Charm Essentials “Pretty in Pink” Vegan Powder Brush | Kikay Kit Staple for its Versatility

18 Oct

I am an avid fan of Sample Room and though I am not a VIP member, I make sure that I get to try the samples that are not to be missed. 

This time, Sample Room was very generous to let us, sampleroomates, to have our very own (full size) Charm Essentials “Pretty in Pink” Vegan Powder Brush. 

Charm Essentials "Pretty in Pink" Vegan Powder Brush

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I think this brush is a part of Charm’s set brushes and not sold alone.  It looks so sleek because of the pink and black color combo! It measures almost seven inches in length. Before using it, I washed it first and there was no shedding of the brushes. Given that, this is well-made and has good quality. The vegan hair is not scratchy at all and feels very soft.  It is not as fluffy as I imagined it would be but it works well. It is not too dense so it picks up just the right amount of powder (loose or pressed) for more precise application. I also love using this with my liquid and cream foundations because the brush size is just right as it gives an almost airbrushed effect. This is also applicable for putting on blushes, for highlighting and for contouring the face! Talk about versatility!

Charm Essentials "Pretty in Pink" Vegan Powder Brush

I am so happy to own my very first makeup brush from Charm! I also love toting this around in my bag because it doesn’t take up much space. This one definitely earned its place in my kikay kit because of its functionality!


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