Snow Skin Whitening Soap | Gentlest whitening soap I’ve tried

19 Aug

I know I have a lot of backlogs with reviews and all I post recently are unboxing… I have two overdue unboxing posts that I need to catch up on when exam days are over.

Anyway, almost two weeks ago I received a package which contains 4 Snow Skin Whitening Soap and 1 box of Snow Caps. I was really happy to get them and was really excited to use them. For now, I will be reviewing the Snow Soap.

The box is sealed and bubble wrapped guaranteeing consumers that what we get is new and original.

snow skin whitening soap

Here is a closer look.

snow skin whitening soap

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I love the packaging, with a drawing of Snow White on top of the flip top box. This is unlike the other soap boxes I’ve used up and I think it is kind of fancy.

snow skin whitening soapWhen you flip the box, you get to see a security seal, ingredients, and other information.

snow skin whitening soap


Ingredients and other information are printed on the box too. And when you open it, you will see that the soap is sealed too!

snow skin whitening soap


The soap is very gentle on the skin and has a very therapeutic scent to me…yet others may be off with this. It has this mild herbal scent which reminds me of a facial soap I used to buy from my dermatologist when I was in high school. Unlike other whitening soaps I’ve tried which strips my skin clean, this is very gentle to use on the skin. I tried using it for my face once just to test out if I will break out or not. So far not a new zit came out yet.

The soap does not miraculously whiten the skin overnight or even for just more than a week’s use. It has to be used consistently for a long time. So far, it did brighten my skin and kept it soft after I dry myself up. There were soaps I’ve tried that makes my skin squeaky clean which also leaves it super itchy. This is not like that at all. I love it!

For Php 149, I think this is a fair product because we get 135g already. I just hope it becomes available in Watsons or in department stores so I can get back ups when I finish them.

What I like:

  • fancy packaging
  • sealed box and sealed soap for guaranteed freshness
  • complete info on the box and a leaflet was included
  • lathers gently
  • cleans really well
  • does not feel drying on the skin
  • brightens up my skin
  • does not sting upon application
  • has 7 skin whitening ingredients from swiss alps
  • has a light herbal scent
  • a little goes a long way

What I don’t like: 

  • a bit pricey for a soap but it is just the same price range as other whitening soaps in the market
  • melts fast (but I can live with that by cutting the soap in 4 parts)
  • available online and  in Mercury Drug only


I am actually wanting to hoard this soap! It may be a bit pricey but I love how it works on my skin.

Snow Skin Whitening  Soap


One Response to “Snow Skin Whitening Soap | Gentlest whitening soap I’ve tried”

  1. Ann September 11, 2014 at 12:17 pm #

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