Unboxing March BDJ Box

18 Mar

This is the best BDJ box yet! I think they are doing a revamp on the samples because the first boxes were a mixture of different brands and samples. Last month was “Shiseido Box” and this month is “L’oreal Box”.

Here is a teaser of the unboxing:

bdj march box

I super love the sleek cover of the box. It was black and the intricate font and eiffel tower was gold.


The back part of this cover has the famous tag line of L’oreal.


Here is a decent picture of what’s inside the March BDJ Box:


It was so overwhelming to find 5 full size products and 2 samples of products here!

(full size)

  • L’oreal Fall Repair Hair Shampoo 180 ml – 110php

Experience the latest hair care innovation from Paris! Fall Repair is enriched with arginine, an essential amino acid vital for hair growth , gives triple action: nourishes hair from the root, restructures hair fiber, makes hair grow stronger.

I am not really into seeing shampoo and conditioner being a sample in subscription boxes but I guess I will still give this a try.


  • L’oreal Fall Repair Hair Conditioner 180ml – 119php

With intensive research on hair fall, Fall Repair 3X is partnered with a conditioner that complements the shampoo to address top 3 causes of hair fall: hair malnutrition, root fragility and fiber damage. Use this together with the shampoo as core part of your haircare routine.

I use conditioner daily and shampoo every other day. This might come in handy since I am more into conditioners.


  • L’oreal UV PERFECT Longlasting UV Protector 30ml – 545php

This UV Perfect 12H Longlasting sunscreen is tailor made for Asian women whose skin is always exposed to UV rays and other atmospheric pollution. Shield your skin with a longlasting UV protector that has antioxidants to help fight against brown spots, skin darkening and aging.

This is my favorite product from the box. I am so excited to try this out! Perfect for summer!


  • L’oreal Shine Caresse 6ml – 595php

Having its exceptionally high concentration of moisture lock in, Shine Caresses leaves your lips with a soft moist-look effect. Accentuating comfortable, non-sticky qualities, its feather shaped foam applicator helps you control and even out the color on your lips.

This falls between a lipgloss and a lipstick. It is pigmented with a hint of gloss. I love the shade Juliette because I am into red lippies now!


  • Color Riche Les Nail Art – 395php

Take the 3-super easy steps of L’oreal’s first ever Couture Nail Art sticker collection and get fabulous nails in a snap!

I like seeing nail art in pictures but haven’t really tried out for myself. Thanks to this, I will finally be able to try one out.


(sample sizes)

  • Youth Code Pre-Essence

Dare to take the test! One drop, feel moisturized and incredibly softer skin. One week, look younger with a smoother, suppler, and beautifully radiant skin.

I love serums! I will be trying this one out when I finish up the serum I am using now.



The latest BB cream with Color Equalizer Technology that includes innovative pigments to help fight skin discolorations (yellowish, brownish, reddish skin) instantly corrects skin imperfections! Use this as part of skincare routine to diffuse freshness and brighten skin complexion.

This one I kept in my kikay kit already. It is too small yet very useful, especially when I am in a hurry and have no time to fix myself up. I just slather this on and I am good to go.


And of course, the stickers that has the same tagline:


Who wouldn’t love BDJ BOX, right?! I am so hooked!!!

If you haven’t subscribed yet, you got to hurry because their boxes are sold out fast!


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