Unboxing the December 2013 BDJ Box

10 Dec

Christmas is just around the corner and I was happy that I received this special Max Factor Exclusive BDJ Box this month — plus a Focus/Finish notepad too!

December 2013 BDJ Box

Excited to know what’s inside?

December 2013 BDJ Box

Creme Puff Pressed Powder

Earth Spirits eyeshadow

Kohl Pencil

Masterpiece Max Mascara

Colour Collection Lipstick

Glossfinity Nail Polish

Facefinity All Day Flawless 3-in-1 Foundation

More on each of them when you click Continue Reading!

December 2013 BDJ Box

The box is a little empty than usual…

Max Factor December 2013 BDJ Box

Creme Puff Pressed Powder

Full Size 21g for ₱575

This classic, all-in-one compact powder of any occasion was originally made for movie stars. Enjoy the multitude of benefits of this open Hollywood secret -it provides perfect coverage, a luminous glow, and a natural finish to your skin.

I started using this powder this week. Review on this soon!

Earth Spirits eyeshadow

sample size | Full Size 26 fl oz for ₱445

 This ultimate everyday eye shadow will give you a light, silky texture that can create a subtle day look for the office, or a dramatic and sexy look in the evening. It is extremely versatile, which allows make-up artists to use it as an eyeliner as well.

This is something new to try! I also love the color I got.

Kohl Pencil

sample size | Full Size 26 fl oz for ₱425

 With a new advanced formula for easy application, this creamy Kohl Pencil blends easily to give you a soft natural look. It is also long wearing, so it won’t fade or smudge on your eyes once it has set.

I love eyeliners and this tiny black one is perfect for the smallest of kikay kits. My mom wants this and I am still thinking if I am going to give this to her.

Masterpiece Max Mascara

sample size | Full Size for ₱695

 This mascara will give you big, bold and dramatically volumised lashes without the clumps. Its amazing formula provides 400% more volume versus your bare lashes, helping you create superb volume and exceptional definition for your eyes.

Yippee! Another mascara! I am beginning to see the importance of using a mascara since I don’t put any eyeshadow.

Colour Collection Lipstick

sample size | Full Size 26 fl oz for ₱595

Its rich formula contains ingredients as shea butter, green tea extract and Vitamin E. Moisture is locked in and the lip colour lasts hour after hour, so not only does the lipstick look good, it feels good on your lips as well.

I remember this shade because this was the lipstick used during the makeover I had with Bobby Carlos (Max Factor’s chief makeup artist).

Glossfinity Nail Polish

Full Size for ₱245

 Create a nail look with flair using this glossy, long-wear nail polish. Its formula were designed to help you make your own flawless, weekly signature style statement.

I gave this one to my daughter because she likes nail polish and purple is one of her favorite colors (pink and blue are the other two).

Facefinity All Day Flawless 3-in-1 Foundation

2 pcs of 1ml sample size for ₱62 | Full Size 26 fl oz for ₱925

This 3-in-1 foundation, provides a long lasting finish through its clever, ‘hold, correct and finish’ technology. It has a high coverage, matte finish that sits comfortably on your skin because of its flexi-hold formula.

I am caught in the middle of saving this for an event out of town or using it with the creme puff pressed powder.

Plus 5 stickers (not in the picture)!

I don’t know how to start with my impression on this box. I was happy and a bit disappointed at the same time. Max Factor was indeed a brand I am very much willing to try and I’m glad that BDJ Box had an exclusive box just for Max Factor. Yet the products inside are mostly sample sizes. The samples I can keep for travel, though. I just can’t help but compare it to the previous boxes they released. Or maybe, I was expecting too much from BDJ Box. Nevertheless, this box is still fine by me since this is still worth more than the 580 subscription fee. 

And oh, I almost forgot — a Focus/Finish notepad was also included and I think somehow it suffices for the lack of goodies.


3 Responses to “Unboxing the December 2013 BDJ Box”

  1. Shaye Santos January 7, 2014 at 8:18 am #

    how do you get such freebies? where should i subscribe?

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