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This Past Year’s Gift [First Year Anniversary]

8 May

Woah. It has been a year already and I haven’t even reached my goal to have 100 posts for my blog’s anniversary. Sorry if I am not having any anniversary giveaway… yet.

I am writing now because I am just grateful. Grateful for the things I experienced, products I used, events I attended, people I met, food I tasted, etc. I am also very thankful for the support of my husband for sponsoring most of the products here –teehee!

What made me start http://www.writingismyhappyplace.wordpress.com?

I remember days when I would just stare blankly at the ceiling or anywhere for that matter because I am breastfeeding my baby. I read magazines and books while she breastfeeds and when my body or arms start to strain I have to put my reading material down. February 2011 changed my life. It was then I discovered blog posts. I was just researching products I wanted to try and I ended up with local blogs like: my lucid intervals, rare vanity, the beauty junkee, shen’s addiction, project vanity, bless my bag,  lush angelmakeupbysaytiocoartillero and an international blog frmheadtotoe.

I was hooked on reading their blog posts. I read more than 10posts per blogger a day. So I thought, hey, why not start a blog of my own? I tried blogspot but I was so confused with it so I shifted to wordpress.com. I was thinking of a blog name and ended up with writingismyhappyplace because, well, writing is my happy place.

Why blog? 

Blogging keeps me from losing my sanity. This is my only outlet since I don’t have anyone to talk to most of the time. It was born out of my love for writing and love for girly things out there.

Blogging is also my ‘kikay stuff scrapbook‘. I take pictures of products and they serve as mementos of the things I have used and have loved. I can just go online and read about them again whenever I want to.

Blogging is a privilege for me. It is a medium for me to share the things I encountered. I am writing posts based on how I see things or how I experienced it. I don’t lie just to please some company or anything. I write with all honesty all the time.

Blogging also gives me the opportunity to gain new experiences, meet new people, and try out more products and review them.

Blogging also serves as my journal where I write my thoughts and adventures in motherhood and in life.

Blogging can also help others find reviews on the products they want to try but want to research on it first.

Blogging lets me meet great people — bloggers, entrepreneurs behind successful companies, etc.

When do I blog?

I try to blog daily but with a 2-year-old daughter with me 24/7, I just cannot. I have stuff to do, chores to finish, food to cook… And above all, it is my daughter who is really on top of my priority. There are times when I can have 2 blog posts a day and zero posts the rest of the week. I have blog posts on my drafts folder that I just cannot finish. I want my posts to be catchy and with  aesthetics. I try my best to write all information needed by anyone so I really take time writing. I try to update my blog per week, though.

What’s in store for writingismyhappyplace for the coming years?

I plan to continue this blog for years to come. I want to attend more events and try out different products from various companies and product labels. Though I am far from the bloggers I mentioned above, I will continue aspiring to achieve what they have achieved. The bloggers I mentioned are really my inspirations in this blog. They are the successful ones who have been passionate about their craft for 4 years or more…

I want to write and write. I will find time in updating this blog more often.

PS. Special thanks to Snoe Beauty Inc. and Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals because even if I am a newbie in blogging, they still invited me to attend their Blogger’s events. I am very honored and thankful.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for your support too!

Please don’t forget to like my Facebook page, shengshappyplace.

Cheers to more years for this blog!

BDJ BOX Beauty Social Event

23 Apr

Last March 24, I attended the BDJ Box Beauty Social Event with my hubby and baby, my brother and his girl friend. Everyone is welcomed but the pre-registered ones are prioritized. We signed up and confirmed our registrations and got a pamphlet like this:


I was scheduled to attend two talks: Beauty Questions Solved and All Dolled Up. Both of which I attended standing behind the audience since my little girl cannot sit still.



We were a bit overwhelmed to which booth we should visit first. After the 1pm talk, I visited each booth one by one. There are some booths with plenty of people around so I wasn’t able to squeeze myself in.

Here are some of the participating booths and happenings in the event:


Karla and I also got our shot in the Brow Haus’ free upper lip threading…and it hurt! I look funny I know but that was the proper position. The skin on the upper lip should be stretched. Oh well it was our first time and my upper lip felt amazingly smooth!


