REVIEW: Krave’s Oil Eliminator HD with super fruit

31 May

Remember the Krave event last January 12? This was one of the items I got for free, the other one was Visibly Rosy Mineral Veil.

This is actually an improved version of their Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator. Improved in packaging, weight, price, benefits!

For 520php, you get 6g of product. Better than the 285php for 3g of product, right? The product now comes in a box, too. The box is where all the information you need are in.


I tried this once way back February without using the sponge that came with it. I used my Ecotools kabuki brush in applying it and it did mattify my face but only for about 2 hours. So I thought to myself, “I like the Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator from the Poreless series better.”

This went on a hiatus for awhile since I still have some Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator left. Just recently, when I accidentally dropped my Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator and emptied the whole product compact (BOO! My bad!), I told myself why not make use of the improved version, the Oil Elimator HD, which has better packaging.

Click Continue Reading to see if the improved Oil Eliminator HD is better than the old version.

I used to be a sponge person but when I learned how to use makeup brushes, I became a convert! Though I like brushes now, I recommend the sponge in applying the powder. It is a perfect match for the quality of the powder.


The packaging of Krave’s Oil Eliminator HD is sleek, elegant and sturdy. Not to mention, a sponge applicator and mirror are included already. I love the gold lining which makes it so sophisticated and not cheap looking. The previous Oil Eliminator was just in a powder tub with a sifter, which makes it not so safe to use.


20130528-004535.jpgI gave this another chance, shook the bottle to dispense product on the sponge. I tapped the compact jar on the palm of my hand and took off the mirror cover. I did patting motions all over my face especially on the T-zone area, making sure that enough product was applied. I’ve been using it for a week straight, even before I did the Maybelline makeup challenge. I really cannot connect why this lasted for 12 hours with the use of the sponge, but it does.


The translucent powder feels silky and fine. I can use it as a primer and as a finishing powder. I use it as a finishing powder more than the former. It can also be used alone giving you a light coverage.

Not only does it keep oiliness at bay, it diminishes the appearance of large pores and it makes skin silky and smooth. What’s great is that I did not have any allergic reactions and breakouts with this. It is very safe to use even for those who have sensitive  skin, like me.

back when I was road testing these babies

back when I was road testing these babies

using three products

using three Krave products

I have used this just recently, and today (the time I was writing this, May25) was the longest time I had it on. I applied it 6am when we left for Pampanga and at 6pm, my makeup remained intact sans the oil. Unbelievable! We walked under the scorching hot sun that time for my grandmothers’ burial so you can imagine the heat I’ve been. It also helped the makeups I used this time was all from Krave: liquid foundation, powder foundation in Hazelnut, arch precision eyebrow kit and their makeup setting spray, Mist Spritz to set my makeup. I had to remove my makeup because my little girl was getting cranky and needing her sleep at 7pm. Who knows? Maybe it can last for more than 12 hours…

taken at Pampanga

taken at Pampanga

I also use this as a finishing powder over any brand or kind of foundation. There were times when my makeup have disappeared but my face remained oil free. I don’t know how that’s possible but it’s true.

The oil eliminator and skin hydrator, which is part of the poreless series, did its job in mattifying my skin for a good 3-4hours. I thought it was one of the best makeup innovations, But the new oil eliminator HD had surpassed it, with flying colors.

I love the old one and I still use it at home (Yes I have two of the old one) or when I am just doing errands. When I have events and family gatherings, this is the one I’ll definitely be using.

This is my first ever HG (holy grail) product!


2 Responses to “REVIEW: Krave’s Oil Eliminator HD with super fruit”

  1. leonor Reyes April 17, 2014 at 8:09 am #

    Hi I have read a lot of reviews about krave product especially the oil eliminator and I want to try it but don’t know where to buy the product. Can you tell where can I buy krave product. Thanks

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