Krave Clear Queen Gentle Makeup Remover | First Step to Clearer Skin

9 Sep

If you have been reading my blog way back, you would have come across this proud Philippine brand, Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals. My uber sensitive, oily acneic face did not go haywire with any product I used with them. I have been loving their new products lately so now I am raving about one of their newest products – the makeup remover named CLEAR QUEEN.

Product Description

CLEAR QUEEN gentle makeup remover
100% Naturally produced

with Grapeseed, Golden Jojoba and Lemon extract to gently cleanse the skin without clogging the pores.

P250 / 100ml nt wt.

Clear Queen contains an all-natural formula that will take off even the most stubborn waterproof eyeliner and mascara and leave your skin supremely clean and soft. Perfected with an aromatic fragrance derived from essential oils and not synthetic perfumes.

to remove makeup, use a cotton ball. Wash face with soap and water after.

At first glance, you can see that it is in green bottle, with green cap which closes tightly as to prevent spillage. The bottle is just the right size to throw in my gym bag whenever I go there and I have makeup on.

In the bottle it says “It’s hard to remove face and eye makeupafter a long day of wearing them. Be sure you remove it up to 99% without clogging your pores. This product is made of essential oils that is perfect for sensitive skin. It has anti-bacterial property and can remove makeup to 99%. Don’t forget to wash your face with facial wash or soap after. Clear skin is next to healthy skin. Ingredients : Castor oil, Grape seed extract, Extra virgin olive oil Golden Jojoba Oil and lemon essential oil.

The first thing you will notice upon opening the bottle cap is the smell! The scent of this is so inviting and yummy! It smells like sweet bubblegum! Even my daughter loves how it smells like! I use this only when I don’t have any migraine attacks because any scent worsens how I feel when I have migraine.


You can see that it is fairly priced for only Php250 per 100 ml bottle. I am pretty sure that this will last me a month or two since I only need a few drops for my whole face.

Krave Clear Queen

What I do is pour two to three drops of Clear Queen on the palm of my hand and apply it directly on my face. I let it sit there for 5 minutes before I wipe it away with cotton. With just a few swipes, all the makeup I have had for the day is wiped away. No need for tugging the skin since this can be wiped away easily. Sometimes I don’t wash my face anymore because I let all the goodness of the oil absorb in my skin! Teehee!

Krave Clear Queen

It leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. It never dries out my skin and it prepares it for my skin care regimen. I am not worried at all about using this on my face since this is 100% naturally produced. What’s best is it does not give me any breakouts at all!

I love this product and even though I have been loyal to micellar water, I cannot let this pass! I use this alternately with my Bioderma makeup remover, depending on my mood.

If you want to check out the new products of Krave, just click here. You can also message me for orders, because I am thinking of renewing my dealership with Krave since there are a lot of products to try out!!!

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