We also had our chance at the nail art section. I wanted the lemon but there were only 5 pieces left so I had to choose another. I just chose cupcakes for the other 5 pieces. Lemons for my left hand and cupcakes for the right. My little girl was busy posing at the booths decors.


This was our only picture there. Haggardness and all, we managed to smile because we were happy ladies that day.20130423-172913.jpg

Of course we didn’t come home empty handed. We love the loot bag. Though we weren’t able to use the Shiseido voucher inside the loot bag, we were still happy with the event.



Thank you so much BDJ BOX Team! It was nice meeting you all. Congratulations on the success of this event. Looking forward to more events with you…

Unboxing: FEB Glamourbox

20 Feb

I have mixed emotions upon receiving the Feb Glamourbox. I felt happy that it arrived early (days after the BDJ Feb box arrived) yet I feel upset about it.

I loved the box because it is sturdy and can still be reused for organizing stuff. Through its simplicity, it looked so glamorous.

???????????????????????????????Here’s a sneak peek on what’s inside:


Full Size:

1. KJI & CO Emergency Lash Rx (full size 2ml, Php 1350)


This lash serum prevents new virgin hair from being adversely affected by cosmetic and environmental factors. Users will see dramatic improvement in lash volume, texture and density.

2. Carmex Squeeze Tube/Jar (full size 10ml and 7.5g respectively, Php 109.75)


Carmex Squeeze Tube/Jar contains natural moisturizers such as cocoa butter & lanolin. These and other emollients give you healthy-looking lips by moistening  preventing chapping caused by the environment.


1. Calvin Klein Beauty (full size 100ml, Php 5,498)


Sophisticated, confident and radiant, Beauty evokes the ultimate power of femininity and sophistication. It captures the spirit of a woman who is beautiful from the inside out, with an aura that radiates.

2. SNOE Beauty Oil for All Argan Oil (full size 25ml, Php 799)


Argan Oil has been gaining recognition for its restorative and anti-aging benefits to skin and hair. High in Vitamin E, this “Liquid Gold” heals dry skin, prevents acne breakouts and reduces marks and fine lines

3. The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream (full size 50ml, Php 695)


An easily absorbed daily moisturizing cream that has the lightness of a lotion with the moisturizing benefits of a cream. It helps protect the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and healthy-looking.



1. Chi Dermatology Clinic (Php 500 value on all services)

2. Wild Peach Cosmetics (35% off on customizable makeup palettes)

3. Cuzo (Php 500 value, card is housed in a leather business card holder). I was ready to throw the box fillers when I unearthed another surprise!

My Thoughts:

Though you get more than what you pay for, one can just wish for more. I wish they would be fair in putting the same things on all the boxes. I think there are some boxes with Wild Peach Cosmetics Palettes and Kerastase Oil. Glamourbox shouldn’t be putting up a comparison/contest to their subscribers on who will get what the next time. I really wish they’ll do it just like how BDJ Box does it: same size of lipsticks and nail polishes but the shades / colors differ from one box to the other.

Looking forward to better boxes the next months…

REVIEW: Snoe Beauty Beso Balm

20 Feb

This free full-size sample (which costs 149php) came from the BDJ Dec-Jan Box and I was so thrilled because I’ve been hearing good reviews about this. Beso Balm is one of Snoe’s best sellers!

Now it’s my time to review it.

Product Description:

Plumps. Soothes. Protects. Freshens breath.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use before kissing or whenever you feel like it!

INGREDIENTS: Coconut oil, Sunflower seed oil, Beeswax, Spearmint leaf oil, Shea butter, Tocopheryl Acetate, Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Menthol, Benzophenone 3, Blue 1 (CI42090), Yellow 5 (CI19140)

???????????????????????????????When I first opened it, I was surprised to see granules on the balm. I wasn’t sure if it’s expired or something because there’s no expiration date in the tube. Anyway, I still tried it on.


It is a green balm that is in a regular lip balm tube. It strikes a perfect balance between wax and oil which is a good thing.

