KRAVE’s 12HD Liquid Foundation in Almond | For that Korean-looking skin!

23 Dec

It’s almost a year of having this foundation but since I only get to blog if I have free time, I was not able to do a review on this earllThis one is the upgraded version of their previous liquid foundation which is now phased out. I still have the previous version in Ricotta and I got to attest that this is 10x better than that. Their packaging and quality greatly improved.

Krave 12HD Liquid Foundation

Product Description

Whitening, Lifting & Nourishing with 12 active ingredients in 1

Incredible 12 in 1 active ingredients infusion to give you ultimate results of covering your imperfections and major signs of skin aging like hyperpigmentation & fine lines. Maximum coverage, lifting, lightening & nourishing formula to transform your beauty instantly and naturally. Light weight & water based that allows your skin to breathe.

30 ml / 1.01 fl. oz.
 ₱730 ( previously ₱985)

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The packaging is a heavy, sturdy, glass container. It’s nice that the pump of the bottle does not feel cheap at all. But because of this, I don’t bring this with me. Instead, I transferred a little amount of product in those 5g containers available in department stores. It dispenses enough amount of product and is very easy to control. For a liquid foundation, this does not feel liquid-y at all. It has a creamy, thick consistency which is a little hard to blend with fingers since it adheres to skin. Better use a brush or a sponge for more even application. With only two shades available, Almond (lighter) and Honey (darker), I got the former. I haven’t tried the shade in Honey though. I got the lighter shade since I played it safe and assumed that it will still oxidize on me. Luckily, it has a yellow undertone and is just a shade or two lighter on my skin. 

Krave 12HD Liquid Foundation

It yields a medium to full coverage so I can do without a concealer. Despite the consistency, I feel that my skin can still breathe! It may look a little oily because of the dewy finish, but powder can always help. And oh, it has natural SPF (it smells like sunblock!) already so it’s perfect for daytime use, but may give a white cast on flash photography. This lasts around 4 hours when used alone, but lasts the whole day when set with a matte powder. No breakouts too whenever I am using this! And yes, I have it for 9 months and I think I still have some product left! 

Krave 12HD Liquid Foundation

What I like about this foundation:
  • Sophisticated packaging
  • Easy to use pump bottle
  • Organic
  • Cruelty free
  • Has 12 benefits in 1 bottle
  • Has medium to full coverage
  • Has natural SPF
  • Blends nicely on skin
  • Yields a natural, healthy looking skin
  • Has a dewy finish
  • Lasts all day if set with powder
  • Does not settle on fine lines
  • No need for concealer
  • A little goes a long way
  • No breakouts experienced!
  • Available online, thru dealers and some branches

What I don’t like about this:

  • Creamy consistency makes it a little hard to apply
  • Heavy to tote around
  • A bit expensive
  • Leaves a white cast on flash photography
How do I feel about this?

I super love this foundation! Though it has a dewy finish — my skin has a natural, healthy glow, it does not look oily and greasy. It gives a hydrated, healthy, plump Korean-looking skin! I don’t mind repurchasing again (…and again, and again)!

KRAVE’s 12HD Liquid Foundation in AlmondKrave foundation

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