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REVIEW: The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil

27 Nov

I always get zits during THE time of the month. PMS mode makes my skin and hormones berserk. But lately, I can see that dang zits are popping anywhere, even in places I didn’t have them before. With holiday stress, hormones, late night sleeps, irregular diet in the picture, I don’t know which to blame. I didn’t even know if this is just a purging stage because I started using a new soap for my face (Oh well, I stopped using it already and I will have another blog for it).  I just have one goal in mind – to get my skin clear…and FAST!

I remembered I ran out of my go-to zit zapper, Adapalene gel, a physician prescribed medication. It is quite expensive so I don’t have it most of the time. I relied on The Body Shop’s Tea Tree oil.

I had this early this year when it was on a 200php off campaign.  I got it at 295php (it was labelled as ‘at the best price ever’). Who can say no to this? Plus the fact that it claims that there is “one sold every 10 seconds”… I gotta have this, in case of emergency.

I literally didn’t know how to open the bottle the first time I used it. The packaging is very hard to use and some of the tea tree oil spills sometimes. I hope the bottle will be upgraded into something more easy to use.

The minty smell is the first thing you’ll get every time you open the product. I just pour a tiny drop into my pointing finger and dab, dab, dab on areas which needed rescue. The tea tree oil has a liquid consistency which runs quickly so I have to be keen in pouring an ample amount. At times, the oil settles on the table or on the floor because it just slips from my finger. Hmm, upon writing this, I am telling myself why haven’t I used cotton buds for easier application? I will, next time.

I use this at night, replacing my Panacea Oil at the moment. I felt a sting when I applied it directly to those nasty pimples. After two or three days of using this noticed that the huge zits flattened a wee bit. It is quite a disappointment as this product claims to “zaps zits in a flash”…it doesn’t, not in a zap.

I stopped using this not because it is not working for me. As I said, I only use this for rescue and in extreme cases where I am desperate for a face clean-up without the derma. It has rescued my skin and that is enough for me. It can be drying if I use it every day to literally clear my face of the nasty, unwanted breakouts. My huge zits are not huge anymore. They have flattened a bit but the hyperpigmentation is still there. I treat the hyperpigmentations with my favourite oil, Human Nature’s Sunflower Beauty Oil.

Overall, this product is fair enough. It doesn’t deliver its claims but is a-okay in my book.

(+) tea tree oil is a non-acidic sub to salicylic acid

(+) flattens zits… in a while.

(+) dries out zits to a certain level

(+) the minty smell relieves my stress, tension and headache

(+) comes in a handy bottle that can fit even  in my pocket

(-) has a liquid consistency (wish it is more on the oil side)

(-) the bottle can still be improved

(-) doesn’t really “zap zits in a flash”

(-) quite expensive for 495php, well it’s from TBS.

Will I repurchase?  Maybe. I think the bottle will last me a long time.

REVIEW: SNOE Here Comes the Sunblock SPF45

21 Nov

This is my first product from Snoe. I really wanted to try their products way back and now finally I can!

Since the sun is always present, even in cloudy days, it is a must that everyone should be applying sunblock every 2 hours especially if one is going to spend the day outdoors. I stay indoors most of the time yet the sun’s harsh rays can still penetrate windows so I need to protect myself as well.

I am always on a hunt for multitasking products that work for more sans the many applications. So I got this at Snoe’s 3rd Semi-Annual Bloggers Event at 20% off.

It is very eye catching, right? The packaging is very girly girl and cute. The pink and white combination is a given of what it claims to do: gives instant rosy white perfection.

I fell in love with its sweet floral scent too. I can apply it more often than every two hours because the scent is quite addicting! It has a liquid consistency, which is unusual for sunblocks. Unlike other sunblocks, this is non-sticky and absorbs quickly. I can’t attest that it really gives the rosy white effect it says. It was not stated broad spectrum UVA and UVB blocker so I think I cannot use this during really hot days especially during summer. I think this is good enough for everyday use and  if you’re just staying indoors most of the time.

 I plan to add this inside my bag so re-application is easy. The lid locks securely so I don’t have to worry about spills.

