REVIEW: Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion

29 May

I am always on the hunt for great bargains, so guess what I felt when I saw a buy1 take1 of Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion while we were at Mercury Drug. I saw this and decided to get it. I asked one of the guards if they have more of this because I wanted to get more. Unfortunately, it was the last piece.

nivea happytime

nivea happytime2

Product Description

Inspire your senses and enjoy the care for a long-lasting Feel-Good sensation for normal to dry skin.

Enriched with Bamboo Extract and Milk Proteins, Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion strengthens skin’s protection function. Its mild scent with Orange Flower leaves you feeling fresh all day long. NIVEA’s unique formula naturally promotes a continuous moisture supply from within for long-lasting soft skin.

Skin compatibility dermatologically proven.

Skin Type: Normal Skin
Key Benefit: Enriched with Hydra IQ and Bamboo milk, this light lotion with orange blossom fragrance repairs dryness layer by layer for 24hour + smoothness and a lingering feel good sensation
Usage: Daily on the whole body


  • Moisturises long lastingly and strengthens your skin’s natural protection
  • The beautiful, mild scent of orange flower delicately lies on your skin and invigorates your senses

The Result: Your skin is left feeling silky soft and delicately fragranced with a mild scent of orange flower.

Click Continue Reading and let’s get happy with this lotion!

nivea happytime1

I was excited to use this because I am a fan of Nivea. I’ve been introduced to this brand way back when I was a little girl. I have tried and used their other variants and I loved them too. I actually have Nivea lotions at home but still haven’t reviewed them yet…

I love that it has a unique shaped bottle and the information are already in the bottle. The plastic bottle is a bit sturdy yet easily squeezable. The cap closely tightens so spill is not really a problem.

nivea happytime.3jpg

This has a light watery consistency that can be easily applied on the skin. Absorption does  not take long so this is perfect for summer. Don’t be deceived by its consistency, because it moisturizes and hydrates skin. It leaves my skin soft and silky until my next shower time. The citrus scent lingers on the skin for awhile and somehow awakens my senses.

It does not have sun protection factor so applying sunblock on top of this may be a good idea if you’re heading out. I use this twice a day, even before I used Gluta -C Intense Whitening Lotion. I rotate my lotions depending on my mood.

Though this has parabens and does not have any whitening effect, I am for it since it delivers…

Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion


What Nivea lotions have you tried?

One Response to “REVIEW: Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion”

  1. jill March 20, 2014 at 8:14 am #

    my husband brought me nivea happy time product when he was in europe and bring it here in the philippines..i liked it the first time i used it because its scents really lasts long and your skin really feel smooth but i noticed after using it for a week,i noticed that my skin gets flaky,seems like a healed sunburn?why is that?

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