REVIEW: Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm

13 Mar
Thanks to Glamourbox February box, I got my first ever Carmex Lip product. The full size sample I got is the Carmex Moisturizing Lip balm that is in a squeeze tube type. Actually there are two Carmex freebies – the jar type and the squeeze tube type.
Here is the picture of the product information at the back of the carton packaging:
Carmex products are easy to see because of their trademark colors: red and yellow. As you can see in the picture, the squeeze tube is yellow and the twist cap is red. I was excited to try this out so I gave my other lip balms a rest just to road test this one out. I just can’t get enough of this and I find myself using it more often than I thought I would.
For 109.75php, you get 10g of the product. Niiiccceee!
I like the simplicity of the product which suits users of any age and gender. The red cap is easy to use, twist to open and twist to close. It keeps the product clean and makes it very hygienic to use. You can swipe the tube directly on the lips when you’re on the go, just be careful not to squeeze too much so you will just use enough. You can also use your clean fingers to get a little amount from the tube then apply on your lips. I prefer using my fingers though so I can apply thoroughly.
I use it whenever  I feel my lips are starting to chap. I use it before going to bed and as soon as  I wake up the following morning.
I use it before heading out to do errands. I use it wherever I am actually. It gives off a cooling, tingling mentholated feel that subsides after 10minutes, give or take.
It does its job well — helps to moisturize lips and relieves dryness. I also love that it is not sticky at all. There was no heaviness or waxy feel on my lips. If you are keen on the ingredients, you have to be aware that there is petrolatum and salicylic acid in the ingredient. I would still give this a go but I still prefer organic products.
What I like:
(+) colors that standout and shout, “PICK ME!”
(+) the packaging would suit any gender who would want to use a lip balm
(+) easy to open twist cap
(+) complete information labeled at the back
(+) squeeze tubes are better than jars/tubs for hygienic purposes
(+) the round opening makes it easier to apply directly on the lips
(+) upon application, you will feel the cooling, tingling sensation because of the menthol
(+) not sticky, not waxy and not drying on the lips
(+) prevents dryness or chapped lips
(+) makes my lips soft and healthy looking
(+) heals chapped lips due to extreme temperatures
(+) may last for three months because a little goes a long way (depends on the usage)
(+) affordable for 109php/10g
What I wish:
(-) its ingredients would be on the organic side (no pertrolatum and salicylic acid)
(-) it has SPF
(-) it comes in bigger sizes for home use
OVERALL: I love this lip balm! It relieves dryness, moisturizes lips and keeps it healthy-looking.
Will I repurchase? Maybe. I am more of an organic gal and prefers to use organic products.

Will I recommend this? Yes! This is good for anyone of any age who needs a lip balm to moisturize lips and relieve dryness and chapping. 


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