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REVIEW: C-Lium Fibre (Capsule)

10 Apr

For my third sample room purchase, I chose the Nivea sunblock and C-Lium Fibre capsules.



Sample Room Product Description

C-lium is made of 100% natural psyllium that has 14 times more natural fiber than oatmeal or cereal to help eliminate the signs of aging.

• Helps lowers bad cholesterol levels

• Aids in controlling blood sugar levels

• Helps eliminate excess fats

• Helps promote good digestion

*No Approved Therapeutic Claims

Take 5 capsules twice a day with at least a half glass of juice or favorite beverage. Drink a glass of water immediate after.

Vitamin and mineral supplements should be taken 2-3 hours before or after intake of C-Lium Fibre. For better weight and blood sugar management, take 30 minutes before meals. Drink plenty of water all day. Regular daily intake recommended.

Full size and Price:

C-Lium Fibre Capsule Jar 400’s — P 715.00
C-Lium Fibre Capsule 500’s — P 1,100.00
C-Lium Fibre Capsule 50’s — P 110.00

Sample Size: 60 capsules for 6 day use

I wanted to try this out since I have constipation most of the time. I drink plenty of water (more than 3 liters a day actually) and still am constipated. I don’t know how or why. So I thought of trying this out…


I did not follow the recommended dosage though. I think it was over. And since this is a supplement, it would not hurt decreasing the dose.


For the first five days, I only take it before bedtime and have increased it now to two capsules a day.I take one capsule twice a day, 30 minutes before meals.


Here is my sample room review:

Taking this for 5 days now. I am suffering from constipation and this has helped me immediately. At first I thought I was having a stomachache then my tummy felt bloated. That was then I thought that it is the C-Lium Fibre (capsule) working. I only take these before bedtime and when I wake the next morning I am all ready for the comfort room. I still incorporate the usual activities of eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and exercising, though.

What I like about this:

(+) No preservatives and other chemicals, only pure 100% psyllium fiber.

(+) Affordable for only 6php per capsule.

(+) Helps maintain healthy cholesterol level for a healthy heart.

(+) Reduces the absorption of fat.

(+) Helps sustain healthy blood sugar.

(+) Maintains digestive health and regularity.

(+) Maintains healthy digestion.

(+) Works well if combined with proper diet, increased fluid intake and exercise.

(+) Improved my bowel movement and stool consistency.


What I wish:

(+) They alter the dosage. I felt changes with just one to two capsules a day.


OVERALL: I recommend this to anyone who wants to maintain overall wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle.