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Undergoing Open Appendectomy

20 Dec

Have you ever planned anything so important then a more urgent, more important thing will come your way and you have no choice but to choose the latter?

This was what happened to me.

I was preparing for something big last Monday, December 16… But something bigger came up the weekend before that. My family were out in the mall when pain struck me. My right lower abdomen hurt tremendously! I couldn’t stand straight and I couldn’t walk. I tried loosening my pants but it was no use. I thought, “Could this be appendicitis? Please don’t let it be. It’s just dysmenorrhea.”

Hubby bought medicines for me.

Don’t ever do what I did — self medicate. I took two Kremil-S tablets, then Ponstan SF, then Buscopan.

The Buscopan relieved me from the pain and we were able to eat dinner and even watch “Frozen.”



Come Sunday morning, I had fever and still had that tummy ache. Hubby brought me to STH ER and I underwent some tests (cbc with platelet count and urinalysis). The doctor advised me to transfer to USTH for ultrasound. But when we got to USTH ER, the interns and doctors who checked me up and palpated my abdomen all had one diagnosis — Acute Appendicitis.

Right there and then, they admitted me and scheduled an Open Appendectomy STAT.

I was confined for 5 days and was discharged just yesterday. I had spinal anesthesia around 11pm, Sunday, was on general liquids (Monday), on soft diet (Tuesday) and full diet (Wed and Thurs).  As of this writing, I am still having a hard time walking, moving too much, sneezing, coughing and laughing.

The hardest for me is not to take care of my daughter the way I used to. I miss carrying her, giving her baths, and dancing with her. I pray that I will get better soon so I can go back to the things I normally do.

I leave to you the words of my doctor, “Whatever important thing you have to do, this is more important than that.” It was a bit hard for me to accept that but I know deep inside he was right. What if I came in late and my appendix had ruptured? It would have been more complicated to manage.

Health is wealth, really.

I also want to thank all the efforts of my better half to make me feel I am loved, taken care of and supported. He is and always will be my Superman.

Looking forward to better days ahead for me and my family. And if it’s not too much to ask, please say a little prayer for my quick recovery.

Thank you so much…and God bless you.