I love how this lip balm glides on my lips, though I felt my lips were being scrubbed because of the ‘granules’. In an instant, I felt the cooling minty sensation that gave me a feel that my lips became plump. It didn’t really freshened the breath, it just sort of cools the inside of the mouth. The cooling and breath ‘freshening’ lasted only until the minty sensation came off. I think its good for about 10minutes.

I love how it makes my lips feel soft and hydrated. I just can’t stand the granules at all. It’s like sugar has been added to this. I wipe off the granules/scrub and just be satisfied with what’s left on my lips. Because of this, I don’t use this as often as I would want to. It just feels uncomfortable putting on a ‘lip scrub’ all the time.

What I like about this:

(+) it is from Snoe Beauty!

(+) mentholated feel and taste

(+) goes on sheer

(+) has a cute packaging
(+) it comes in a tube so it’s more hygienic
(+) not greasy, not waxy, not oily – it’s just right
(+) affordable for 149php
(+) available in stores/kiosks/online
What I didn’t like:
(-) the granules. I think there’s something wrong with what they sent me. I believe other Snoe Beso Balm doesn’t have this sugary scrub effect.
(-) it has no SPF
Will I purchase? Maybe. I think I’ll check out Snoe beauty kiosks for one that has no granules like mine.

REVIEW: SNOE Parallel Pigments CC Cream

10 Feb

Just when we thought BB creams are enough, come CC Creams. What is a CC Cream? It stands for Color Control or Color correcting Cream.  BB cream is primarily a skincare product with SPF to boot. CC cream is an improved version of the BB cream, developed to give the same skincare benefits of the BB cream with more nourishing ingredients to provide better coverage.

Snoe Beauty Inc. is the first to release CC Creams in the Philippines! YAY! You really have to give it to Snoe to keep up with the cosmetic trends. Here are the CC Cream samplers I got from the Snoe Beauty Blogger’s Event I attended last November 2012. You can check it out here.

Snoe Beauty Inc. calls it Parallel Pigments CC Cream. 


It comes in 4 shades, namely:

  • Lavander – will brighten sallow skin
  • Wheat – gives a subtle glow to dull skin and will boost radiance.
  • Grass – covers red blemishes and blotchy skin
  • Honey – covers bluish under-eye circles, bruises, facial veins

???????????????????????????????Product Claims:

Snoe Parallel Pigments CC Cream Color Correction Complexion Cream

Banana. Guava. Acai Berry

.42 OZ 12g

Parallel Pigments CC Cream was developed to retain all the skincare benefits of BB cream with added nourishing ingredients and the additional aim to provide more effective color correction. 

Contains: Banana- provides antioxidant Vitamin C, vitamin B6 and Manganese for healthy skin. Guava- Vitamin K, C &lycopene to treat skin discoloration, such as dark circles, spider veins, rosacea, acne irritation and overall splotchiness, skin healing and prevention of DNA damage Acai berry- Most powerful and nutritious fruit in the world. Contains the highest level of antioxidants than any other fruit.

???????????????????????????????The sampler tubs are really useful because I can just bring it with me anywhere. It can fit even the smallest kikay kits!


It has a smooth texture and a creamy consistency. It is not thick and heavy like other BB creams I’ve tried. Don’t be deceived by the colors because it really corrects the imperfections. It sort of neutralizes those skin problems that needs to be hidden or corrected.

It is sheer and does not really give enough coverage, but liquid foundation and loose powder can do the trick in achieving more coverage. I only need a pea sized amount for my whole face because a little goes a long way. Most of the time, I use lavander just on my under eye area and it acts like a concealer in brightening my dark circles.

There’s also a big plus that makes me want to smell it. I get giddy whenever I use it because of the yummy scent it has! Thanks to the ingredients like  banana, guava and acai berry. The scent comes off naturally after you apply it, though. I am just not sure of the sun protection factor it gives since it is not indicated so I still apply my trusted sunblock from Belo Essentials.

Defintely going to try out the other two variants from Snoe!

Unboxing Dec-Jan BDJ Box

15 Jan

BDJ Box doesn’t fail to surprise me!

