Human Nature 100% Natural Body Butter Cream in Berry Bliss | Oh so Yummy for my Body!

31 Jul

It has been raining most days this July and I find myself grabbing this every night. What makes me want to use it is its very thick and creamy consistency. I think that my skin feels dehydrated whenever its cold and to keep it from feeling that way, I have to use something thicker than what I usually apply.

Here comes another product from a company I truly love — Human Nature!

Human Nature 100% Natural Body Butter Cream

Product Description

Have you always stayed away from butter and cream because they’re so sinful? Indulge in rich, buttery cream without the guilt. Made with a fusion of nature’s best, ultra-succulent and potent ingredients, our antioxidant packed, deeply moisturizing Body Butter Cream will transform your thirsty, dry skin into velvety soft, supple skin. And because our Natural Care Labs made sure it’s 100% Natural with 0% calories, luxurious indulgence can now be guilt-free.

Did you know:

Most if not all available body butters and creams in the market right now use synthetic feel modifiers.

Feel modifiers is a term used for petroleum by-product ingredients usually ending in “-one” likesilicone and dimethicone. These sit in a layer on top of your skin keeping the moisture in but at the same time, clogging your pores and trapping in sebum, dirt, and bacteria. It’s like applying a layer of plastic wrap all over your body, suffocating it, and not allowing your skin to breathe. What’s even more disturbing is that according to, there is insufficient toxicity data to know if dimethicone and silicone are safe for use in personal care products. So why use them at all?

Our Body Butter Cream contains none of these modifiers. Instead, we use premium all-natural plant oils to give your skin the deep moisturization it needs.

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Human Nature 100% Natural Body Butter Cream

I have this since last year but this is still half full because I only need a little amount for my whole body. This retails only for 109.75php for a 50g tube and 274.75php for 200g of tube. Human Nature is widely available already — online, Human Nature branches, kiosks, groceries and department stores.

I have the old formulation of the mango body butter which was in a tub before. I liked that they changed the packaging from tub to squeeze tube for hygienic purposes. The changes they made has pros and cons. Somehow this body butter cream has a yummier scent, easier to use because of the tube but has become oilier than the former. The old formulation is plain body butter, is easier to apply and never leaves a greasy, oily feel after application despite having a rich consistency. Human Nature 100% Natural Body Butter Cream can be a little hard to apply because of its rich consistency but when applied all over, it leaves skin with a velvety smooth finish to the body with a little bit of greasiness at the side — that is why I only use this at night. The greasy feel subsides after almost an hour though.

This body butter cream has a great berry scent which lingers for a while. I always wake up to smoother, healthier skin whenever I use this before bed. I don’t use this on warm days because it can feel heavy and oily on the skin. I only indulge using this whenever the weather is cold and before bedtime.

Human Nature 100% Natural Body Butter Cream

What do you use for your body before bed?

Human Nature 100% Natural Body Butter Cream

Human Nature 100% Natural Body Butter Cream



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