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28 Jun

My little girl has gotten a lot of insect bites on her legs this past month. I think it is the carpet that is to blame. Foam mites exist even if we clean it daily.

I don’t put bug spray on her skin all the time, I only do when we’re out. I know I have to do this more often from now on. There are no recent bites now but I am just worried of the marks the bites left her with.

To remedy the bites, I apply Human Nature Baby Oil stat! [review for this soon!] It does its job well but it sort of leaves an obvious black mark on her skin and it is such an eye sore for me!

So last week, I got her the Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream.

Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream

Product Description

  • Deeply moisturizes and helps soothe irritations on face & body.
  • Calendula and 24h moisturizing formula soothes skin irritations to keep skin healthy and soft.
  • Non-greasy and easily absorbed.
  • Hypoallergenic and especially skin-friendly ingredients reduce risk of allergies.
  • Skin compatibility clinically and dermatologically approved.
  • 0% parabens, alcohol and colorants.


The 24h moisturizing formula with calendula soothes skin irritations and promotes a stronger skin barrier. Non-greasy, it is easily absorbed.

Click Continue Reading and know why this is a hope in a tub.

It comes in a cute light blue plastic tub that is a bit sturdy and won’t crack if it falls. There were a few information like ingredients and such but the basics (expiration date, weight and description) were there. It is also sealed so you will feel secure that the product is new.

Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream

I only opened 1/4 of the seal so as to preserve the white cream inside. You will get a whiff of its baby powder-y scent once you open it and it smells almost therapeutic (at least for me)! My little girl recently tried using the Nivea Baby Wash and both have the same scent, so layering the scents is easy-peasy.

It has a light yet creamy consistency – just in between the texture of a body butter and a lotion. It has this lightweight feel to it that does not leave skin feeling heavy or greasy. It is very nice to apply because of its consistency. This gives just enough hydration for the skin.  My little girl doesn’t mind me slathering lotions/creams on her skin at all. She loves moisturizers too, maybe because she often sees me religiously applying them. She even wants to apply them on her own!

What amazed me is that, on the first day of use, this has already smoothed away the tiny bumps left on her legs. It also lessened the itchiness she felt because she’s not scratching her legs anymore. This kept her skin smooth and moisturized. With daily use, it lessened the appearance of those tiny black marks left from the insect bites she had. There are times when I borrow this from her and use it as an all-over moisturizer because I just can’t get enough of the powdery baby scent it has!

I just find it a bit unhygienic since this is in a tub form so to prevent double dipping, I just get a good amount of the product enough for my daughter’s whole body. As I said, I only opened 1/4 of the seal to prevent mess and product spillage.

The best part? It is only 169php for 200ml of product and is available in drugstores and department stores nationwide! It comes in just one size so if you’re travelling or just want to carry this with you, better find a smaller container where you can transfer some of the product.

Nivea Baby Smooth Cream

Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream

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