REVIEW: Shawill Showcase Blusher in Natural Beige

14 Mar

This Shawill blush has been with me since late 2011 and its just now that I am going to review it. I wasn’t able to include the box because I cannot find it in my stash. I rarely throw anything, even the boxes, but this one might have been misplaced in the closet.


What made me notice this is its very cute and girly packaging. The packaging is a combination of pink and white with the logo Shawill printed on the cover. The bottom part is pink and the cover is a translucent white with a flower embossed on it. This compact is very handy too yet a bit bulky on the top.


It comes with a puff that I loved then because it was easy to use. (Now I prefer using brushes in applying blush).  There is a divider inside the case which serves as the house of the puff for hygienic purposes. Under the divider lies a mirror which is great if you are going to bring this for travels.

the mirror under the powder puff house

the mirror under the powder puff house

What’s more amazing is that this blusher is only worth 99php. I remember swatching the 7 shades and I can’t decide which to buy. I finally settled on shade 07 Natural Beige because I don’t have this shade yet. Actually for the price, you actually get more!


The flower embossed on the cover is the same with the flower embossed on the blush itself.


Natural Beige matches my skin tone well. It is very pigmented, that a little amount is enough to give a flushed cheek. It is not chalky at all! It lasts long and doesn’t melt even if there is no primer used. It is easy to apply with a brush or the puff that comes with it. Though this is not a mineral makeup, I find myself grabbing it because it is so handy and useful. If I am in a hurry the first blush that comes to my mind is this and so I grab it and tote it in my bag.


Most blushes in the market are powdery and glittery. This one is different. It is a matte blush which is a neutral-peachy-pink-bronzer shade that works well for daytime use at work or in school (if makeup is allowed!). It is as its name: Natural Beige. It looks so natural!

There is just this powdery makeup smell (the trademark scent that usual makeups have) but it is negligible and the scent doesn’t last at all.

What I like:

(+) cute, eye-catching packaging

(+) sturdy enough to survive falls and drops

(+) easy to open and close cover

(+) comes with a mir­ror under the “house” of the puff

(+) it comes with a pow­der puff which is useful

(+) there is a sep­a­rate com­part­ment for the puff

(+) there are 7 shades to choose from


matte blush with a bit of ‘frost’

(+) very pigmented and lasts long

(+) looks so natural

(+) easy to apply

(+) may last for years since a little goes a long way (depends on the usage)

(+) longer expiration date than mineral makeups

(+) affordable for 99php/4g of blush

What I wish:
(-) its ingredients would be on the organic side
(-) it has SPF
(-) it has no scent
(-) it will be not as bulky as it is
(-) it comes with a better puff/ brush

Will I recommend it? Yes, for girls and ladies who are looking for quality makeup products without the high price tag!

Will I repurchase? Maybe, but I will try the other shades.


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