Unboxing the Beauties and Babies Glamourbox

20 Aug

I was thinking twice if I will still get the Beauties and Babies Glamourbox since I’ve seen in instagram that most of the products here are sample sizes. I still gave in since I thought it included a full-size product of Bio Oil and it’s better to pay ₱595 for a glamourbox than pay ₱495 for just the Bio Oil.

Beauties and Babies Glamourbox

Anyway, here is what’s inside the Beauties and Babies Glamourbox:


2 EDEN’S PARADISE Whitening B lue Salve


4 MUSTELA 9 MONTHS Comfort Nursing Balm and Stretch MArks Double-Action

5 MUSTELA BEBE Vitamin Barrier Cream & PhysiobebeCleansing Fluid

6 BABY SEBAMED Baby Bubble Bath and Children’s Shampoo

7 MILEA BABY Sniffles Balm and Sleep Balm

8 LI’L TOTS Baby Wipes

Beauties and Babies Glamourbox

Beauties and Babies Glamourbox

Beauties and Babies Glamourbox


Full Size 60ml for ₱495

Scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, begone! This cult fave multi-purpose oil with reakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil is easily absorbed by the skin to help repair and heal skin woes caused by giving birth.

I’ve been wanting to try this since I’ve seen this in a magazine. I just stop myself from buying it since I still have bottles of oil at home. Lucky I got this one. a full size at that, with this glamourbox!

2 EDEN’S PARADISE Whitening Blue Salve

Full Size 40g for ₱289

Target darker areas of your skin with htis micro-skin peeling salve with all-natural oils. Its hypoallergenic formula softens and lightens skin, and is sale for use even in the bikini area.

I get so dizzy with the scent of this one but I am still willing to give it a try! My baby is the one enjoying this applying it on my elbows and her post insect bites.


Full Size 25g for ₱195

Got rough, cracked heels, knees and elbows? Take this to your bedside for soft, moisturized skin the next morning. It’s made with coconut oil, she butter and olive fruit oil to keep skin in tip-top shape. 

I think this is just like a hand and foot salve like the one from Human Nature.

4 MUSTELA 9 MONTHS Comfort Nursing Balm and Stretch Marks Double-Action

Full Size 30ml for ₱690 | sample size 

Full Size 250ml for ₱1990 | sample size

Soothe tightness and irritations that come with breastfeeding. With shea butter, glycerin and sea salt, this balm repairs, protects and nourishes nipple skin.

Increase skin’s resistance against stretch marks with this light and creamy protective balm. With its hypoallergenic, patented ingredientsm it preserves the skin and improves its suppleness and elasticity.

I am still a lactating mom since my daughter still enjoys breastfeeding so I guess the nursing balm will still be of use. The stretch marks double action cream could have become more effective if I got early when I gave birth. Anyways, I am still hoping this might work on me.

5 MUSTELA BEBE Vitamin Barrier Cream & Physiobebe Cleansing Fluid

Full Size 100ml for ₱490 | sample size 

Full Size 300ml for ₱690 | sample size

Prevent the first signs of rashes early on. Minimize diaper friction and bacteria growth with this creamy, hypoallergenic barrier cream. Wtih Vitamin B5 and F, it soothes irritations and quickly stops redness.

This no-rinse cleanser dissolves dirt while softening skin with avocado perseose and aloe vera. Bring this on trips for quick, hassle-free clean-ups for your baby!

My little sweat pea still wears diapers at bedtime. Though she does not get any diaper rash anymore, this still might come in handy to prevent them from reappearing.

Just like Cetaphil and Physiogel, a no-rinse formula is such a need for me!

6 BABY SEBAMED Baby Bubble Bath and Children’s Shampoo

Full Size 200ml for ₱425 | sample size 

Full Size 150ml for ₱425 | sample size

Protect your baby’s delicate skin with this extra-mild bubble bath with pH5,5! Infused with chamomile, it soothes the skin to protect it against irritation.

With this alkali-free shampoo, your young one’s scalp will be in good hands no matter how dry or sensitive it has gotten. It gently cleanses skin without drying it out with its pH value of 5.5

Travel friendly sizes as these two are perfect for outings. Saving these for our next family outing.

7 MILEA BABY Sniffles Balm and Sleep Balm

Full Size 50g for ₱350 | sample size 

Full Size 16.5g for ₱150 | sample size

Ease your baby’s cough and colds with this organic balm with manila elemi. Apply this on their chest, back and neck  to naturally soothe and heal. 

A dreamy night balm rich with precious oils, this natural sleep enhancer calms and clears the mind. Perfect for those nights when you can’t stop the mind chatter and the baby flutter!

Anything that can help relieve my daughter’s cough and colds is welcome in my book! I am also excited to try the sleep balm and see if it works on us too.

8 LI’L TOTS Baby Wipes

Full Size 60 pcs for ₱65 | sample size 10pcs 

Wipe away dirt and germs that could harm your baby with this alcohol-free and hypoaalergenic wipes! Its thick and fluffy texture will be a comfort to use and won’t cause irritations.

I think it is a necessity for any mom to carry baby wipes around for emergencies. I am not very particular with the brands I use but I really loved the Pigeon wipes. This will definitely be used up to the last sheet!

Last look on the Beauties and Babies Glamourbox:

 Beauties and Babies Glamourbox

I computed the products inside (excluding the sample sizes) and it totaled to 979. It’s still worth-it, especially for moms! In the first place, it is the Bio Oil I’ve been wanting to get.

Were you able to get this same box? What’s your favorite product?


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