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Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque | New Found Love

28 May

The face masks I’ve been using are finished so I was on a hunt for a new one. I get masks from BDJ Box but I am not a fan of those masks in a sachet, where you stick the wet tissue/cloth type on your face.

I was watching a youtube video of ShebbyChic one night and I saw her use Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque as an overnight acne spot treatment for her face. When we were out one weekend, I dropped by Healthy Options in SM North Edsa and was looking for the tube with the old packaging. The SA told me Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque changed their packaging, but the amount is still basically the same. I got this for Php 395 for 8 oz of product! Steal!

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Unboxing the May 2014 BDJ Box

28 May

One of the bulkiest boxes ever is the May 2014 BDJ Box! Received this last Sunday! Unexpectedly it arrived on a Sunday this time. This is probably a late Mothers’ day gift for me from BDJ Box.

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May 2014 BDJ BoxWhat’s Inside:

Organix Hair Care Set

Dermal Sheet Mask in Syn-ake and Apricot

Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack

Godiva Licowhite Whitening Lotion

Godiva Licowhite Antiperspirant Deodorant

Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel in Jungle and Bare Bones

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Unboxing April BDJ BOX

20 Apr

BDJ BOX is really full of surprises! As I was dreaming of another “labeled” box, came in a variety of summer goodies. Everything inside this box is perfect for summer… Perfect in the sense that it is timely. These products will help us keep our cool and stay fresh all summer long!


What’s Inside the Box:

There are 5 full size products, 2 sample sizes, Goody clips and elastics, a bonus nail polish remover wipes, 5 “I see the beautiful in YOU” stickers, 3 sachet samples and 3 vouchers!


Let’s look into it one by one, shall we?


Bifesta Age Care Cleansing Lotion, 300ml for 419php

Conveniently remove your makeup with the power of oil cleansing minus the oily feeling! Bifesta Cleansing Lotion is Japan’s first ever water based makeup remover that not only cleanses, but nourishes deep down the skin. Use this to cleanse your face after a long day of wearing makeup.


Garnier Light Intensive 3 in 1 Whitening Essence Mask, 19ml for 89php (2 masks) – full size

Reveal radiant and hydrated skin with Garnier’s intensive 3in1 whitening essence mask. Its three major contents help lighten skin tone, remove dead cells, refine texture, retain water inside the skin for hydration. Great refresher for tired, dull skin, may be used before makeup! See a blooming, glowing YOU! For best results, use this 2x a week.


AVON Anew 360 White Day Cream 30ml for 799php – 15g full size is inside the box

“Get rid of impurity, transform into flawless skin.” Anew 360 White Day Cream is specially designed for Asian women with its advanced formulation to help moisturize all day long while reaching a radiantly white skin.


Celeteque Hydrolyzed Moisturizing Mist 120ml for 349php – full size

Beat the heat with a mist! Use before makeup to prep your skin with a moisture. Celeteque Hydrolyzed Moisturizing Mist is formulated with Fuji water that contains minerals for skin rejuvenation, elasticity and suppleness. Use this in the middle of the day for an instant refresh.


AVON SSS Glutathione Lotion with Marula 250ml for 350php – full size

Infuse your skin with a powerful moisturizer! Avon’ s #1 Skin So Soft Lotion is now enriched with Africa’s “Miracle Oil” – Marula, that deeply hydrates and nourishes the ksin. Use this twice a day and feel the difference!


REVLON Nail Art Moon Candy 7.68 ml for 375php – full size

Have a rocky candy finish with Revlon’ s limited edition nail art duos! Rock your nails with a holographic glitter top coat illuminated by the dark cream base coat and get fab cosmic look.


Selena Gomez Eau de Parfum 100 ml for 2950php

Embody the smell of fruity bouquet blending with musk, dewberry and purple freesia notes. Selena Gomez’s head turning perfume is perfect for this summer scent as final touch to your outfit of the day. Embody the star’s fresh and sweet perdonality with Selena Gomez Eau de Parfum.


