Myra E lotion | Vitamin E beads Work

19 Jun

A friend suggested that I try Myra Hand and Body Lotion and since I am a sucker for moisturizers, I gladly picked this one up. There were four variants, I think. The blue, purple, gray and this. I am just not sure of the other three but since I have normal (and sensitive) skin, I picked the simplest of all in the smallest size.


The packaging is completely labeled and the plastic squeeze tub is a bit sturdy. I just think that it is a bit chubby, bulky and not handy at all to bring anywhere. I am a fan of the slim typed bottles which can easily fit my pocket.


Click Continue Reading and see how the Vitamin E beads work.

It has no parabens (yay!) but it has dimethicone and mineral oil.


The cap is also nice since it locks the product in, preventing spills.


It has this light, creamy texture that is easily spreadable. There are vitamin E beads included in this one but once you spread it, it sort of melts away and gets absorbed easily by the skin. It has this strong perfume-y smell which stays only for awhile. At times, it triggers my migraine so I don’t use it during my  premenstrual days. Though this does not have SPF, I like using it day and night since it does its claims in keeping skin healthy, soft and smooth to touch. It doesn’t have any whitening properties but the vitamin E beads even out skin tone.

I really love touching my skin after application of this lotion. The softness of my skin lasts long enough, especially when I’m not sweating. I especially love using it at night and waking up to soft, smooth skin in the morning.

I just can’t remember the exact amount of this 50ml bottle but I am sure that it is not more than 70php. Since it is available in all drugstores and department stores, I will most definitely buy the bigger version of this or try the other variants.



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