Unboxing the Special Edition BELO Glamourbox

1 Mar

Summer has officially begun this March. The weather has been becoming warmer lately and before we know it, it’s beach season once again. Thanks to the perfect timing of Glamourbox, I know I am covered.

BELO Glamourbox

Another successful special box was recently released by Glamourbox. With them tying up with Belo for them to come up with a very special Glamourbox, we Glambabes are in for a treat. What should we expect from Belo? Nothing but the best of skin care, of course! Congratulations to the efforts of the Glamourbox team.

BELO Glamourbox



3 BELO SUNEXPERT Transparent Mist SPF50

4 BELO ESSENTIALS Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

5 BELO Underarm Whitening Cream

Click Continue Reading for details on each mentioned above.

BELO Glamourbox


Full Size 50ml for ₱329.75

Prep your face each day with the best cream for anti-aging – sunscreen! Made with Cell Protect Technology, this face cover decreases sunburn cells to protect against UV cell damage.

This product was one of the first products I reviewed here. Glad that BELO SUNEXPERT improved their formulation and their packaging.


Full Size 100ml for ₱459.75

Need to go outdoors in a jiffy? Put this sunscreen that doesn’t need any waiting time! With Cell Protect Technology as its main ingredient, you won’t have to worry about the harmful rays of the sun.

Yes I owned that face sunblock before but I didn’t get this. Definitely pqcking this with me for our summer trips.

3 BELO SUNEXPERT Transparent Mist SPF50

Full Size 100ml for ₱449.75

If lotion sunscreens are not your thing, try this mist type! It’s lightweight and quickly absorbed by the skin, you won’t feel it once it dries. With Cell Protect Technology, it strengthens your skin’s defense system and maintain its health.

Based from the product release I read last year, I think this one sort of has a tanning effect… Guess I will find out soon.

4 BELO ESSENTIALS Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Aerosol Full Size 140ml for ₱179.75

Roll on Full Size 40ml for ₱89.75

Control underarm skin darkening before it starts! Give it a beauty makeover with this Beauty Deo that lightens skin, munimizes pores, soothes irritations, with a 24-hour protection against sweat.

Love the smell of the roll-on. This came just in time since my BELO deo roll-on is empty already.

5 BELO Underarm Whitening Cream

Full Size 40g for 799.75

Need faster lightening results for your underarms? Complement your Belo Beauty Deo with this whitening cream with Alpha Arbutin. It fights hyperpigmentation at the cellular level, for results you can see in just 14 days!

Been wanting to try Mosbeau cream but I settle for HHN sunflower beauty oil. This one is a nice, new alternative.

Special BELO Glamourbox

Paying only ₱595 for this box is an unbelievable steal!

Adding all prices of the six full size products, the total amount is ₱2308.50! The price you pay for the box is only a fraction of the total price you will shell out if in case you want to buy the products individually. Plus all the products inside here are very usable by everyone of all ages.

As a self-confessed sunblock addict, I need this in life! I am so in love with the Special Edition BELO Glamourbox.  They have redeemed themselves from their first previous boxes which were not as amazing as the first two boxes they released this year (Special Snoe Glamourbox and this). They are making 2014 a great year for their Glambabes.

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  1. cesca eusebio March 8, 2014 at 6:11 am #

    how to avaiL the paackage for onLy 595?

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