Movie Review: Monsters University

2 Jul

We recently watched “Monsters University” (courtesy of AXA Life Philippines) and we had a blast watching it! Even my little girl was laughing while she was watching it.

Monsters University

I loved “Monsters Inc” especially Boo! I never thought that this prequel will be so much better than the first. The graphics used is amazing and it almost looked “real”. Colors filled the screen so the audience is visually and audibly entertained.

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The story revolved around Mike Wazowski’s life. The story started about his childhood: Little Mike Wazowski has always been the nerdy type and most of the time, he gets paired with his teacher. One day, their class had a field trip to Monster’s Inc., a company where most of their electricity are generated. Mike met a scarer who inspired him so much and from then on, he had set his mind to study in Monsters University where he can become a top scarer too.

His college days were spent mostly on studying. He was roommates with Randall, a famous villainous character in the first movie, Monster’s Inc. In his class, he met a rival who is his exact opposite, James Sullivan. He was the cool guy who didn’t want to open any book yet expects to pass his class. They were off to a rough start and when both of them were expelled from the Scaring Program, they started working together with their team, Ozma Kappa (I am not sure of the name!) to earn their rights back to the Scaring Program.

Mike, Sullie and their new team members strive hard to win back their slots in the Program and the never ending adventure sets in. The two characters somehow learned to overcome their differences and a very strong friendship blossomed.


I think this movie is all about inspiration, friendship, self confidence, hardwork and passion. More than the laughters this movie gave us, it teaches its audience the value of brotherhood and education. It also teaches its viewers that if you have the patience, persistence and confidence in yourself, you will be able to take over the world. If you believe in yourself and work hard to reach whatever you dream about, you will be able to reach them. Lastly, one does not need a million of friends; a few is enough and that these few friends you have will stick with you through thick and thin no matter what. True friends are very hard to find but once you find them, never take them for granted.

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