Yummy in my Tummy: Ristorante Bigoli in Trinoma

6 Dec

Last Tuesday, hubby and I were able to have a date – finally!

We don’t usually go out as a couple anymore because we go out as a family most of the time. I left the little girl with my mom and went to Trinoma to meet hubby. Before watching “Catching Fire,” we had a heavy dinner in Bigoli in Trinoma.

This is not a new restaurant to us and we have eaten here a lot already! There are three branches – Eastwood, Trinoma and SM City Fairview. We always visit the Eastwood branch, though.

We ordered:


  • Italian Chicken with Spaghetti al Pesto ₱190
  • Pepperoni Stromboli ₱130
  • Tour of Italy Sampler Platter ₱180
  • Unlimited drinks ₱25 each

Click Continue Reading for more.Italian Chicken with Spaghetti al Pesto

Italian Chicken with Spaghetti al Pesto ₱190

Served with two yummy Italian chickens, this platter is good for two already. The pesto pasta is also good but would have tasted better if served hot. Ours was a little warm and the olive oil somehow stuck with the pasta already. Nevertheless, I still liked it.

Pepperoni Stromboli Bigoli

Pepperoni Stromboli ₱130

Instead of ordering slices of pizza, we opted for this pizza rolls. The dip made this even more tomato-like.

Tour of Italy Sampler Platter - Bigoli

Tour of Italy Sampler Platter 180

This perfect-for-sharing platter is filled with three Italian pastas – lasagna, carbonara and spaghetti. Lasagna is my favorite among the three.

We weren’t able to finish all these, mind you. We brought home 5 pieces of the pepperoni stromboli for our daughter.

What I like most about Bigoli is its cozy, Italian ambiance. It is a great place for hanging around with your family and friends for a quick chit chat.

And oh, I almost forgot… Aside from the unlimited drink it serves, they also serve free unlimited bread sticks!

Have you visited Bigoli? What are your favorite Italian restaurants?



















































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