts that we have to claim the discount card they have for their loyal customers.

IMG_0076 - Copy

You may ask, “Why get the discount card when there is this constant 20% off from 8pm onwards?”

Let me tell you why:

1. The discount is valid ANY time. You don’t have to wait until 8pm to get your cravings satisfied.

2. The 20% off discount is ONLY for the breads they have. With the discount card, you have access to ANY of their products. You get 10% off on the beverages, cakes and pastries.

3. You can use this along with the 20% off. Let’s say you availed of the 20% off discount for the breads, but want to try out their cake and milk tea. You get 10% off on the latter. It can’t be used together, though (NO NO: 20% + 10% = 30% off on breads).

4. The card is valid for 6months upon application! WOW! I wish this was longer though, a year perhaps?

5. The card is valid for dine-in and take out.

6. It is easy to get since all you have to do is collect your receipts that will sum up for 500php and present it within 15 days.


Finally, here is my discount card! 🙂

Of course we dined in again and tasted more of their products. The little girl chose the place and is sneaking in already. She loves classic floss too!

IMG_0044 - Copy

Here we are goofing around with the card.

IMG_0052 - Copy

It is always a happy experience dining here! We’ll be back for more! Especially now we are armed with this discount card.

REVIEW: Krave’s Triple P Fruit Masque

6 Mar

Since the 10% off discount from Krave is still ongoing, I grabbed the chance to try out the other mask they have. I have done a review on the Detox and White Mud mask  which you can check out here.


Triple P stands for Papaya, (Green) Papaya, and Pineapple.

Product Description:



Ripe Papaya is rich in vitamin C and enzymes that take away dead skin cells while the pineapple softens the skin and fights free radical damage!

Our unique formulation includes Green papaya that effectively exfoliates & lightens the skin as much as the ripe papaya does. Combining these 3 Ps with the spot & blemish control ability of WITCH HAZEL, they work synergistically to give you one of the best face masque your skin will truly crave for. 


1. WITCH HAZEL contains tannins that help to tighten skin proteins which then form a protecting covering to help promote skin healing & deeply moisturizing.

2. PAPAYA exfoliates the skin revealing a healthier, whiter & glowing skin. Rich in antioxidants such as vitamin A.

3. GREEN PAPYA help reduce freckles & blemishes due to exposure to sunlight.

4. PINEAPPLE contains enzymes that make skin elastic, improve skin hydration, diminish age spots and remove damaged and dead cells.

Wash your face with CUPINE ALOEPA facial wash. Apply evenly on face avoiding the eye area. Leave for at least 15 minutes or until dry. Wash with water. Tone & apply moisturizer, for best results use FRUITTIE PORELESS toner & MOISTURE SOUFFLE night crème.
Use 1-2x a week.

As you can see in the picture, the tub is filled with a clear gel type mask. It is somewhat like the Cupine AloePa facial wash which has a gel like consistency. I think this is a newbie in masks since the face masks I know are on the creamy muddy side. Since summer is approaching, I am switching to gel-type products. Gel type products are easily absorbed and as not as heavy as the cream type ones.


I am using this once a week as I kept the mud mask for awhile.

After washing my face, I apply the mask with clean fingers. I just get a product using my index finger and it is already enough for my whole face. I let it dry while I get busy with mommy stuff, that is roughly 30minutes. It gives a cooling tingling effect, but far from the tightening effect the mud mask gives. This means that the product is taking effect. This does not sting as much as the mud mask but I can feel its effect too.I rinse it after and follow with my toner, moisturizer, sunscreen and eye cream.


Here’s a summary of my likes and dislikes:

(+) USDA certified organic without parabens

(+) feels light on the skin

(+) easily absorbed by the skin

(+) works instantly!

(+) imporoves skin elasticity

(+) gives hydration

(+) lessens oil and prevents oil build up

(+) sloughs off dead skin cells

(+) has anti-aging properties!

(+) tightens pores and brightens my skin giving it a healthy glow

(+) available in a new improved formulation which comes in a bigger size!!! YAY!

(-) double dipping because of the tub [the new triple p mask comes in a better packaging!]


Have you tried any product from Krave?

I am a distributor and I would gladly assist you if you are interested.