Smart Parenting Mommy and Me Fashion Show Part I (Audition + Rehearsal)

2 Dec

Smart Parenting, the country’s number one parenting magazine, recently launched their biggest event this year. I was looking forward to another Meet and Greet since they had one last year (you can check them out here.) but they decided to spice things up a bit by having a mommy and me fashion show.

sp fashion show2

Click Continue Reading if you’d like to see how we became part of it.

I am an avid reader of the magazine and I read and reread articles so when I saw the ad regarding the audition, I immediately inquired if a two-year-old can join. Mr. Rob Rubina (Summitmedia Events Head) gladly answered, “if your child can follow instructions, she can.”

Unfortunately, the audition was on a Saturday, and I have classes that time too. Hubby reassured me that there will be more opportunities next time and I didn’t need to be upset that we cannot go to the audition. I was praying for it… Thanks to my faith and my prayer, we were able to go to the audition despite the circumstances and the distance! The audition is from 1-3pm and we arrived 2:45pm! I really thought we wouldn’t make it.

The audition was at Robinsons Pioneer Cybergate Tower 3 — a far place from where we live. I just brought our outfits and changed there. After registering, there was a questionnaire to be filled in and photoshoot to be done. They also took our measurements already. We changed our outfits — we wore my favorite terno dress, a gift from my mom from Twilo. I was psyched that Smart Parenting EIC Ms. Mia Fausto – Cruz was there too! She was included in the panel who will judge the audition. When we walked in the room, I said our names and ages, and a little introduction about us. Then we walked across the room together then individually. My daughter was giddy since she just woke up from her afternoon nap and she was running! I apologized that she did not walk but they said, “It’s okay…”

SP Mommy and Me Fashion Show

There was a photobooth to wrap things up then they gave away back issues of Smart Parenting and Total Girl for both mom and child. Mr. Rob Rubina told us that they will just text us of the result of the audition… I kept praying again that God may give us this chance, this wonderful would-be experience. After a week or two, I received an sms informing us that we were chosen as one of the twenty participants and that we have to attend rehearsals for the fashion show!

For two days (November 6 and 7) I made a big sacrifice of commuting and carrying a heavy baby bag and a toddler with me. We rode jeepneys and had long walks going to and from the MRT stations but it was all worth it. I met passionate moms and their adorable children. There were only 13 of us and yes, we had a wonderful chemistry. Practice was from  10am to 5pm.


On the first day, a model (I forgot her name!) gave us tips on how we should walk and pose. We were divided into two groups: Lounge/Party Wear and Play/Christmas Wear. My daughter and I were part of the lounge wear group. The Events Team was very accommodating and they even provided us with food to eat (Day 1 – mac and cheese with bread stick, Day 2 – clubhouse with nachos). Rehearsals started today!

kids from Lounge/Christmas wear

kids from Lounge/Christmas wear

My little girl with her new friend

My little girl with her new friend

Kikay Girls Unite!

Kikay Girls Unite!

Day 2 was our fitting day. Shoes were not provided so we had to bring different kinds of shoes (wedges, heels, ballet flats in beige, black and silver). Our fashion stylist was Ms. Margaux Romero – Alampay. There had been changes from yesterday — Lounge/Christmas Wear and Play/Party Wear. We fitted the clothes we were going to wear for the fashion show then we rehearsed again.

We all couldn’t wait for the fashion show!

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