REVIEW: Garnier Light Gentle Exfoliating Scrub / May BDJ Box 7-day challenge

25 May

I was psyched to try another 7day challenge ever since I started doing it with the Avon Skin So Soft Lotion. This time, I tried Garnier Intensive Brightening Scrub from the May BDJ Box. I am actually doubtful if I am still going to post a review about it because I had a striking experience with it. Hubby told me not to review anymore, but I think it isn’t THAT bad so here’s the review.


It comes in a colorful plastic squeeze tube that dispenses the product easily. I just can’t say about the information listed because there’s hardly any and most are not in English.


This is actually the second time I tried a product from Garnier. The first one was the moisturizing cream with spf 17 which is still in the pending review list.


Just a little amount can go a long way. It lathers easily and instantly while you rub your face. The moment you rinse it, you actually see your face a bit brighter than before. It cleanses well and has tiny sugar-sized scrubs that exfoliates well. It also has refreshing scent that can boost your mood.

Click Continue Reading to see the 7-day Challenge.

Here are pictures I’ve taken per day. I didn’t even know if this is alright to be used twice daily since it has scrubs, but since they are hardly noticeable, I did! Check the label for the day number. Sorry for the blank face, too.

20130525-214539.jpgDay 1 – It gave an instant brightness after the first try.

Day 2 – Still the same brightness and no breakouts…yet!


Day 3 – Can you see the tiny zits forming on my chin area?! Ugh!

Day 4 – I am breaking out already. I am not sure if this is just a purging stage or I am quite allergic to an ingredient.


Day 5 – The zit on my chin doubled — literally! I am still giving this a go and would want the challenge to end already.

Day 6 – I am getting fairer yet my skin is in havoc. Oh please don’t be scared with the next picture…


Tiny zits on my cheeks are bearable and can easily be concealed, but the huge ones are so obvious and needed to be treated fast. Here is a closer view of how huge the zits on my chin had become for the 7 day use…

20130525-214434.jpgGAAHH! I do not hate Garnier products though. I love the fact that it exfoliates well and yields a brightening effect. I am just sure that my skin is not compatible with this facial scrub. That and the fact that I have oily-sensitive skin.


PS. Hubby said to stop using it on the 2nd day but I insisted on finishing the challenge. I am so glad it was over. If I’d be brave again to try this, maybe I can conclude that this could also just be a purging phase.


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