Here’s a summary of my likes and dislikes:

(+) very cute and sturdypackaging

(+) has SPF 45

(+) light, non, greasy and nonsticky

(+) has a nice, sweet smell that is not overpowering

(+) can be used for the face too

(+) very handy and can be brought anywhere with secure lids

(+) fair enough for 249php for 100ml

(-) no UVA and UVB broad spectrum indicated

What about you? What other Snoe Beauty products have you tried?


21 Nov

Say hello to the newest addition to my current skin feeding routine. I am really not into face masks but this made me a covert. I tried it out yesterday and boy was I very pleased!

Product Claims: 

DETOX n’ WHITE MINERAL MUD MASQUE with Rosehip oil and 2P (Pineapple, Papaya) + 3G (Ginseng, Green tea, Ginkgo biloba)


Normal cleansing isn’t just enough. Use DETOXn’WHITE Mineral mud masque that contains many natural skin reviving properties that helps to improve your overall complexion. Detox your skin with our unique & effective 2P + 3G formula mask with rose hip oil that helps to clarify & whiten skin, shrink pores, relax tired muscles and replenish moisture. No matter what your skin routine is, using this at least once in a week will restore your skin’s elasticity and leave your face silky smooth. Enjoy the 6 Skin beneficial key ingredients of this masque.SKIN BENEFICIAL KEY INGREDIENTS:
1. ROSEHIP OIL clarifies scars, including acne scars and old scars, dry eczema, repairs damaged skin cells of all sorts & reduce wrinkles.
2. PINEAPPLE contains enzymes that make skin elastic, improve skin hydration, diminish age spots and remove damaged and dead cells.
3. PAPAYA exfoliates the skin revealing a healthier, whiter & glowing skin. Rich in antioxidants such as vitamin A.
4. GINSENG an anti-aging skin treatment, ginseng contains a large number of phytonutrients. These phytonutrients can stimulate and activate the skin’s metabolism and blood flow to regenerate and tone. It can also brighten the whiteness of skin.
5. GREEN TEA contains a cocktail of potent antioxidants called catechins, which help fight damage caused by free radicals
6. GINKGO BILOBA a powerful Antioxidant that has detoxifying qualities. Found to improve circulation by helping to increase healthy blood flow to skin. Known for its anti-aging properties that give a healthier, rosy, younger looking skin

Krave Detox&White Mineral Mud Masque

What’s great with Krave is that their products are all sealed. You will know that the products are kept fresh and at its best.


The 50g tub is for 315php. Quite pricey but with the benefits it claims, I think it is fair enough.

The product looks like mud with the brown, moss-green color and all. I can smell the fruity-minty-organic scent the moment I opened it. I am not a fan of its smell though. I was kind of panicky when I saw what’s inside. There was water and I though the product has expired or something so I texted Krave’s number. (I am a registered distributor. You can check it out here.) They told me that this is normal and that I have to mix this first before using it. I did what they said and immediately tried it out.

I scooped a dollop of it and felt the tiny granules and thick consistency. I applied it all over my face, avoiding the eye area and it dried up almost in an instant. I used this after hitting the shower.

I felt a tingling sensation after applying it. But no worries, it just means that the product is working. I felt it sinking into my pores and tightening them at that moment. I let it stay on my face for 30mins. (The direction said 15mins or until dry.) I just liked how it felt – like my sebaceous glands are locking up and there will be no sebum secretion. I also felt my pimples dried up with this. I also liked how it exfoliates my face, getting rid of dirt and grime that toners can’t remove. I also felt that there was an instant skin lift which can be an advanced anti-aging plus!

I washed it up with water and it rinsed out well. I didn’t have to tub or tug my face to remove it. The direction said that you use this first then wash up with Cupine Aloepa. But I did it the other way around and it worked for me. My face has never felt this smooth and pore-free!  Instant glowing fairness is the only end result of this!

I plan to use this twice a week starting next week. I added it this week to road test if it complements the rest of Krave’s skin feeding routine and it did!

Here’s a summary of my likes and dislikes:

(+) USDA certified organic without parabens

(+) feels thick but is easily absorbed by the skin

(+) works instantly!

