REVIEW: SkinWhite Powerwhitening Face Cream Powder

16 May

Almost two months ago, while I was doing the grocery, I found this in the buy 1 take 1 section. I haven’t been there again so I don’t know if it is still on sale. I only got it for 56php for buy1 take1!  What I  am very sure of is this is widely available and is not hard to find in your local department stores, drugstores and groceries!

This is my first time to try a product coming from Skin White and I was a bit doubtful if this works. But hey, for the price, I guess it is worth the risk.


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The only shade on sale was Light Beige. I didn’t even know if this matches my skin tone, but as I said, for its price, it is worth the risk. The first thing I checked was the expiration date which was printed in cute pink/white box. Whew! Glad that this expires in 2014!


I like the packaging for it has complete labels! The product information and ingredients are also in the squeeze tube bottle of the product. I was glad since it did not come in a tub/jar since I am not a big fan of those. I find it unhygienic to double dip.

Skin White Powerwhitening Face Cream Powder has a creamy – powdery consistency that is very easy to apply. I use my fingers most of the time and it yields a matte finish! I honestly don’t think what category this falls into. I think it is more of a tinted moisturizer but I use this over moisturizer and sunblock just to be safe. I don’t want to rely only on this for sun protection.


I only use a pea-sized amount because a little goes a long way. I dot on my nose, cheeks, chin and forehead then I spread evenly. The creaminess subsides with every spread and ends with a matte powdery effect. It does not feel heavy and sticky on the skin unlike bb creams and foundations do.


As you can see in the picture, it is much lighter than my skin tone. It magically blends well and matches my skin tone. It has a light coverage when used alone…just enough to even out skin tone but not enough to cover blemishes and hyperpigmentations. It is buildable, though. You can add a second layer of this for more coverage or add a setting powder if you want. It lasts for about 3-4 hours straight and then I get oily. What’s good is you can just apply this product again and you’re fresh in a snap! It has a sweet subtle scent that disappears in a bit so it won’t be a problem if you don’t like scents.

I am not really after the whitening effect it claims because I like my skin color as it is.


This product is such a multi-tasker because it claims to moisturize, whiten, protect and conceal. Not bad for its price too! I am willing to shell out for this even if it is not on a buy1 take1 promo!


Since I have a spare, I keep one in my purse for the times when I go out of the house and forget to fix myself. At least with this, I just squeeze a pea sized amount and spread, and I’m good to go!

Have you tried this yet?

One Response to “REVIEW: SkinWhite Powerwhitening Face Cream Powder”

  1. Faye Aquino July 27, 2013 at 2:46 pm #

    I hope you would manufacture a non scented power whitening face powder. I really dont like the smell although I love the product so much it conflicts with my perfume. hoping for your consideration and immediate action on the matter. Thanks

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