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Colour Collection Age Defying BB Cream CoQ10 & Green Tea Extract SPF45 | Anti-aging Makeup, anyone?

27 Apr

If you have been reading my blog for quite some time, you will see that I have raved about the Whitening variant of Colour Collection BB Cream here. So when Colour Collection Age Defying BB Cream CoQ10 & Green Tea Extract SPF45 was released in Sample Room, I waited for my points to reach 130 so I can order one.

Colour Collection Age Defying BB Cream CoQ10 & Green Tea Extract SPF45

Product Description

A BB Cream with 8 skin benefits. Targets wrinkles, fine lines and age spots to reveal a younger-looking, radiant complexion. Contains CoQ10 & Green Tea Extract


  1. Slows down skin’s aging process
  2. Protects skin from UV rays
  3. Helps minimize wrinkles
  4. Softens and hydrates dry skin
  5. Promotes cell renewal
  6. Reduces pigmentation
  7. Retain moistures
  8. Aids in improving skin elasticity

Full size: 40ml

Price: PHP 699

Sample Size: 1 pc. 40ml (full-sized)

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Unboxing the Bridal Bliss Glamourbox

2 Jul

Glamourbox is another beauty box that is worth your subscription. They had changes in their subscription, which opens only when they have come up with something; unlike BDJ Box, which has a monthly subscription.

The theme for the “June Glamourbox” is Bridal Bliss since June is most likely the month of weddings.

In this season of weddings, we can’t help but feel the joy and excitement in the air! May our skin -perfecting beauty selections prepare you for these blissful celebrations. Cherish the moments, Glambabes!

Bridal Bliss Glamourbox

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REVIEW: Krave’s Oil Eliminator HD with super fruit

31 May

Remember the Krave event last January 12? This was one of the items I got for free, the other one was Visibly Rosy Mineral Veil.

This is actually an improved version of their Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator. Improved in packaging, weight, price, benefits!

For 520php, you get 6g of product. Better than the 285php for 3g of product, right? The product now comes in a box, too. The box is where all the information you need are in.


I tried this once way back February without using the sponge that came with it. I used my Ecotools kabuki brush in applying it and it did mattify my face but only for about 2 hours. So I thought to myself, “I like the Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator from the Poreless series better.”

This went on a hiatus for awhile since I still have some Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator left. Just recently, when I accidentally dropped my Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator and emptied the whole product compact (BOO! My bad!), I told myself why not make use of the improved version, the Oil Elimator HD, which has better packaging.

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REVIEW: L’oreal Base Magique Transformin Smoothing Primer

22 Apr

I never knew makeup primers are a need for a great look. All along I thought moisturizers are enough to serve as our skin’s barrier to makeup. Finding this in Cosmo magazine made me think otherwise.

??????????????????????????????? I tried searching for primers that have positive reviews and this was one of them.


L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer had a 25% discount when I got it last December. Its SRP is 945php though. Here are the product descriptions and ingredients printed in the box.




L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer is basically a primer that is used to make skin smoother and the makeup last longer.

It comes in a glass jar that looks so sophisticated and sturdy. It contains 15g of product and will really last you a long time since all you need is a little amount for your whole face.



This is my first (cream) primer. I use L’oreal on special days when I know I won’t have any time for touch ups and makeup checks at the mirror. There is another organic mineral powder primer that I have and that is Krave’s Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator.

It is as its called —  base magique and transforming smoothing primer. It is designed to prep and protect the skin, minimizes pores and mask wrinkles and uneven skin texture. The “transorming” formula has a velvety powdery texture and it diminishes appearance of fine lines and pores. It also helps absorb oil and prevents oiliness for a whole 12 hour.  It is also very easy to use with your fingers and enables easy glide-on application of any type of foundation.


How I apply it:

  • Using a spatula or just my clean finger, I get a little amount and rub primer between my fingers to pread the product before I apply on my face.
  • I dab on problem areas such as the T-zone and the cheeks then just spread with my clean fingers again.
  • I let it set for about 5 – 10 minutes before I proceed with foundation application.