(+) imporoves skin elasticity and hydration

(+) diminishes oil and sloughs off dead skin cells

(+) advanced anti-aging!

(+) tightens pores and brightens my skin giving it a healthy glow

(-) Only available in 1 size, 50g.  Wish there was a bigger version for this.

(-) Quite pricey for 315php.

Oh, Krave is having a sale the whole month of November! Don’t miss it!

SNOE The Past, The Present and Future Event

20 Nov

I have heard about Snoe Beauty Inc. way back but it is just now that I was able to purchase one of their products. They have been famous for their wide variety of cosmetics and skin care products which are easy on the budget. I watched Ms.Jen and Ms. Gen from different talk shows advertising their products and I was really intrigued.

I owe Snoe Beauty Inc. a lot. Even though I am new at this (blogging) they were still able to invite and accommodate all us newbies in blogging. I was able to attend their 3rd Semi- Annual Blogger’s Event last Nov.17 themed as The Past, The Present and Future Event.

I was also on a high to be seeing some of my favorite bloggers , Ms. Martha of The Beauty JunkeeMs. Liz of Project VanityMs. Shen of Shen’s Addiction and Ms. Char of Yellow Yum

with Ms. Martha

with Ms. Liz

with Ms.Shen

with Ms. Char

Here’s the loot every blogger got to take home:

very sophisticated box 🙂 Thanks Snoe!

What’s inside the box are samplers of their new products.

Can’t wait to try all these!

Meet and Greet: SayTiocoArtillero

19 Nov

I am hooked with Say Tioco Artillero’s blog and vlogs. You can also check out her page here. I have been reading her blogs and watching her vlogs not so long ago and I since then I read one or more everyday. Whenever I’m free, I try to visit different urls of bloggers I adore.

So when Say scheduled a Meet and Greet, I was definitely game for it. It was held last November 16, Friday, in Fix’n Berries, 5th flr of SM Manila.

I was determined to go even if I had to bring my little one. It was a hot afternoon, but the weather did not stop me from going. We rode the train to Central Terminal and walked all the way to the mall. We were just in time. 1-2:00pm was the time for the M&G. I was kind of hesitant to stop by the venue since I don’t see any familiar face (Say’s or her boyfriend’s). I bought a snack for my daughter and stayed in the Fix’n Berries couch so she can ‘calm down’ during the event.

my little girl enjoying her Jolly crispy fries 🙂

There were stolen glances from everywhere since other participants arrived already. Then a familiar face showed up in the escalator and walked and waved to other ladies waiting. I for one waited for all of them to settle in Fix’n Berries since we were already seated and happily enjoying our snack.

I got a large yogurt for 110php and it has 2 free toppings (no fruits though! ). I chose my fave combo almonds and chocolate chips!

yogurt = yummy in my tummy!!!

Say was very nice and was really accommodating to all of us. She made sure she talked and connected with each of us. She vlogged about this in this video.

There were pictorials, introductions, small talks and ootd (outfit of the day). I also had the chance to meet fellow readers and make new friends. I was able to talk and exchange details with Res, Jessica, and Je-Ann.

Here are our pics:

with Res, Jessica, Je-Ann, Say and Mark (photo from Say’s blog)

all girls 🙂 new smile for Say 🙂 (photo from Say’s blog)

with Say = Me LIKEY!

Even though the Meet and Greet lasted for a short while, I know it will be forever remembered. I know I will.

Hoping to meet my fave bloggers soon! ^^

REVIEW: Human Nature Hand and Foot Salve

15 Nov

Human Nature Hand and Foot Salve

Our hands and feet are the most used parts of our body, yet they are the most neglected ones. Neglected meaning we don’t give them the same special treatment we give to our skin and faces. I for one don’t have time for a hand and foot spa every month. The last time I had one (a truly pampering body spa was back when I was not married!) That was more than two years ago!

I do foot spa at home though. I soak my feet in a warm foot soak then scrub it with a pumice stone then apply a foot salve – HHN hand and foot salve. Voila! My feet felt soft again and ready for action again.

