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San San HD Liquid Foundation | Budget-friendly HD Makeup

22 Jan

I had been waiting to get my hands on this ever since I saw this in a Cosmo ad. It was just around December that it was released on the HBC near our house and so I tried swatching the three shades, Natural, Beige and Olive. Beige was my match and I gladly purchased it for only ₱195.IMG_8810[1]

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DIY: tinted moisturizer

4 Dec

I currently ran out of Myra E Tinted Moisturizer so I thought of making my own do-it-yourself concoction from two of my fave Krave products.

Here are the products that we need: moisturizer, foundation (or concealer), spatula, extra containers

moisture souffle night cream + ricotta liquid foundation

moisture souffle night cream + ricotta liquid foundation

I am not sure of the ratio but I used a 1:5 ratio, 1 drop of foundation is to 5 drops (or more) of moisturizer. You can add up to any of those two.


I didn’t use extra containers. I opened a new moisturizer to replenish the one I am currently using. The new night moisturizer will be the plain moisturizer and the other is for my day tinted moisturizer. I just continuously stir the two together until the color settles into a beige-ivory shade.


It may be a bit messy but don’t fret. I just wiped the excess with tissue and VOILA!

I now use two different moisture souffle moisturizers. The tinted one for mornings and the original one at night. 🙂

You can try this out too using your own favorites! Let me know what you used, alright?

I will try mixing the Snoe BBfied sampler I have and let you see soon.