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TAG: This or That

21 Feb

I think this is one interesting TAG that I stumbled upon from my favorite Jen. Check out her blog too. If you want to know my answers, please continue reading.


  • blush or bronzer – I love blushes! I am not much into bronzers.
  • lip gloss or lipstick – Lipstick for me. I would have answered lip gloss if I were in my teenage years, but I think now that I am in my mid 20s, I go for lipstick. I like the creamy, moisturizing formulas.
  • eye liner or mascara – I want to choose both because they go hand in hand. But if I were to choose only one it has to be eye liner. I love lining my waterline with black eyeliner pencil to open my eyes. My go to eye makeup is really eyeliners now – gel or liquid eyeliner will do.
  • foundation or concealer – I’d definitely choose foundation. They even out the skin tone, conceals blemishes and easily applied. I have a hard time using concealers and I think they just sit on my skin.
  • neutral or color eye shadow – Neutral shadows for me. I used to love colored eye shadows but I think they are very hard to pair with your outfits and the look it gives will be for teenagers.
  • pressed or loose eye shadows – Pressed eye shadows definitely. Loose ones are a bit too messy to use.
  • brushes or sponges – I used to love sponges but when I discovered that brushes work better using different techniques and kinds, I go for brushes. They are also easier to clean than sponges. Sponges are disposable too but brushes can last you a long time.


  • Long or short – Short nails for me. I easily get broken nails when they are not clipped properly.
  • Acrylic or natural – Natural nails for me.
  • Brights or darks – Brights make nails appear vibrant and the hands look young.
  • Flower or no flower – No flower. I love seeing nail art but I just don’t like flowers on nails.


  • perfume or body splash – I use both but I’ll go for body splash. Body splash for daily scents and perfumes only for special occasions.
  • lotion or body butter – I love moisturizers whatever its kind. I use lotions more often though so I guess its lotion I will choose.
  • body wash or soap – Body wash! I prefer using body wash because it really makes skin soft. I use soaps once in a while but only if it’s mild. I like Dove, Jergens, and Human Nature Cleansing Bar. I also used Sastid sulfur soap when I was pregnant because I had intolerable itchy rashes (a sign of my Gestational Diabetes Mellitus).
  • lush or other bath company – I haven’t tried any from Lush so I’ll be choosing other bath companies. I like St.Ives, Johnson & Johnsons, The Body Shop and Human Nature.


  • jeans or sweat pants – Jeans. I wear jeans most of the time. I rarely wear sweat pants.
  • long sleeve or short sleeve – It depends on the weather and the type of material used actually. But I guess I wear more short sleeve so short sleeve it is.
  • dresses or skirts – I have tons of skirts that I don’t wear anymore. I am more into dresses now.
  • stripes or plaid – Stripes! I just love how it looks on me.
  • flip flops or sandals – Flipflops are my go to footwear but on events/parties I wear sandals.
  • scarves or hats – I  am sooo in love with scarves and shawls. They are very useful! I use them for fashion, for breastfeeding in public, for making me feel warm, for impromptu pillow on my baby’s stroller, and the list goes on…
  • studs or dangly earrings – I don’t wear earrings now. My daughter always pulls it from my ears. On rare occasions, I just use studs.
  • necklaces or bracelets – I use bracelets more often because they add spice to any outfit. Necklaces are also pulled by my daughter. I have broken chains of necklaces because my daughter loves to play with them so I think I will let her grow first before wearing necklaces again.
  • heels or flats – I use flats more often because it is comfortable especially when I am looking after and playing with my daughter.
  • cowboy boots or riding boots – None. I like plain fashionable boots.
  • jacket or hoodie  – I like either of the two… but if there’s only one I think I like jackets !
  • forever 21 or charlotte russe – Forever 21 hands down!
  • abercombie or Hollister – I like Abercrombie because it is so wearable and comfortable.


  • curly or straight – I prefer straight hair. I think it is more manageable that way. But wavy hair is good enough for me.
  • bun or ponytail – Buns! I always pull my hair into a bun especially when I’m having a bad hair day.
  • bobby pins or butterfly clips – Bobby pins for me! Great for any hair style!
  • hair spray or gel – I don’t use any of this. Tee hee.
  • long or short – I prefer short hair but my hubby likes it long so I am growing it now. I used to have long hair but I cut it short when I was pregnant.
  • light or dark – Dark of course! I don’t think I will dye my hair light.
  • side sweep bangs or full bangs – Side sweep bangs! I am willing to try full bangs soon.
  • up or down – Down. Guys love seeing our hair down. I tie my hair on days when I have no time to style it.