Being a mom, I enjoy cooking, cleaning and rearranging the house, doing household chores and cleaning up after my daughter’s mess. There is no sarcasm with the word enjoy here. I love taking care of my home, my family. Though at times, I felt my hands are very much abused. I wash my hands around 50 times a day. I wash before and after slicing ingredients, before and after cooking, before and after setting the table, before and after preparing my daughter’s food, before and after feeding her…you get the picture. What I’m saying is my hands weren’t as soft as they were before.

Then comes a hero for my desperate hands – HHN hand and foot salve!

Eucalyptus and Strawberry

I don’t apply it after every hand washing because of the number of times I do. I feel it will just be ‘wasted’ since I am going to wash again soon. At home, I apply it on my hands and feet before snoozing. I always take a shower before hitting the sack and the last thing I do for myself is lather this on and I wake up with them feeling rejuvenated. Then my little girl will give me her chosen books and we read them until she feels sleepy.

I love that this is organic, with 100% no harmful chemicals, which means I don’t harm my skin anymore. It is really a treat to my hands and feet. Whenever I apply this, I feel I am giving my hands and feet the TLC they deserve. I love the concoction of ingredients too. Recently, the packaging has been improved. From a tub, it became a squeeze tube. The tub can be recycled when the product becomes empty but the ‘double dipping’ can sometimes be unhygienic. The squeeze tube now has a push to open lid that preserves the freshness and cleanliness of the product inside. I alternate using the Strawberry scent and the Eucalyptus scent depending on my mood. The strawberry scent smells sweet while the eucalyptus has a minty scent with a mild cooling sensation to boot.

discontinued version: Hand&Foot Salve in a TUB

complete label!

improved packaging, still with complete label!

squeeze tube with secure lids

Since it is a Human Nature product, I trust that their products are going to work. I believe in their advocacies of being Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor, and Pro-environment. Not only do I treat myself with good products, I also do good to my country, the poor and of course, Mother Earth.

Here’a summary of what I like and don’t like about this:

(+) 100% organic, 100% natural

(+) Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor, and Pro-environment

(+) Great moisturizer, not sticky at all!

(+) Feels thick but is easily absorbed by the skin.

(+) A tube lasts me a month because a pea-sized amount is enough.

(+) Improved packaging which can be tote anywhere

(+) No worries on spillage because lid locks securely.

(+) Has a nice scent that lasts for about an hour for both strawberry and eucalyptus

(+) The eucalyptus gives a mild cooling sensation.

(+) affordable FOR ONLY 129.75php!

(+) can be bought online or through HHN dealers (like me!)

(-) Only available in 1 size, 50g.  Wish there was a bigger version for this.

(-) The banana scent was discontinued.

Will I repurchase? YES!

REVIEW: Maybellline Color Sensational Lipstick

14 Nov

I wanted to try out these lippies since I’ve been wanting the look of nude lips and fuchsia lips. I got these from one of my fave beauty bloggers, Ms. Gem of

Fifth Ave Fuchsia and Warm Me Up

These are such a steal!

Warm Me Up and Fifth Ave Fuchsia

I don’t quite get the number labels since they already have names for the label. But I think it is easier for others to remember the numbers.

swatches: Warm Me Up and Fifth Ave Fuchsia

I wanted to upload close up pics of these on my lips but I can’t take a perfect shot. I am practicing though! 🙂

Here are my likes and dislikes:

(+) It has a creamy, moisturizing formula that doesn’t dry out my lips.

(+) The lipsticks are very pigmented. Warm Me Up gives a ‘my-lips-but-better’ shade and is almost like MAC’s Brave. Fifth Ave Fuchsia gives a hint of ‘tint’ in my lips.

(+) It doesn’t last the whole day but color stays on my lips for about 4 hours max.

(+) Color Sensational Lipstick have very sleek packaging. They really have improved the package of the old ones.

(-) Quite pricey for 399php!

(-) There is a subtle scent to it that I am not a fan of but I can live with it.

Will I repurchase? Other shades perhaps. I want to try Red Revival and Amethyst Ablaze.