Krave’s Lip and Cheek Salve| Color as you Heal

26 Apr

I am all for multi-tasking products and since this one is a lip and cheek product, you can bet that this one was on my to-buy list. But then I remembered I have a 1000 gift certificate from Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals since I won the Fearless Krave Mom last year Mother’s day.

The Krave team suggested I get 2 oil eliminators and 1 lip and cheek salve. I agreed because I really wanted to try the salve ever since it was released. I received it a day after we talked. Fast, right?

I like that it was sealed when I received it, assuring me it was new. It has a very glam, sleek looking packaging with a purple label “KRAVE”.

Krave Lip and Cheek Salve

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It is very handy, too. It can actually fit my pocket and can be brought anywhere I go. The bottom part of the tube shows the color of what’s in the tube.

Krave Lip and Cheek Salve

The label outside the tube is also printed inside, but this time it is printed in black. The first thing I noticed actually was the smell. It smells like minty, nutty, chocolate – a bit like that of the famous Filipino chocolate, Chocnut. Yes, the Chocnut. I am not a fan of it actually because it sort of gives me a headache.
Krave Lip and Cheek Salve

As you can see, the product has a dark red color. Don’t be off with the color shown on the tube because it turns warm red orange on skin.

Krave Lip and Cheek Salve

I love that Krave released this new product innovation! This does not feel like a lip balm at all. As its name says, it feels like a salve. It does not only make you look like you’re blushing. It also soothes and heals chapped lips and prevents it from coming back. The more I use this product, the lesser chapping my lips experience.

Krave Lip and Cheek Salve

Longevity wise, this does not last long. On my cheeks, it lasts for about 4 hours. It lasts less than 1 hour on my lips with eating and drinking.

It has a bit of a cooling sensation on both cheeks and lips. It has a great formulation which glides smoothly on my lips and cheeks. I love that it mimics the natural color of our flush, making us look we just exercised. It sort of feels like gel on my cheeks and powder on my lips.

Krave Lip and Cheek Salve

Though this is made from USA with high grade organic ingredients, this is proudly Pinoy made and is not as expensive as that of its counterparts. It only retails for ₱229 and you have additional 10% off when you order from a Krave dealer. And since it is all natural, I did not experience any irritations or whatever.


How I feel about this?

I like it! The scent is a bit off for me though but since it feels nice on my lips and yields a pretty color on my cheeks, I don’t mind repurchasing at all.

Krave’s Lip and Cheek SalveKrave Lip and Cheek Salve



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