  • Rain or shine – Rain! I love it when the weather is cool. But please no typhoons or monsoons that hurt others. I just hate feeling sweaty and oily so I’ll give up shine.
  • Summer or winter – There is no winter here 🙂 Besides I love summer because it’s the perfect time for showing off some skin!!!
  • Fall or spring – Spring! Everything just looks so wonderful.
  • Chocolate or vanilla – Chocolates, definitely!!! The darker, the better! I don’t eat white chocolates…at all.

If you have a blog, please do the tag as well and link it back to me so I can read your answers. I enjoyed answering this, I hope you do too!

Have fun!

REVIEW: Flormar Long Wearing Lipstick

21 Feb

Another full sized sample from my favorite BDJ Box is going to reviewed today. I got this in the Dec-Jan BDJ Box which you can check out here. Flormar is a new brand for me. Haven’t heard of it until BDJ Box included it in. You may want to check out their site.


I love the sleek sophisticated packaging it has. The black tube has a transparent bottom which I think is pretty unique.


I love the color of this. I think it is a bright  fuchsia  pink shade which is very fine with me. I don’t have a lipstick shade like this yet! You may be hesitant to try this out but don’t be because it is perfectly wearable. I think this is great for both daytime and night time wear.


It costs 349php for 4.2g/tube. Not bad at all. And to think that this just came free from the BDJ Box.

Product Description:

From Turkey’s best cosmetic brand, imagine apricot seed oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butter on your lips to lock in moisture. All you need for full-on color and all-day coverage.

It covers the lips perfectly with its rich, creamy and moisturizing structure. Softens the lips with its nourishing properties and gives them a shiny look.

close up

close up

This lipstick is very pigmented. With one swipe on your lips, the color looks great already. It is in the middle of being creamy and glossy. It is not too glossy but there is a bit of shine to your lips. You can add lip gloss on top of it but I like it the way it is.

With the ingredients mentioned above, I think this lipstick is good for everyday wear. Who wouldn’t want moisturizers for their lips? I don’t think anyone will say yes to that.

I wore this for around 10hours. Though the creaminess fades and the color transfers, I like it still. Some pigments settled into the lines on my lips so I think a lip balm is needed before application of this. I love that it leaves a tint on the lips. I think this would be better if I have blotted and applied for 3 times to avoid streaks and color transfers.

Here’s a picture of me wearing the lipstick. I actually used this during the birthday party of our daughter. It looks great on pictures!

family picture

family picture

What I like:

  • very pigmented
  • stays on for 4 hours
  • leaves a tint on the lips
  • good for everyday wear
  • has apricot seed oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butter to moisturize lips.
  • non-sticky and glides easily
  • has a light subtle smell

What I didn’t like:

  • settles into lines on my lips
  • some pigment transfers on straws and cups
  • has no SPF
  • no information and expiration date labeled on it
  • may not be easily available

Overall: I love the color that I got and I think this is good enough because of its pigmentation. I want to try out other shades though I am not sure where these are available.


Unboxing: FEB Glamourbox

20 Feb

I have mixed emotions upon receiving the Feb Glamourbox. I felt happy that it arrived early (days after the BDJ Feb box arrived) yet I feel upset about it.

I loved the box because it is sturdy and can still be reused for organizing stuff. Through its simplicity, it looked so glamorous.

???????????????????????????????Here’s a sneak peek on what’s inside:


Full Size:

1. KJI & CO Emergency Lash Rx (full size 2ml, Php 1350)


This lash serum prevents new virgin hair from being adversely affected by cosmetic and environmental factors. Users will see dramatic improvement in lash volume, texture and density.

2. Carmex Squeeze Tube/Jar (full size 10ml and 7.5g respectively, Php 109.75)


Carmex Squeeze Tube/Jar contains natural moisturizers such as cocoa butter & lanolin. These and other emollients give you healthy-looking lips by moistening  preventing chapping caused by the environment.


1. Calvin Klein Beauty (full size 100ml, Php 5,498)


Sophisticated, confident and radiant, Beauty evokes the ultimate power of femininity and sophistication. It captures the spirit of a woman who is beautiful from the inside out, with an aura that radiates.

2. SNOE Beauty Oil for All Argan Oil (full size 25ml, Php 799)


Argan Oil has been gaining recognition for its restorative and anti-aging benefits to skin and hair. High in Vitamin E, this “Liquid Gold” heals dry skin, prevents acne breakouts and reduces marks and fine lines

3. The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream (full size 50ml, Php 695)


An easily absorbed daily moisturizing cream that has the lightness of a lotion with the moisturizing benefits of a cream. It helps protect the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and healthy-looking.



1. Chi Dermatology Clinic (Php 500 value on all services)

2. Wild Peach Cosmetics (35% off on customizable makeup palettes)

3. Cuzo (Php 500 value, card is housed in a leather business card holder). I was ready to throw the box fillers when I unearthed another surprise!

