REVIEW: Gluta-C Intense Whitening Original Body Lotion Spf 25

15 May

My 4th Sample Room purchase is another product from Gluta-C. It is the Gluta-C Intense Whitening Original Body Lotion Spf 25. I thought of getting together with the soap. I already wrote a review on the Gluta C soap which you can view here.

I love using lotions since I was a kid. I always see my Dad (you read that right! it’s my dad!) slathering lotion after every bath heal his dry skin and prevent it from coming back. Mom would find it sticky to use lotions all the time but she uses it too – once in a while.

So there, I got this addiction for lotions (a.k.a. moisturizers) from Dad.

When I saw that there was a full size sample in Sample Room, I got it too! I have been meaning to try this one but since I have a collection of lotions already, hubby did not want to buy one for me.

Let’s get it on with the review.

The 125ml arrived all sealed and bubble wrapped. I love receiving sealed products because I won’t have any doubts about it and it prevents spillage too!


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Product Description


Quick and effective penetration of the skin using patented French Technology.



A whitening complex agent with Glutathione, Arbutin and Root extracts that whitens intensively while  Glutathione and Vitamin C are anti-oxidants which prevent skin damage due to environmental stress. Together they improve skin tone and texture to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Vitamin C and Shea Butter deeply moisturize to help reduce the signs of premature aging like skin dullness, dryness and age spots.

Light, non-greasy formula quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves no sticky residue.


Protects the skin 25x longer from harmful UV rays that cause skin aging and sunburn.

Full size: 125ml / 300ml

Price: PHP 164.75/ PHP 329.75


I like that it’s packaging is simple (with complete details) yet sturdy. I can easily tote it around since it is handy. It has the same fresh citrus-y scent as that of the soap. The scent lingers too especially when you use Gluta-C products together.
Though it is a bit more pricey than other whitening lotions, it is worth it since the ingredients are great. Boasting of Glutathione,  Arbutin, Vitamin C and Shea Butter, this lotion is fair for its price.
 The texture is thicker and creamier than other lotions I have tried. This may be caused by the added SPF 25 this lotion has. It is easy to apply but gives a heavy, sticky feeling immediately after application. BUT after 5 minutes (or so) when the lotion has completely been absorbed, you will be amazed with how soft and smooth your skin has become. With its combination of powerful ingredients, I am certain that my skin is provided with the right amount of moisture. of  It does not leave your skin ith a white cast or chalky appearance. When it dries, it leaves the skin with a semi-matte, healthy glow. It improves my skin tone and prevents sun spots to form. It does not feel icky even when you sweat or stayed under the sun.
I have been reaching for this lotion to protect me for the day. Though the “absorption time” takes a while, I still use this since I trust that this can substitute my sunblock while keeping my skin moisturized and even toned. What I love most about this is it  prevents my skin from getting darker and looking older. I am not really after the whitening effects of this, I just want to maintain what I have because I am very happy with my skin color.
Gluta-C Intense Whitening Original Body Lotion Spf 25

Gluta-C Intense Whitening Original Body Lotion Spf 25

In addition to this, I will be posting tips on how I stay fresh and beautiful this summer (and all year long).

  • Get hydrated! Drink more fluids especially water to help replenish your body from sweat excretion.
  • Shower every day. It will help you freshen up and get rid of sweat and body odor.
  • Moisturize and Protect. Use products with a lighter consistency to give your skin moisture and hydration without the sticky and heavy feel. You can opt using multi-tasking products so you don’t have to layer too much.
  • Use light makeup.Don’t bother wearing too much because you will feel heavy at the middle of the day. Just powder and lip balm will do.
  • Avoid going out during sun’s peak (10am-3pm). Stay indoors during this time to prevent sun exposure. But if you really need to go out, make sure you are well protected by using sunblock with at least SPF30. 
  • Load up on fruits and vegetables. Think of smoothies and fruit shakes that are both yummy and healthy!
  • Exercise. Don’t be afraid to sweat because it’s our body’s way to cool down. You can even play a beach volleyball with your friends!
  • Have enough rest. Though summer is the perfect excuse for late night fun with friends, don’t take for granted your sleep. Sleeping for at least 8 hours helps your body recharge for the next day’s stress.
  • Take vitamins. Need I say more?
  • Wear comfy clothing. You can wear more skin-revealing clothes during this season and not even parents will reprimand you from doing so.
  • Make memories with your loved ones. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling or having a staycation, as long as you make the most of your summer with your family…and don’t forget to take pictures!

Here are more pictures of how our summer went through the years…


with my cousins

with my cousins

What do you do to stay fresh and beautiful this summer?

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