Ham and Cheese Roll

15 Jan

For my first attempt to write a recipe, I chose how to make ham and cheese rolls. I think this is great for snacks for your little ones or guests.

So let’s begin…


1 pack American pan

2 packs ham

square cut cheese / cheese slices

cornstarch or any breading mix in the grocery

4 eggs

tempura breading mix

salt and pepper to taste

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1. Fry the ham. Set aside. Beat the egg then set aside too. Mix salt and pepper to cornstarch then set aside.

2. Flatten the tasty bread using a glass by rolling it on the flat. Make sure that you dampen the bread with water so the bread would not crumble or anything. Do this for all the breads you plan to use.


3. Put the cheese on the flat bread, then put the ham on top. (You can interchange this if you want.)


4. Dampen the bread with clean water (the water you use for drinking). You can use your hands or any pastry brush.



5. Roll the ham, cheese and bread at once, while brushing the bread with water. This will prevent the bread from crumbling.


6. Roll it on cornstarch or breading mix. Since the bread is still somewhat wet, the cornstarch will easily stick to it.



7. Put the roll into the beaten egg.


8. Then transfer it into the tempura breading mix.


9. Do procedures 5 to 8 to make each roll.


10. Fry them until they are golden brown.


11. Cut them into three to make it more presentable.

There you have it! It looks hard but it’s really easy to do. It may be a little messy, though. What’s nice is you can do this together with your kid and you can enjoy eating them after! I let my daughter help me make this. 🙂

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