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KRAVE’s 12HD Liquid Foundation in Almond | For that Korean-looking skin!

23 Dec

It’s almost a year of having this foundation but since I only get to blog if I have free time, I was not able to do a review on this earllThis one is the upgraded version of their previous liquid foundation which is now phased out. I still have the previous version in Ricotta and I got to attest that this is 10x better than that. Their packaging and quality greatly improved.

Krave 12HD Liquid Foundation

Product Description

Whitening, Lifting & Nourishing with 12 active ingredients in 1

Incredible 12 in 1 active ingredients infusion to give you ultimate results of covering your imperfections and major signs of skin aging like hyperpigmentation & fine lines. Maximum coverage, lifting, lightening & nourishing formula to transform your beauty instantly and naturally. Light weight & water based that allows your skin to breathe.

30 ml / 1.01 fl. oz.
 ₱730 ( previously ₱985)

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