Here are some pictures of events I attended and have used this:

family dinner at KKK

family dinner at KKK

great image collage



What I love:

(+) It has a smooth, velvety cream powder texture that makes it easy to apply with fingers.

(+) It makes skin feels super soft and smooth.

(+) It minimizes the appearance of pores, especially around the nose and cheek area.

(+) It disappears and blends well into skin.

(+) It does not feel heavy or thick.

(+) It reduces shine all day and makes skin look matte.

(+) This makes cream, liquid and powder foundation application easier!

(+) It makes foundation look better and you end up with better pictures.

(+) It helps foundation stay on your skin — no melting and/or caking.

(+) Makeup stays longer with this base primer on.

(+) May be used alone or under foundation.

(+) Sturdy and sophisticated glass jar packaging.

(+) It will last you a long time since a little goes a long way.

(+) Fair price of 945php for 15g of product.

What I wish:

(-) It came in a squeeze tube or pump bottle.

(-) It doesn’t have too much silicone.

(-) It makes me breakout (tiny zits) sometimes.

Overall: I am absolutely loving this primer and I have been using this especially on special days and occasions. I recommend this to oily skin gals like me and to any lady who wants smoother skin. 


Review: KRAVE’s Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator

13 Dec

After months of using this, I can now post a legit review about it.

This is Krave‘s best seller. No doubt that this sells like pancakes.


OIL ELIMINATOR and SKIN HYDRATOR with Pearl powder(mineral primer & finishing powder)

3 grams net wt. P285

NON- COMEDOGENIC (won’t clog pores)
NON-ACNEGENIC (won’t cause acne break outs)

OIL ELIMINATOR and SKIN HYDRATOR is translucent so it won’t interfere with other mineral makeup colors you are wearing. Plus, it is specifically formulated to virtually erase the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & large pores when applied.

Our formula includes 2 of the healthiest ingredients:
1. PEARL POWDER that aids in healing, skin brightening, anti-wrinkling, and sun protection. It also exfoliates the skin and promotes new cell regeneration.
2. SODIUM HYALURONATE the world’s powerful skin hydrator which brings balance to your complexion & keeps your make up application fresh all day long.


Secure plastic wrapped it to maintain its freshness. As you can see there is more space here than the powder. The powder is translucent and finely milled and is very much easy to apply.


I am glad I got the new one which is easier to open and close. Krave improved their packaging and I am pretty sure that they are preparing for more products to be released.


I didn’t use the sponge that came with it. I only keep it to prevent too much powder from coming out of the sifter.


I use this as a primer and a finishing veil. This works not only for oily and combination skin. Dry skin can also benefit from it since it is a ‘hydrator’.

I can say that it really prevented my skin from being oily throughout the day. It keeps makeup fresh and dewy. But that’s not the only thing there is to this little one. It also prevents ‘caking’. It also controls skin ph since sometimes, my skin turns darker after applying powder foundation. Some powder foundation darkens and cakes on me. But when I use this, there were no color changes in my skin. With this, no worries that your makeup will melt, cake, or darken. Amazing, right?

Here’s a summary of my likes and dislikes:

(+) USDA certified organic without parabens

(+) hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, non acnegenic, nano particle free

(+) great primer! It keeps skin’s ph level to prevent any oxidation due to skin’s acidity.

(+) makes skin smooth even if you’re going to apply liquid or cream foundation

(+) translucent powder disappears into your skin and does not interfere with any makeup shade

(+) keeps oil at bay for a long time!

(+) advanced anti-aging!

(+) tightens pores and brightens my skin giving it a healthy glow

(-) Only available in 1 size, 3g.  Wish there was a bigger version for this.

(-) Wish it came with a mirror.

Here’s a proof:

with my two brothers :)

with my two brothers 🙂

This pic was taken last October 10. We attended a  kiddie birthday party in SM Storyland. Of course I felt tired because I went with my daughter to more than 10 rides. But my makeup is still fresh. Thanks to Krave! 🙂

Products I used in the photo: Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator, Maybelline liquid foundation, Krave’s Complexion Perfection in Hazelnut, Human Nature eyeshadow in sweet innocence, Human Nature tinted lip balm in Flame Tree.

Hands down to Krave for creating this innovative product!