The BrowHaus Experience | My First Brow Threading

9 Jul

I was torn between using this coupon or not because our family had a trip last weekend of May. Hubby knows me so well that is why he pushed me to go even at night, and he will just meet us up after work. I called Greenbelt 5 for an appointment and I was set for 7pm. I brought my daughter with me and we were supposed to ride a cab. It was drizzling that time and getting a cab was not easy. We waited for 30 minutes, walked toward a main road and waited again. I got impatient and just rode a jeepney and the MRT to get to Ayala station just to get there.

It was a long walk from the MRT Ayala Station to Greenbelt 5. Brow Haus was a bit hard to find in Greenbelt 5 because I think it was in the 4th level. It was beside Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell.

Brow Haus Greenbelt 5

Click Continue Reading for my first brow threading experience.

Here’s a picture of what’s inside – a main counter and private cubicles.


This is how a cubicle looks like inside.IMG_0091

Here is a snapshot of my unruly brows which I intentionally allowed to happen.


The experience was painful but tolerable. A special thread and powder (I am not sure what it was but it looks and feels like powder) will be used for the process. The powder will make the brow hair more visible. If you can’t take the threading, you can opt for tweezing (which I think is more painful than threading).

Here is a picture of my brows after the brow threading.

IMG_0094The next day we had a family outing to Laiya and I was just so happy I went through this. Here is a snap of our swim in the infinity pool.


My brows started growing out after three weeks so I just “maintained” the shape it has been.

I am so thankful that BDJ Box included this because I really think this is worth trying! It is just that I am not willing to shell out Php 598 every month for maintenance. If I can afford, yes I will, but not yet for now…


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