I Want To Be Part of Sample Room’s Bloggers Circle!

16 Apr

Ever since Sample Room‘s url came up, I have been a loyal customer. At first I was hesitant on the rules of sampling, but I got the hang of it. I even wanted to join their blogger’s circle last year, unfortunately, my blog is not yet a year old then… So I just let it pass and believed that I will have my time.

If you’re still new to this sampling thing, let me give you a rundown.


  1. Sign up here.
  2. You’ll receive 100 points upon signing up.
  3. Use the points on the samples available.
  4. Check out and choose your mode of payment.
  5. Pay the amount due (via bank deposit is my choice).
  6. Wait for your order to arrive… then get giddy upon receiving it.
  7. Use it continuously for a week or so. Then post a review on their site.
  8. Wait for your points to return. There is one point added for every review you made and one point if its posted.
  9. Do steps 3 – 8 for every purchase.
  10. You may order VIP for more chances of sampling new products!

I remember my very first purchase — Celeteque Dermoscience Collagen Gel. The sampling never stopped because the Sample Room team always make sure they offer new products now and then. They even offer products not yet available in the market! Amazing!

Here is a collection of all my Sample Room purchases here (random):

  1. Celeteque Dermoscience Anti-Wrinkle Collagen Gel
  2. Ahava Moisturizer and Moringa O2 lotion
  3. Gluta-C face and body soap
  4. Gluta-C intense whitening lotion
  5. Gluta-C intense Whitening Facial Moisturizer
  6. CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix-in
  7. Digestics with ProFiber
  8. C-Lium Fibre Capsules
  9. Celeteque After-sun Gel
  10. Colour Collection Vitamin E lipsticks
  11. White Result Exfoliating Gel
  12. Charm Powder Brush
  13. Vidal Sassoon Shampoo and Conditioner
  14. Celeteque Dermoscience Brightening Multi-Benefit BB Cream
  15. Nivea Sun Protect and Refresh Invisible Cooling Mist
  16. Moringa O2 Toner
  17. Moringa O2 Malunggay Hair, Scalp and Skin therapy Oil
  18. Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Lotion
  19. Colour Collection Age-Defying BB Cream
  20. BELO SunExpert Transparent Mist SPF50
  21. BELO SunExpert Body Shield SPF60
  22. Nivea Protect and Bronze Sun Spray
  23. SkinWhite Power Whitening Body Wash

Out of the 163 posts I have here in https://writingismyhappyplace.wordpress.com, 23 posts are products I got from Sample Room.

I am such a big fan of this company because they let people experience convenience – online shopping, trying out new products, sampling the available products, reviewing the products tried, reading other people’s review and help each other in the process.

Because of this, I would like to be part of SampleRoom’s blogger circle. I support their idea of reaching out to Filipinos, one sample at a time. Letting us try products first to see if they work for us before we splurge changed the way we think about shopping. Aside from teaching us the value of money, Sample Room proves that each one of us is beautiful and they are providing products that will help us enhance our natural beauty…plus it offers products suited for the whole family!

Entry to Sample Room's Blogger Circle

Here’s a post I have in my Facebook page:

Sample Room

Here’s my simple entry posted in Instagram and Twitter

“I want to be part of @sampleroomph” #bloggercircle as I am for their advocacy to inspire and empower people, one sample at a time.”

Sample Room's Blogger's Circle

Sample Room's Blogger's Circle

Hoping I will be chosen as one of the 5 who will be part of their Blogger Circle this year.

Looking forward to more Sample Room posts here!


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