My Daughter’s Very First Haircut

5 Mar

One of the big changes that we were looking forward to the day my daughter turns 4 years old is her very first haircut!!! Take note, VERY. FIRST. Whew! (She did not get any trim, ever.)

Her hair is until her thighs already. (That long!) She even pretends to be Rapunzel in Tangled because of her long hair. The thing is, this long hair of her is what makes her stand out in a crowd. Wherever we went, people would always comment like, “Ang haba ng buhok ng bata. Ang ganda.” Yes even I envy her hair. It’s straight but with waves at the ends (her buhok sa tiyan, in Filipino terms!). It looks gorgeous when I take time to comb it through and style it. But her daily routine hinders us, she was always a sleepyhead and didn’t want to wake up. She wakes up, takes a bath and brush her teeth, dress up, and we’re out of the house in 10 minutes! You see, there is no combing in this routine. I comb her hair and fix it on the way to school.

As with everything else, I do conditioning. I talk to her months before the big day on our plans about her hair when she turns 4. I also brought her with me when I got a haircut so she would see that it’s just the hair that is being cut and I didn’t get hurt at all. Sometimes, kids associate certain words to an emotion, so I made sure that I used a more gentle, specific term for hair“cut”.

Weeks before, I was constantly having conversations with her on what she will expect, what will happen, the likes. I always assure her that her Papa and I are there for her.

A week before the haircut, we were making the most of her long hair. I styled her hair more often. I comb it through and through until she feels sleepy.

Click Continue Reading to see how we went through this milestone…

On Saturday (February 21), I pressed 20 pcs of clothes then we had a program in school and a kiddie party to attend to. I was dead tired but we still brought her to Great Image, a studio I trust. This photoshoot will be her last memories of her “original” long hair.

On Sunday (February 22), we had another birthday party to attend to. We were still undecided if we were going to push through with the haircut or not. But since our daughter have accepted that today will be the day, we pushed it. I actually only had 2 options in mind, Cuts for Tots and Bench Fix. I called the two and chose Bench Fix over because of how accommodating they were during the phone call, Cuts for Tots however didn’t know how to connect to their customers. I took a nap while my daughter painted with my brother and his girlfriend, then we went to mass (I forced my daughter to take a nap so when we arrive in the mall, she’ll feel fresh). I also let her choose her outfit for the day so she will feel independent. We drove straight to Bench Fix Salon at SM San Lazaro, wherein I had a reservation for my daughter.

Actually, they informed me the youngest they had given a haircut is a 7-year-old but they said they can manage a 4-year-old who will have her first ever haircut.

Iya's First Haicut at Bench FixShe had fun while her hair was being washed. “It’s so ticklish, Mom!”

Sir Ferdie was the one who cut her hair.

Iya's First Haicut at Bench FixI also brought her Disney Princess magazines so she will not get fidgety and bored during the session.

Iya's First Haicut at Bench Fix

Tadaaaahhhh! Her short lob! Iya's First Haicut at Bench Fix

I told her I appreciate that she was cooperative with Sir Ferdie and how pretty she looks with her new ‘do. She told me “Thank you, Mom.” and that she misses her hair already.

I told her not to worry and I assured her that it will grow back, eventually…

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