Unboxing the Bridal Bliss Glamourbox

2 Jul

Glamourbox is another beauty box that is worth your subscription. They had changes in their subscription, which opens only when they have come up with something; unlike BDJ Box, which has a monthly subscription.

The theme for the “June Glamourbox” is Bridal Bliss since June is most likely the month of weddings.

In this season of weddings, we can’t help but feel the joy and excitement in the air! May our skin -perfecting beauty selections prepare you for these blissful celebrations. Cherish the moments, Glambabes!

Bridal Bliss Glamourbox

If you want to see what’s inside in detail, please click Continue Reading.

Here are the 7 products inside: 4 full sized products and 3 samples. There are also 2 vouchers included but it’s not in the picture.Bridal Bliss Glamourbox

1. BARENATURALS Skin Perfecting Primer 30ml/ 398php – full size

This non-pore clogging skin primer has the purest natural ingredients that mattifies the face, keeps oil at bay and helps makeup last.

The only primer I have is the one from L’oreal. This is a very good alternative not to mention that this is an organic product.

 2. ISIS PHARMA DERMATOLOGIE Teen Derm Gel 40ml/ 450php – sample size (about 112.50 php for the 10ml)

Eliminate all your skin troubles away with this purifying gel cleanser! Formulated for teens and adults, it has oil control and micro-exfoliating properties that reveal brighter, oil-free skin.

I am a bit confused about this because of the direction. Use this on a moisturized face? Hmmm. I am intrigued.

3. MUSTELA Stelatopia Cleansing Cream 200ml / 950php – sample size (approximately 47.50 for the 10ml )

A soothing bath and shower cream, it protects and hydrates dry skin to regain its suppleness. It’s proven safe for babies and adults alike, especially those with eczema and atopic tendencies.

I am kind of loyal to Human Nature and Cetaphil but I guess I will let my daughter try this one.

4. NEUTROGENA Ultra Sheer Complete UV Moisture Sunscreen 30ml/ 460php – full size

This sunscreen provides complete, long-lasting protection against UVA/UVB rays. Its moisturizing formula spreads on smoothly and leaves an ultra-light, non-greasy finish.

I love products with spf and since this comes from a trusted brand, I am excited to use this too!

5. PHYSIOGEL Intensive Cream 50ml/ 574.50php  – full size

A hypoallergenic, intensive moisturizing cream that provides a high level of natural lipids for long lasting hydration of extremely dry, irritated and sensitive skin.

I have fallen in love with this product and I am so happy that this is included in the box! I already have a second bottle reserved!

6. BARENATURALS Lip Stix in Butterfly Kisses 4g / 148php  – full size

Feed your lips with this highly moisturizing, color-imparting lip butter! Its yummy peppermint and vanilla scent smells so good and is safe for use even bu kids as it’s made with all-natural food-grade ingredients.

Who wouldn’t want to receive a lip product? Though I have a lot of lip products already, I still smile when I receive them.

7. NIPPON ESTHETIC SOLUTIONS Facial Cleansing Sponge 10pcs / 325php – 2 samples (approximately 65php) 

This hardworking cleansing sponge clears your skin of any makeup residues while letting it breathe.

I have never tried any cleansing sponge for my face. For the longest time, I only use cotton pads. I am looking forward if this will make a difference.

Overall, I am not very happy about the box. I am a bit disappointed because it was not as good as its first two boxes. It’s just that I expected more from Glamourbox. The long wait and the theme, “Bridal Bliss” made it sound so elegant and I was expecting more of makeup products. The box is still the same sturdy, white box with its logo in front. It is just so weird that they fill it with very plenty white shredded paper. Maybe, for the size of their box, I guess they should put in more full sized products than samples.

I was still happy that I got to receive two full size products (Neutrogena and Physiogel) that I really like and I felt that the 595php I paid was still worth it. Though the approximate total of this month’s box is 1805.50 php (vouchers still not included), I just think if they filled this with more full sized products of makeup, it will be more appealing.

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