Here are the products I received:

IMG_0432Receiving a BDJ Forget-Me-Not notepad is a surprise! Excited to write my thoughts here!


Every box comes with 5 stickers that inspire us, bellas.

This month, it says, “I am beautiful in my own way.”


I was also surprised to see 4 full size products! Definitely, value for money!IMG_0446

Here’s a closer look at the products:IMG_0467

What’s inside:

(full size)

Pantene Pro-V All Day Smooth Miracle Water, 250mL (149php).

Snoe Beauty Beso Balm (149php)

Flormar Long Wearing Lipstick (349php)

Flormar Super Shine Nail Enamel (99php)


Britney Spears Radiance Fragrance

Pevonia Botanica Phyto Gel Cleanser (3640php for 200ml)

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Trial Kit (Emulsion and Freshener)

Tony Moly Broccoli Sprout Cleansing Cream

Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack


Browhaus voucher

Etude House 10% Discount on all skin care and cleansing items.

Tony Moly 10% discount on all skin care and cleansing items

Azta Urban Salon 1000php off on hair color and 2000php off on digital perm and rebond

For only 480php/month, you deserve to get this, Bellas! Check out their subscription packages here.

You really get more what you pay for.

I am definitely hooked with BDJ Box! I look forward to receiving more cosmetics than skin care items though.

Job well done, BDJ Team!

REVIEW: SNOE Here Comes the Sunblock SPF45

21 Nov

This is my first product from Snoe. I really wanted to try their products way back and now finally I can!

Since the sun is always present, even in cloudy days, it is a must that everyone should be applying sunblock every 2 hours especially if one is going to spend the day outdoors. I stay indoors most of the time yet the sun’s harsh rays can still penetrate windows so I need to protect myself as well.

I am always on a hunt for multitasking products that work for more sans the many applications. So I got this at Snoe’s 3rd Semi-Annual Bloggers Event at 20% off.

It is very eye catching, right? The packaging is very girly girl and cute. The pink and white combination is a given of what it claims to do: gives instant rosy white perfection.

I fell in love with its sweet floral scent too. I can apply it more often than every two hours because the scent is quite addicting! It has a liquid consistency, which is unusual for sunblocks. Unlike other sunblocks, this is non-sticky and absorbs quickly. I can’t attest that it really gives the rosy white effect it says. It was not stated broad spectrum UVA and UVB blocker so I think I cannot use this during really hot days especially during summer. I think this is good enough for everyday use and  if you’re just staying indoors most of the time.

 I plan to add this inside my bag so re-application is easy. The lid locks securely so I don’t have to worry about spills.

Here’s a summary of my likes and dislikes:

(+) very cute and sturdypackaging

(+) has SPF 45

(+) light, non, greasy and nonsticky

(+) has a nice, sweet smell that is not overpowering

(+) can be used for the face too

(+) very handy and can be brought anywhere with secure lids

(+) fair enough for 249php for 100ml

(-) no UVA and UVB broad spectrum indicated

What about you? What other Snoe Beauty products have you tried?

SNOE The Past, The Present and Future Event

20 Nov

I have heard about Snoe Beauty Inc. way back but it is just now that I was able to purchase one of their products. They have been famous for their wide variety of cosmetics and skin care products which are easy on the budget. I watched Ms.Jen and Ms. Gen from different talk shows advertising their products and I was really intrigued.

I owe Snoe Beauty Inc. a lot. Even though I am new at this (blogging) they were still able to invite and accommodate all us newbies in blogging. I was able to attend their 3rd Semi- Annual Blogger’s Event last Nov.17 themed as The Past, The Present and Future Event.

I was also on a high to be seeing some of my favorite bloggers , Ms. Martha of The Beauty JunkeeMs. Liz of Project VanityMs. Shen of Shen’s Addiction and Ms. Char of Yellow Yum

with Ms. Martha

with Ms. Liz

with Ms.Shen

with Ms. Char

Here’s the loot every blogger got to take home:

very sophisticated box 🙂 Thanks Snoe!

What’s inside the box are samplers of their new products.

Can’t wait to try all these!