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13 Feb

It seemed that the change of climate has affected our country and we experienced cool weather until early February. Now, we’re back to feeling a bit of summer.

Back to those days when cold weather was on, I like keeping my skin hydrated and moisturized by using The Cream Factory Bath Cream. The season was the perfect excuse to use warm water for bathing. Add in some creamy goodness of this and it feels like heaven after every shower.

The Cream Factory Bath Cream

Product Description:

THE CREAM FACTORY begins with goat’s milk which is packed with vitamins, minerals, and probiotics which moisturize, exfoliate, heal, and promote collagen growth. But THE CREAM FACTORY didn’t settle for just any goat’s milk – it uses real Netherlands goat’s milk which is known for its purity and quality.

But THE CREAM FACTORY didn’t stop there! It went around the world to find high quality active botanical extracts to add to the creamy goat’s milk. Imagine luxurious Spanish almond oil and exotic Brazilian acai berry. These make each concoction of THE CREAM FACTORY especially delicious.

Flavors: Goat’s Milk & Almond: The Detoxifying Soap

            Goat’s Milk & Jojoba: The Clarifying Soap

            Goat’s Milk & Yogurt: The Soothing Soap

            Goat’s Milk & Seaweed: The Revitalizing Soap

            Goat’s Milk & Cinnamon: The Purifying Soap

            Goat’s Milk & Avocado: The Radiating Soap

            Goat’s Milk & Acai Berry: The Age-Defying Soap

            Goat’s Milk & Witch Hazel: The Rejuvenating Soap

            Goat’s Milk & Honey: The Germ Killing Soap

Full size: 768 ml / Bundled pack (3 bottles of 221 ml)

Price: PHP 699 / PHP 799

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The vintage bottle container reminds me of the milk containers from before. I like the different colors for each variant and it looks enticing to use too. It has a sturdy bottle container which doesn’t get squeezed much. The cap is useful too since it avoids spillage and waste. The packaging is very cute!

I got the variants Goat’s Milk & Seaweed (blue) and Goat’s Milk & Honey (orange) in my November 2013 BDJ Box, while the Goat’s Milk and Witch Hazel (dark green) was from the Secret Santa Glamourbox. I was not able to purchase one from Sample Room when they had these. I saw these at Landmark Makati so I know where to go when the bottles I have go empty. 

The Cream Factory Bath Cream

I use the three variants in rotation, depending on my mood. I love all the scents they have because they all smell refreshingly nice! Though all are not overpowering. The scent is light and lasts almost an hour after I’ve taken my bath. The texture is creamy (as the name states) yet it lathers well. I am guessing that the three bottles I have will last me almost a year. Since a little goes a long way, it is very economical to use.

I prefer using my hands than a sponge because it feels like I’m slathering lotion in the shower! It is so gentle that I did not feel my sensitive skin get dry and itchy. What I like most is that it cleanses my skin while leaving it hydrated and moisturized. It feels like I’m using a baby wash made for adults! Actually,my skin soft and supple that it can skip lotion. But nah, I still applied lotion with spf for the day and one without for the night. I’ve been using it twice a day for almost two weeks now. I did not use it the moment I got it because I had pityriasis rosea then. I started using it when there were no rashes on my torso anymore. It did not make my skin go haywire again.

I was also invited to attend an event from the company behind this, Because, Inc. but I was not able to go. Nevertheless they assured me it was okay. I am still looking forward to meeting them soon.

What I like:

  • Sturdy vintage packaging
  • No-fuss opening
  • Luxurious concoction of ingredients
  • Lathers well
  • Perfect for daily use
  • Feels like moisturizer on skin
  • Cleanses skin without drying it
  • Yummy and refreshing scents
  • A little goes a long way
  • Affordable for only ₱699 / 768 ml bottle
  • No rashes experienced!
  • Safe for sensitive skin

What I don’t like:

  • Available only at selected outlets.

How do I feel about this?

I love how this product cleanses, hydrates and makes my skin soft and supple! I would love to try the other variants too.

The Cream Factory Bath Cream

The Cream Factory Bath Cream


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