SkinWhite Power Whitening Body Wash | Shower Power

29 Apr

One of the latest products from Sample Room is the newest product from SkinWhite. I ordered this together with the Belo SunExpert Transparent Mist which I reviewed here.

I actually brought this with me during the weekend and have been using this consistently for 6 days already! I thought that this product needs a review already so readers can still grab their samples (if they are still available!).

SkinWhite Power Whitening Body Wash

Product Description (from Sample Room)

 From the makers of SkinWhite PowerWhitening lotion that gave you the Power of Instant White, SkinWhite introduces our newest PowerWhitening Body Wash. It whitens your skin while providing effective cleansing and moisturization in as fast as 7 days! It also has Vitamins B3 and E that nourish your skin, leaving it soft and smooth each time you step out of the shower.

Full size: 235ml

Price: PHP 99

Sample Size: 1 pc. 235ml (full-sized)

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I was quite shocked to see a HUGE bottle when I got the package. It was unbelievable that this 235 ml costs only 99!

The packaging is big and simple, yet very easy to use. The labels are complete too!

SkinWhite Power Whitening Body Wash

When I opened the cap, the scent was the first thing I noticed! It has the same scent as that of the SkinWhite face cream powder  I tried before. It is mildly scented but that scent lingers for aobut 4 hours. The cap clicks to make sure the product does not spill.

SkinWhite Power Whitening Body Wash

Consistency is creamy yet lathers quite well. This glob in my hand was for my whole body! It easily lathers and bubbles, especially when used with a puff. I personally prefer using my hands though because it feels like I am applying lotion in the shower.

SkinWhite Power Whitening Body Wash

It cleans nicely and keeps my skin smooth after. With this, I can actually skip applying lotion since it makes skin moisturized and hydrated. The added vitamins B3 and E are helpful in nourishing the skin! Glad that it did not give me any skin irritations or allergies. The blush white skin it claims is not that obvious yet. Maybe in a few days time?

What I like:

  • simple packaging
  • cleans skin without drying
  • easily lathers
  • moisturizes skin
  • keeps skin soft
  • Vitamins B3 and E nourish the skin
  • mildly scented
  • a little goes a long way
  • no skin irritations experienced
  • very affordable for only 99!
  • available in drugstores

What I don’t like: None!

Overall: I am definitely going to repurchase! For only 99, you get a big 235 ml of product which keeps your skin clean and moisturized!

SkinWhite Power Whitening Body Wash

2 Responses to “SkinWhite Power Whitening Body Wash | Shower Power”

  1. Dimple Bee (@d1mp7e) September 3, 2014 at 6:54 pm #

    Hi, where do you buy this? Is this available at Watson’s?

    • shengmarasigan February 11, 2015 at 2:14 pm #

      I got this particular one from Sample Room… I think this is widely available already. Thanks for reading my blog.

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