Happy Skin’s Zit Zapper Cream | My answered prayer in a tube

31 Mar

Happy Skin has this instagram contest with hashtags #HappySkinHaul and #HappySkinGiveaway to which I was not able to join because I am on a makeup ban for three months. I was struggling to move my makeup ban to start for the month of April but then again, I assured myself that there will be more contests to join in next time. Actually, I am a feeling a little bitter about it.  I saw instagram photos of huge collections of Happy Skin products and I didn’t think I’ll get the chance even if I did a haul. So there, I just thought of posting a review on the first ever product I purchased from Happy Skin — The Zit Zapper Cream!

Happy Skin Zit Zapper Cream

More on my favorite every day foundation when you continue reading.

The first time I read about this I felt ecstatic! Finally, my search for the perfect base has ended! A product that has great quality for a base and is suited for oily-sensitive-acne-prone skin! YES, please!

 Happy Skin Zit Zapper Cream

Happy Skin Zit Zapper Cream

I only have good words for this product. First of all, the packaging is too cute — sophisticated, eye-catching and hygienic! I love the salmon and peach color combination. The tube is made of a squeezed type plastic tube and can be closed via a twist cap cover. I bring it with me everywhere I go but when it spilled once, I made sure that it stayed at home as to prevent any wastage. After all, this is a bit pricey for P1299/30 ml tube. 

Happy Skin Zit Zapper Cream

It comes in only one shade leaning over to medium to fair skinned girls. Luckily, it blended well on my skin, making me feel like I really have second skin! What I love with this is its ability to even out my skin tone and brighten it up with its semi-matte hydrating finish!


Happy Skin Zit Zapper Cream

I only use my fingers for applying it on my face since it’s very easily applied and blended. A little dollop on the back of my hand is enough for my face. I just dot it on my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin then blend. I only need one layer of this to nix my face of redness. I have hyperpigmentations which I needed to still hide with concealer (on special occasions), but for everyday, I just layer a powder over this and I’m good to go. Sometimes I am in a hurry and I skip putting on sunscreen and just opt for this (since it has SPF 20). Of course I didn’t experience any breakouts with this EVER since the ingredients (yogurt and grapefruit extract) worked well on my skin. I usually get tiny bumps on my face with whatever product I use (may it be BB cream, CC cream, tinted moisturizer, foundation), but with this, nothing! It didn’t heal the hormonal zits I have though but it definitely did not add up to them. YAY!!!

Here is a picture of me using this.


Everything that I need is in this tube so I can really attest that this is one of my HG products! I definitely recommend this for those who break out from BB creams, CC creams, or foundations.

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