Goody Slide-Proof Pins and Elastics, 2 clips 2 elastics for 449.75php

Fix your hair in style! Use a Goody classic – slide-proof bobby pins – to avoid hair kinks! Have a finely styled ‘do while avoiding unwatned pimples caused by hair covering your face. Use Good Elastics to tie your hair up and you are good to go!

*I already used the 2 elastics and my daughter has them so I wasn’t able to include it in the pic.


Candi Nail Polish Remover Wipes 30pcs for 65php

No mess, no spill – just easy to use. Meet your new nail polish remover buddy! Candi helps you remove your nail polish hassle-free. It doesn’t just help you, but it keeps you from dry nails and fingers! Its acetone-free feature transforms your nail time into fun time.

Vouchers and sachet samples:

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April and May boxes are sold out! Have you subscribed for the June BDJ Box yet?


REVIEW: Krave’s Triple P Fruit Masque

6 Mar

Since the 10% off discount from Krave is still ongoing, I grabbed the chance to try out the other mask they have. I have done a review on the Detox and White Mud mask  which you can check out here.


Triple P stands for Papaya, (Green) Papaya, and Pineapple.

Product Description:



Ripe Papaya is rich in vitamin C and enzymes that take away dead skin cells while the pineapple softens the skin and fights free radical damage!

Our unique formulation includes Green papaya that effectively exfoliates & lightens the skin as much as the ripe papaya does. Combining these 3 Ps with the spot & blemish control ability of WITCH HAZEL, they work synergistically to give you one of the best face masque your skin will truly crave for. 


1. WITCH HAZEL contains tannins that help to tighten skin proteins which then form a protecting covering to help promote skin healing & deeply moisturizing.

2. PAPAYA exfoliates the skin revealing a healthier, whiter & glowing skin. Rich in antioxidants such as vitamin A.

3. GREEN PAPYA help reduce freckles & blemishes due to exposure to sunlight.

4. PINEAPPLE contains enzymes that make skin elastic, improve skin hydration, diminish age spots and remove damaged and dead cells.

Wash your face with CUPINE ALOEPA facial wash. Apply evenly on face avoiding the eye area. Leave for at least 15 minutes or until dry. Wash with water. Tone & apply moisturizer, for best results use FRUITTIE PORELESS toner & MOISTURE SOUFFLE night crème.
Use 1-2x a week.

As you can see in the picture, the tub is filled with a clear gel type mask. It is somewhat like the Cupine AloePa facial wash which has a gel like consistency. I think this is a newbie in masks since the face masks I know are on the creamy muddy side. Since summer is approaching, I am switching to gel-type products. Gel type products are easily absorbed and as not as heavy as the cream type ones.


I am using this once a week as I kept the mud mask for awhile.

After washing my face, I apply the mask with clean fingers. I just get a product using my index finger and it is already enough for my whole face. I let it dry while I get busy with mommy stuff, that is roughly 30minutes. It gives a cooling tingling effect, but far from the tightening effect the mud mask gives. This means that the product is taking effect. This does not sting as much as the mud mask but I can feel its effect too.I rinse it after and follow with my toner, moisturizer, sunscreen and eye cream.


Here’s a summary of my likes and dislikes:

(+) USDA certified organic without parabens

(+) feels light on the skin

(+) easily absorbed by the skin

(+) works instantly!

(+) imporoves skin elasticity

(+) gives hydration

(+) lessens oil and prevents oil build up

(+) sloughs off dead skin cells

(+) has anti-aging properties!

(+) tightens pores and brightens my skin giving it a healthy glow

(+) available in a new improved formulation which comes in a bigger size!!! YAY!

(-) double dipping because of the tub [the new triple p mask comes in a better packaging!]


Have you tried any product from Krave?

I am a distributor and I would gladly assist you if you are interested.


21 Nov

Say hello to the newest addition to my current skin feeding routine. I am really not into face masks but this made me a covert. I tried it out yesterday and boy was I very pleased!

