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REVIEW: Belo SUN expert Face Cover SPF40

29 Jun


Being a frugalista mom, I think more than twice before I buy anything. It must be a need or a really sulit grab! So when I got the March issue of Cosmopolitan mag where a Belo Sunblock discount voucher was inserted, I didn’t think twice. I rushed to Mercury Drug (where it is valid) and purchased one. I immediately used it and fell in love with it. This sunblock is now a staple in my baby’s bag! (this is what I bring most of the time! My needs are already inside this bag!)

It is a product of the famous ‘doctor to the stars’ so I am expecting it will work. It has a broad spectrum UVA and UVB Blocker. It doesn’t feel greasy nor heavy. It is easily absorbed by my skin the moment I applied it on my face and neck.  What’s better is that it works immediately upon application. No need to wait for 20 minutes before heading out. Since it is derma tested, hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic, it didn’t make me break out. I even wear it under my makeup and it feels so comfortable! It is also water resistant so I wore this when we went swimming last summer. My face didn’t feel burnt, red, dry and itchy. Here are the summed up reasons why I love this Belo product:

(+) SPF 40, broad spectrum UVA and UVB blocker

(+) light, non, greasy and nonsticky

(+) hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested

(+) noncomedogenic

(+) great moisturizer

(+) may be used as makeup primer

(+)water resistant

(-) a bit fair for 300php… I got mine for 100php off, thanks to the discount voucher!

* I will definitely repurchase… with or without discount!