Just a Life Update

19 Aug

I have been on a hiatus for more than a month because a lot of things have been happening to my life. There were changes that I needed to adapt to, because that is how life is. Life will keep throwing things at you, to help you grow and to direct you where you should be heading. It’s more like I keep maturing every single time because I always learn something new with life. I prayed a lot for a sign for me to take up another chapter (I will be studying again — soon I hope) in my life. I took this entrance exam for a university and I am praying I can finish that again.

Anyway, one of those that was added to my to-do list is working out. I started going to the gym with my husband and brothers last July 19. On top of house chores, familial responsibilities and work, an added extracurricular activity was added. I had to pitch this in my schedule. I also had to manage my days of service in masses so as to fix my schedule. Plus, I am also writing for our parish and if you want to read about reflections and faith, head on over to www.nsollqc.com. The biggest milestone that affected me is that my daughter started her classes already! She is in big school now and everything else is fresh for all of us. Even my husband is fixing his schedule for this!

I will try my best to write about all these stuff when I finally get the hang of my mixed up schedule. I am still trying to set things straight or when I will be comfortable with my time. At this moment actually, I am making the exams for our first quarterly examination for next week. I felt that I just needed to let this out before I finish those papers.

That’s about it… Hope you’re all enjoying your life!


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