Godiva, TCFS, Organix, Revlon | BDJ Box 7-Day Challenge

13 Jun

Since there was no connection at home for more than a week, I used my time with house chores, work, and of course, taking care of my dearest three year old daughter.

The May 2014 BDJ Box was filled with very usable items. Great items for every day use. I am always up for new products, test it out if it works for me.


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First on the list is the Godiva Anti-Perspirant Deodorant.

This is my first review of a deodorant, but I am not going to post pictures of any before / after pictures. I was able to try Human Nature deodorant but it did not work for me. I still smell myself, if you know what I mean. Reapplying was an option, yes, but I couldn’t handle that and I could not add worrying if someone next to me can smell me too! I did not write a review about that yet because I totally put that product way back and steered clear from natural deodorants.

This deodorant kept me intrigued so I still used it. I was amazed at how mild it was and almost unscented. I don’t use this when I am going to jog around or do something very active because of my experience with Human Nature. I used it during the day for a week now and I am happy about it. I did not have any problems with it staining my clothes, especially the white ones. It might take a while to get effective whitening results but I am willing to be patient enough. I just noticed that it did not darken my pits anymore and somehow lightened it. And oh, one sachet lasted for a week and I got a couple more backups.

Godiva AntiPerspirant Deodorant

Godiva AntiPerspirant Deodorant


 Secondly, there’s the Too Cool For School Pumpkin sleeping Pack 

Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack

The thing with this is that I did not understand anything in the packaging since non was written in English. But with the name, I assumed that it is sort of a night moisturizer. Luckily, I was able to research on this before our connection went down. This is used as the last product (after serums, moisturizers) at night, once or twice a week, and must be rinsed out in the morning. I used this four times already and after every use, I can feel that it makes skin feel soft, supple and plump!

Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping PackToo Cool For School Sleeping Pack

 Thirdly I used the Organix sachet samples. I also liked that one sachet has both shampoo and conditioner. I was able to use one sachet: the shampoo for five times and the conditioner for three times. I tried the purple (Biotin and Collagen) and it smells like chocolate! I love the purple color of the shampoo and conditioner. It gave my hair more volume as it says it will do. But after one sachet, my hair became drier. Maybe my hair is just not hiyang with it. So I tried another variant, the blue (Argan Oil) which is the one that I believe will fit my hair’s needs. The scent of this variant perks me up whenever I use it since it has a zesty citrus scent. I did not see any improvement in my hair and it became frizzier than ever. I stopped using this and went back to using Human Nature hair seruma and Dove shampoo and conditioner and somehow I think I am getting back my hair to its state before Organix usage. Maybe I can give this another chance months from now.

Organix Hair Care Set

Organix Shampoo and Conditioner


Lastly, and my most favorite is the Revlon Colorstay nail polish in Bare Bones. This has been on my nails ever since I got it! I am so inlove with the color. Even my mom wanted it on her nails too! The color somehow speaks of sophisitication and classy modern effect. On my hands, it started chipping off on the fourth day. It was amazing since I am doing house chores with washing the laundry and dishes added. On my toes, it has stayed for two weeks and counting without chipping!

Revlon Colorstay Enamel

Day 2:Revlon ColorStay Nail Polish in Bare Bones

Day 4: Tiny chipping after swimming

Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish in Bare Bones

Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish in Bare Bones

revlon nail polish barebones

There you have it, I used 4 products from the May BDJ Box!

Which among the May 2014 BDJ Box products did you like most?


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