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Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream | Hope in a Tub

28 Jun

My little girl has gotten a lot of insect bites on her legs this past month. I think it is the carpet that is to blame. Foam mites exist even if we clean it daily.

I don’t put bug spray on her skin all the time, I only do when we’re out. I know I have to do this more often from now on. There are no recent bites now but I am just worried of the marks the bites left her with.

To remedy the bites, I apply Human Nature Baby Oil stat! [review for this soon!] It does its job well but it sort of leaves an obvious black mark on her skin and it is such an eye sore for me!

So last week, I got her the Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream.

Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream

Product Description

  • Deeply moisturizes and helps soothe irritations on face & body.
  • Calendula and 24h moisturizing formula soothes skin irritations to keep skin healthy and soft.
  • Non-greasy and easily absorbed.
  • Hypoallergenic and especially skin-friendly ingredients reduce risk of allergies.
  • Skin compatibility clinically and dermatologically approved.
  • 0% parabens, alcohol and colorants.


The 24h moisturizing formula with calendula soothes skin irritations and promotes a stronger skin barrier. Non-greasy, it is easily absorbed.

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PHYSIOGEL Hypo-Allergenic Intensive Cream | BDJ Box 7-day Challenge

26 Jun

I think this product has already been part of the second BDJ Box way back November. How I wish it had been part of the recent boxes then I was really surprised to see it in the June BDJ Box. This box has three come-back-items (L’oreal Fall Repair 3x shampoo and conditioner and Physiogel Intensive Cream) which to me is still fine.

I’ve been meaning to try this one out since this is a lot like the Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. I love products that are safe to use for babies because it is also safe to use for those who have sensitive skin like me.

The packaging is a smooth, squeeze tube type that is filled with product. This isn’t like some squeeze tube ones that are filled with air. I also love that all the information are already in the sturdy tube — indications, directions, etc. from the date manufactured to its expiration date. I love that it is a product of a trusted company, Stiefel. My trusted soap, Sastid Soap is also a product of Stiefel!

physiogel intensive cream

It also has this cap that keeps the product from coming out. It comes in only one size, 50 ml and retails for 574.50php. The price may turn you off since you can get other creams that work but cost cheaper.

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Shawill Two Way Eyebrow Cake in 001| Good Eyebrow Powder for Less

21 Jun

My love for filling in brows makes me want to test out more and more eyebrow products. My first ever eyebrow powder was the one from Nichido. But with one drop from a table, I was left with nothing but powder crumbs on the floor.  This is the second eyebrow powder I tried; IN2IT was my third.

I had this since early 2012 but was not able to post any review about it, only now. This explains the faded name in the flimsy plastic packaging. Well, what could I expect from a 128php product right?

Quality wise, I think this one is fair enough since it lasts the whole day, especially when used wet. There is a little product fall out when used dry. Beware though, this can be erased on your brows when you smudge it!

shawill eyebrow powder

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Maybelline Baby Lips Color Lip Balm in Berry Crush | Berry Effective

20 Jun

The very first makeup product I ever used was a lip balm. I was introduced to it back when I was still six years old. From then on, lip balms have been a part of me. Back in high school, whether in school or not, I remember having my rosary, handkerchief, comb and lip balm in my pocket.

For my every day, I only use a lip balm or tinted lip balm. I have a lot of lip balms from various brands because I felt like it is really a need.

BDJ Box almost always puts in a lip product maybe because they think that, generally, lip products especially lip balms are a need for every girl. For the May BDJ Box, I was glad to see another lip balm!

Maybelline Baby Lips Color Lip Balm in Berry Crush was the one included in my box and I loved its shade and scent! I used this in the MNY 7-day challenge and if you want to see it, click here.

Maybelline Baby Lips Tinted Lip BalmClick Continue Reading  to see why this is Berry Effective!

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Myra E lotion | Vitamin E beads Work

19 Jun

A friend suggested that I try Myra Hand and Body Lotion and since I am a sucker for moisturizers, I gladly picked this one up. There were four variants, I think. The blue, purple, gray and this. I am just not sure of the other three but since I have normal (and sensitive) skin, I picked the simplest of all in the smallest size.


The packaging is completely labeled and the plastic squeeze tub is a bit sturdy. I just think that it is a bit chubby, bulky and not handy at all to bring anywhere. I am a fan of the slim typed bottles which can easily fit my pocket.


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Unboxing June BDJ Box

19 Jun

BDJ Boxes often arrive mid of the month…. for me, it comes just in time for a celebration! Last month, I got it on Mother’s Day and this month, I got in time for my birthday!

“The Science of Beauty” is the theme for this month’s box.

As said, “We’ve put together eight amazing products, all backed  by the wonders of science to bring out your most gorgeous self! All of them powered by hours of research, working towards giving you your most beautiful self yet.”
After the jampacked May BDJ Box, I kind of kept my hopes up with BDJ Box. I believe in them and I think that they will be able to deliver.


A total of 8 products is inside the June BDJ Box — 6 full size ones and 2 samples. There is also the famous sticker which states, “You are stronger than you seem; You are more beautiful than you think.


So if you want to see more of what’s inside, please click Continue Reading.

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Birthday Giveaway!

15 Jun

What I love about blogging is I get to share my thoughts about the things I love and meet new people in the way – people who share the same passion I have. And I am excited to tell you that I will be having my first giveaway (yay!) this month! It is also coincidental that this is my birthday month!

ELF Mineral Infused Mascara, ELF Brightening Eye Color, Avon SSS lotion, Human Nature lip balm, NYX lipstick, and ELF Cream Eyeliner

ELF Mineral Infused Mascara, ELF Brightening Eye Color, Avon SSS lotion, Human Nature lip balm, NYX lipstick, and ELF Cream Eyeliner

Thank you to Lipstick all u can who generously sponsored this giveaway! Without further ado, let me tell you the easy-peasy  mechanics on how to join!

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