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KRAVE Eyebrow Definer Kit in Pecan Deluxe | Obsessesed with this Very First Organic Eyebrow Powder

2 Dec

I have been obsessed with well groomed, natural looking eyebrows. So when Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals released their organic eyebrow powder, I got it immediately. I am a Krave distributor and ordered this last March 2013. This is my very first eyebrow powder! I have reviewed Shawill and IN2IT too! I know this review is kind of late already but I still have it and still using it.

KRAVE Eyebrow Definer Kit in Pecan Deluxe

This eyebrow definer kit comes with a black box with a little fuschia design. The box and the eyebrow definer kit look so sleek and sophisticated. The eyebrow kit has a thin, sturdy plastic container with brush and mirror included. The brush is two-way: one for lining and the other for blending. It has an eyebrow wax and powder, which is unbelievably organic!

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FS eyeshadow in Ash Bronze | Great Eyebrow Product!

22 Oct

Yes you’ve read it right — Great eyebrow product…

FS cosmetics has been around for so long yet this is my first product from this brand. I wanted to get their eyebrow powder kit but the SA told me that the shade I matched with in their eyebrow powder is almost like this Ash Bronze Eyeshadow. So there, I got this instead because it serves two purposes – as an eyeshadow and an eyebrow powder!

FS Eyeshadow in Ash Bronze

I am using this more of an eyebrow powder so if you want to see how it is, click Continue Reading.

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Shawill Two Way Eyebrow Cake in 001| Good Eyebrow Powder for Less

21 Jun

My love for filling in brows makes me want to test out more and more eyebrow products. My first ever eyebrow powder was the one from Nichido. But with one drop from a table, I was left with nothing but powder crumbs on the floor.  This is the second eyebrow powder I tried; IN2IT was my third.

I had this since early 2012 but was not able to post any review about it, only now. This explains the faded name in the flimsy plastic packaging. Well, what could I expect from a 128php product right?

Quality wise, I think this one is fair enough since it lasts the whole day, especially when used wet. There is a little product fall out when used dry. Beware though, this can be erased on your brows when you smudge it!

shawill eyebrow powder

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REVIEW: IN2IT Waterproof Eyebrow Colour 01

21 May
Among the eyebrow powders available in the market, this one has been raved about by other beauty bloggers and makeup enthusiasts. I got this last year and just doing the review now.
I am quite meticulous now when it comes to my eyebrows. They really make or break any look. So without further ado, I will go on to my review…
I was happy that the product was sealed with plastic to make sure you only get a new, untouched one. Good thing that I took a picture of this the night I bought it. The price (299php) was also there, too.
in2it sealed
in2it case
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TUTORIAL: How I Shape My Eyebrows

25 Mar
The first time my brows were defined was during my college graduation pictorial. I had no choice but to have it done. And ever since I was just maintaining it.
NOTE: Do not try this if this is your first time to shape your brows. For first timers, have it done professionally and just do what I do – maintain the shape of your brows. 
Here is a simple tutorial on how I maintain the shape of my brows:
Products we need to use:
  • mirror
  • eyebrow brush (I am using my Ecotools eyebrow brush)
  • eyebrow blade (available in Watsons and other department stores)
  • eyebrows scissors (cuticle scissors will do, make sure you sanitize them first)
  • tweezers (for plucking the stray hairs left behind)


*** NOTE: These steps are only based on how I do it on myself. 

1. Using the ‘comb’ side of the eyebrow brush, comb down your brows.  You can see the hair that is longer than your brows natural arch. The longer eyebrow hair needs to be cut short. Hold the eyebrow brush down to make it too obvious.

2. Sanitize the eyebrow scissors first and cut the longer eyebrow hair. Keep your eyes wide open as you do this. My left eye was open when I was doing this.
3. Brush away the cut stray hairs.
4. Comb down again and cut the longer eyebrow hair. Do this until the eyebrow hairs just fit the natural arch. Brush again the stray hairs to clean up.
5. As you clean up, what’s left will just be the tiny scattered eyebrow hairs.
6. We are now going to use the eyebrow blade to shave them away.
7. Shave the stray hairs just below the eyebrow’s natural arch. Using tweezers, just pluck away what you can’t shave.
8. When the stray hairs are shaved away and cleaned up, the longer hair (that is left) from the natural arch will be seen. Cut them again.
9. Brush away and clean up your brows. Do the same (steps 1 – 9) on your other brows.
10. Now your eyebrows are shaped! They are ready for filling in.
TA – DAAAHHH!!! Filled in brows!
Hope this post is helpful!
Want a tutorial on how to fill in your brows? Click me.

How I Fill In My Brows

8 Jan

I found a new addiction — eyebrow powders! I usually ignore these products before but I was totally wrong.

Look at my bare brows.

bare brows1

On a daily basis, I only cleanse tone moisturize and protect. But ever since I’ve discovered how a filled in brows can affect your face, my regimen became cleanse-tone-moisturize-protect-shape (my brows)! Yes I fill in my brows even when I’m at home.

There are many kinds of eyebrow product – I have tried only two, pencil and powder. I like using the eyebrow powder more than the pencil. I just bought an eyebrow pencil to test how it works. It’s fine I think, but I am not really into the idea of sharpening it. I think there’s more product wasted than used.

brow brush1

Before putting on any eyebrow product, make sure that your eyebrows are perfectly groomed. I will try to do a blog post on that soon!

You also have to choose the shade that will work out for you, this will depend on the color of your hair. The darker the hair you have, the lighter eyebrow powder you should use. If you have a lighter colored hair, go for a darker shade or two for the eyebrow powder. For example, go for ash gray or taupe if you have black hair, or dark brown if your hair is on the brown side.

Using an angled eyebrow brush, fill in brows in light feathery strokes. Continue until you fill in all the sparse areas and bald spots. Eyebrow powders can also be applied with a wet eyebrow brush applicator to make the effect more intense. Haven’t really tried using a wet brush though.

brow brush

To soften the look, use a spoolie or reuse an old mascara brush (make sure to wash it first!) to blend the filled-in color applied. You can brush your brows smoothly or use the same technique, light feathery strokes.


brows done

I love how perfectly shaped and filled in brows frame the face, open up the eyes, complement any eye makeup, and keeps the whole look balanced and polished.

I hope you find this post helpful!