Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze Spray SPF 20 | Safe and Tanned Under the Sun

28 Apr

I have not tried any sunblock that has a tanning effect on the skin. Sample Room made it possible for us sample roommates to get to try this! The Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze Spray SPF 20 is among the four sunblocks I brought with me to our Puerto Azul trip. Since this sunblock has the least SPF to it, I used it during the afternoon swim, 4:30pm onwards. Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze Spray SPF 20 Product Description (from Sample Room)

NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze spray combines reliable protection and a natural looking tan.

Immediate sun protection that gives you a natural, even tan. Protection or tan? Have both!

– Immediate UVA / UVB protection system prevents sunburn and premature skin aging – Contains natural plant extract that stimulates skin’s own melanin production – Supports skin’s natural tanning ability – Contains no self-tan – Non-sticky and water resistant – Skin compatibility dermatologically proven

How to use: – Shake well before use – Apply before sun exposure enough to give a visible layer rubbing in, let it dry then repeat to ensure adequate coverage – Reapply frequently especially after swimming and towelling – Do not spray onto the face – Even when protected avoid intensive midday sun (11am-3pm) and prolonged sun exposure – Keep babies and young children out of direct sunlight – Wear protective clothing and use sufficient sunscreen for unprotected areas – Avoid direct contact with fabrics and hard surfaces to prevent staining.

Full size: 200ml

Price: PHP 599

Sample Size: 1 pc. 200ml (full-sized)

Want to get a nice, golden tan without the skin damage? Click Continue Reading.

The first thing you will notice is that it has the same colors and scent as that of the Nivea Refreshing Mist I reviewed here. The sturdy plastic packaging has curved sides on the bottle which fits perfectly on any hand.

Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze Spray SPF 20

It may be bulky to bring anywhere but the SPF 20 makes it a nice sun protection for daily use. I suggest you keep it handy near your doorstep, so you’ll remember to apply before stepping out of the house. Plus, you’ll look like you’re a beach goddess!

Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze Spray SPF 20

Since I am a sucker for sunblocks, I don’t mind having this one. I love that it contains no self tan, but only supports our skin’s ability to tan. Nice, eh?  Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze Spray SPF 20

The sun spray has a white watery consistency that spreads easily on the skin. The 200 ml product will last me for a long time since I only need to spray a little amount and I can spread it all over my body. The tanning can take minutes, and may not be too obvious though. Of course, you need to reapply after every two hours to be safe, or after every time you sweat or swim!

Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze Spray SPF 20

Here’s a picture of me using this.

#nofilter tanned skin, thanks to Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze Spray SPF 20

#nofilter tanned skin, thanks to Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze Spray SPF 20

What I Like:

  • gives medium sun protection (SPF 20)
  • has broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection
  • lightweight
  • may be used for the face
  • gives skin a summer glow
  • does not feel sticky
  • easily absorbed by the skin
  • easy to use
  • can be applied even to the hard to reach areas of the body
  • no irritations experienced
  • temporary tanning
  • a little goes a long way
  • affordable for ₱599 per 200ml
  • available in all leading department stores and drugstores

What I don’t like:

  • Bulky to be carried around


Sorry for inserting a picture of me at the beach. I just wanted to show the tanning ability of this sun spray. This is such a nice product for anyone who wants to be protected and bronzed. This is also nice to use even if you’re having a staycation. It will look like you’ve been to the beach! I just wish this came with a higher sun protection factor…

Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze Spray SPF 20

Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze Spray SPF 20

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