My Thoughts:

Though you get more than what you pay for, one can just wish for more. I wish they would be fair in putting the same things on all the boxes. I think there are some boxes with Wild Peach Cosmetics Palettes and Kerastase Oil. Glamourbox shouldn’t be putting up a comparison/contest to their subscribers on who will get what the next time. I really wish they’ll do it just like how BDJ Box does it: same size of lipsticks and nail polishes but the shades / colors differ from one box to the other.

Looking forward to better boxes the next months…

REVIEW: Snoe Beauty Beso Balm

20 Feb

This free full-size sample (which costs 149php) came from the BDJ Dec-Jan Box and I was so thrilled because I’ve been hearing good reviews about this. Beso Balm is one of Snoe’s best sellers!

Now it’s my time to review it.

Product Description:

Plumps. Soothes. Protects. Freshens breath.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use before kissing or whenever you feel like it!

INGREDIENTS: Coconut oil, Sunflower seed oil, Beeswax, Spearmint leaf oil, Shea butter, Tocopheryl Acetate, Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Menthol, Benzophenone 3, Blue 1 (CI42090), Yellow 5 (CI19140)

???????????????????????????????When I first opened it, I was surprised to see granules on the balm. I wasn’t sure if it’s expired or something because there’s no expiration date in the tube. Anyway, I still tried it on.


It is a green balm that is in a regular lip balm tube. It strikes a perfect balance between wax and oil which is a good thing.

I love how this lip balm glides on my lips, though I felt my lips were being scrubbed because of the ‘granules’. In an instant, I felt the cooling minty sensation that gave me a feel that my lips became plump. It didn’t really freshened the breath, it just sort of cools the inside of the mouth. The cooling and breath ‘freshening’ lasted only until the minty sensation came off. I think its good for about 10minutes.

I love how it makes my lips feel soft and hydrated. I just can’t stand the granules at all. It’s like sugar has been added to this. I wipe off the granules/scrub and just be satisfied with what’s left on my lips. Because of this, I don’t use this as often as I would want to. It just feels uncomfortable putting on a ‘lip scrub’ all the time.

What I like about this:

(+) it is from Snoe Beauty!

(+) mentholated feel and taste

(+) goes on sheer

(+) has a cute packaging
(+) it comes in a tube so it’s more hygienic
(+) not greasy, not waxy, not oily – it’s just right
(+) affordable for 149php
(+) available in stores/kiosks/online
What I didn’t like:
(-) the granules. I think there’s something wrong with what they sent me. I believe other Snoe Beso Balm doesn’t have this sugary scrub effect.
(-) it has no SPF
Will I purchase? Maybe. I think I’ll check out Snoe beauty kiosks for one that has no granules like mine.

Yummy in my Tummy: Bake & Joy Philippines

19 Feb

It’s 4:52am and I am still wide awake. I tried sleeping but I just can’t so instead of wasting time staring blankly at the ceiling, might as well blog why I can’t have shut eye session with my pillows.

Since hubby and I crave for Classic Floss, we went to our latest discovery – Bake & Joy Philippines. Check them out here.

If you’re near Banawe – QC area, for sure you have tried it already. I, myself, have been obsessed with it ever since I tried it three or four days ago. My taste buds kept on asking for it and I still can imagine its taste, its texture.

We went there around 9pm and we were able to avail of their 20% discount! The discount starts at 8pm onwards. They are open til 11pm so you still have plenty of time to hoard.

It was surprising not to see plenty of people inside. According to my mom and bro(who are more obsessed than I am) this place is usually filled with people, lined up at the cashier, holding boxes of breads. Fortunately for us, seats were empty. As you can see, our daughter saved a seat already. There’s her hand in the picture.

IMG_0551The place is a cozy spot for small talks and catch ups with friends, with cool subtle playlist at the background. It’s also a big plus that they offer milk tea, coffee, fraps, bread. This is the newest jack-of-all-trades hangout for friends since they cater to various taste buds!

From the outside, it isn’t very enticing. But don’t be deceived! If you check it out inside, you’ll feel like you’re in a coffee/bake shop.

There’s hubby in the picture checking out what’s left.

IMG_0549Here’s the other side: almost empty trays.


This is what we dined in for. They have mouth watering breads that are uniquely flavored and will leave you wanting more!


Hubby had cappuccino and I had mocha frap. The culprit for my nocturnal mode.


These are the Bake&Joy Team! They aren’t the ones I saw during my first encounter. But I can comment that they are all friendly and accommodating.

I requested this photo op and they said yes

I requested this photo op and they said yes

One more shot before they get back to work:


We made sure to bring home some yummy goodies!



I have yet to taste more of their products! I can’t wait for my next visits in this place!