Product Claims: 

DETOX n’ WHITE MINERAL MUD MASQUE with Rosehip oil and 2P (Pineapple, Papaya) + 3G (Ginseng, Green tea, Ginkgo biloba)


Normal cleansing isn’t just enough. Use DETOXn’WHITE Mineral mud masque that contains many natural skin reviving properties that helps to improve your overall complexion. Detox your skin with our unique & effective 2P + 3G formula mask with rose hip oil that helps to clarify & whiten skin, shrink pores, relax tired muscles and replenish moisture. No matter what your skin routine is, using this at least once in a week will restore your skin’s elasticity and leave your face silky smooth. Enjoy the 6 Skin beneficial key ingredients of this masque.SKIN BENEFICIAL KEY INGREDIENTS:
1. ROSEHIP OIL clarifies scars, including acne scars and old scars, dry eczema, repairs damaged skin cells of all sorts & reduce wrinkles.
2. PINEAPPLE contains enzymes that make skin elastic, improve skin hydration, diminish age spots and remove damaged and dead cells.
3. PAPAYA exfoliates the skin revealing a healthier, whiter & glowing skin. Rich in antioxidants such as vitamin A.
4. GINSENG an anti-aging skin treatment, ginseng contains a large number of phytonutrients. These phytonutrients can stimulate and activate the skin’s metabolism and blood flow to regenerate and tone. It can also brighten the whiteness of skin.
5. GREEN TEA contains a cocktail of potent antioxidants called catechins, which help fight damage caused by free radicals
6. GINKGO BILOBA a powerful Antioxidant that has detoxifying qualities. Found to improve circulation by helping to increase healthy blood flow to skin. Known for its anti-aging properties that give a healthier, rosy, younger looking skin

Krave Detox&White Mineral Mud Masque

What’s great with Krave is that their products are all sealed. You will know that the products are kept fresh and at its best.


The 50g tub is for 315php. Quite pricey but with the benefits it claims, I think it is fair enough.

The product looks like mud with the brown, moss-green color and all. I can smell the fruity-minty-organic scent the moment I opened it. I am not a fan of its smell though. I was kind of panicky when I saw what’s inside. There was water and I though the product has expired or something so I texted Krave’s number. (I am a registered distributor. You can check it out here.) They told me that this is normal and that I have to mix this first before using it. I did what they said and immediately tried it out.

I scooped a dollop of it and felt the tiny granules and thick consistency. I applied it all over my face, avoiding the eye area and it dried up almost in an instant. I used this after hitting the shower.

I felt a tingling sensation after applying it. But no worries, it just means that the product is working. I felt it sinking into my pores and tightening them at that moment. I let it stay on my face for 30mins. (The direction said 15mins or until dry.) I just liked how it felt – like my sebaceous glands are locking up and there will be no sebum secretion. I also felt my pimples dried up with this. I also liked how it exfoliates my face, getting rid of dirt and grime that toners can’t remove. I also felt that there was an instant skin lift which can be an advanced anti-aging plus!

I washed it up with water and it rinsed out well. I didn’t have to tub or tug my face to remove it. The direction said that you use this first then wash up with Cupine Aloepa. But I did it the other way around and it worked for me. My face has never felt this smooth and pore-free!  Instant glowing fairness is the only end result of this!

I plan to use this twice a week starting next week. I added it this week to road test if it complements the rest of Krave’s skin feeding routine and it did!

Here’s a summary of my likes and dislikes:

(+) USDA certified organic without parabens

(+) feels thick but is easily absorbed by the skin

(+) works instantly!

(+) imporoves skin elasticity and hydration

(+) diminishes oil and sloughs off dead skin cells

(+) advanced anti-aging!

(+) tightens pores and brightens my skin giving it a healthy glow

(-) Only available in 1 size, 50g.  Wish there was a bigger version for this.

(-) Quite pricey for 315php.

Oh, Krave is having a sale the whole month of November! Don’t miss it!