Two thumbs up for you, Bake & Joy Philippines! See you soon!

REVIEW: Human Nature 100% Natural Cleansing Bar

19 Feb

For the first time in the history of Human Nature, they released an all natural fragrance free natural cleansing bar. Everyone was giddy excited the time it was available in the market. I usually attend the Human Nature Manila Branch magalogue turnover during mornings but just this time I got to attend the afternoon’s session. And to my (and fellow dealers) surprise, it was out of stock already. All those who attended the morning magalogue turnover hoarded.

I got this after a week’s worth of waiting.


Product Description:

Why go for soaps that leave chemical traces on your skin and the environment? Choose only the good!  Our 100% Natural Cleansing Bar harnesses nature’s goodness to wash away the day’s dirt and grime while leaving your skin feelingcleanfresh and moisturized. And because it’s  fragrance-free, your skin is left clean and clear from all synthetic irritants found in chemical soaps.

Our cleansing bar is cold-processed, which means that it takes more time to make than your usual chemical soaps, which are hot-processed. Hot-processing removes the naturally hydrating glycerin in soap, which is often replaced afterward with synthetic fillers and harmful additives that leave the skin dry and dull after bathing. Cold-processing, on the other hand, produces high-quality soap that retains beneficial natural glycerin which keeps skin soft and hydrated. As a bonus, cold-processing consumes less energy and produces less waste – so it’s not only skin-friendly, but eco-friendly as well!

Do the earth and your skin a favor! Each time you use our cleansing bar, you help make our environment a little greener and your skin a lot cleaner!


Before using this, I cut it into four parts to save it from melting away. I have done this to other easy melting soaps (Ceraklin soap of my daughter before and Snoe’s Oatmeal Soap). I don’t mind using small parts of soaps, though some may tend to have a hard time holding and keeping it in their hands as they lather.


The 90g soap sells for 64.75php. Not bad for an all natural soap! The cleansing bar is white in color and is fragrance free (as said in the label).

human <3 nature on the soap

human nature logo on the soap

I’ve been using this for a month now. Roughly, I use a part for about 10days. The number of days the soap lasts depends on the number of times I shower. On normal days, I take a bath twice a day. I never go to bed without hitting the shower. During hot and humid days, I take a bath more than 3 times because I just hate feeling hot and sweaty.

Thankfully, this cleansing bar doesn’t dry out my skin, no matter how many times I use it. It lathers well but is not as sudsy as other commercial soaps I’ve tried. It also rinses out quickly without leaving any residue on my skin. I didn’t experience stings and dryness with this. It cleans well but doesn’t make my skin feel tight. It hydrates well because I always come out of the bathroom feeling fresh. I love that it leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized. Oh and it really helps if you follow it up with a lotion/body butter to lock in the moisture. The perfect combo for beautiful, soft, healthy skin: Cleansing Bar + Berry Bliss Lotion in the morning and Cleansing Bar + Berry Bliss Body Butter at night! Love the results!

The only downside I think is that it feels a bit gooey if left wet. I usually leave my soap ‘dry’ in the sense that it is free from excess water so it won’t melt and be wasted.

Reasons why I love this:

(+) HHN product means its Pro- Philippines, Pro-poor, Pro-environment

(+) unique packaging with complete information, ingredients, expiration date, etc.

(+) available online, in some stores/kiosks, thru dealers (like me! you can order this from me!) and in Human Nature branches

(+) affordable for 64.75 for 90g of product! 

(+) fragrance free and mild yet cleans very well

(+) doesn’t sting and dry out my skin

(+) doesn’t leave any residue after rinsing

(+) makes skin feeling hydrated, healthy and moisturized

(+) works best with lotions/moisturizers

I didn’t want to write a negative comment here because I can live with its soft creamy side that melts easily with water. I cut my soaps even before and I’m so used to ‘drying’ them up before putting it back on the soap dish. Tee hee! 🙂

I just love this so much and I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for an all natural soap that delivers!

Great job HHN!


Unboxing Feb BDJ Box

18 Feb

This came in on the 16th of February, two days after Vday. Well who wouldn’t want a post Vday gift? Not me.


Very sleek packaging, right? This red cover is a given of what’s inside. A box filled with Shiseido products! There’s also another full sized freebie included in this month’s BDJ Box.

I am always beyond contented with BDJ Box. They really make sure that you get more than what you pay for. They also know how to take care of their Bellas because they only provide the best of the best.

What’s inside:
Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum
Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Brightening Mask
Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist24 Night Emulsion
Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist Balancing Softener
Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick
Nippon 5-Minute Touch-Up Kit
Shiseido vouchers
“Light up” stickers
And a bonus Celeteque cleansing oil! 🙂
Really excited to try them!
Have you subscribed to BDJ Box? What are your thoughts about it?